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Gregarious Revolution Episode 12 Fight for the Light, Part II

They all enter at their own risk. Regina feels scared with her sword by her side. Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Stupendous Spirit glide through the cave like gel. They all reach at room that seems dark, but flares up in fire.

Matzyaphugel yells out “At last, Light Year Man and his pals finally meet me for the first time only to fail at what they want to do.” then he says “And who is this young woman with you Light Year Man?”

Light Year Man answers “She is here to defeat you. She is the heiress to the prince…”

Matzyaphugel says “Very nice, Light Year Man, so if I win, I will end this planet forever.”

Light Year Man looking as calm as a goat, looks up and starts laughing at Matzyaphugel. Light Year Man stands next to Matzyaphugel and flashes a light through Matzyaphugel’s eyes, but Matzyaphugel resists. Instead Light Year Man flashes back to his pals and Regina pulls out her sword.

Matzyaphugel wonders to himself why Regina just pulled out her sword. The sword lights up with blue tint and blinds whoever is in its sight. Matzyaphugel says “What are you going to do with that Human? Are you going to try to kill me? I don’t think so.”

Matzyaphugel presses a button and a swarm of his army comes walking out in front of him. The sword is so bright that the army has to leave as quickly as they arrived. Matzyaphugel and his sidekick standing next to him stand up and the begin the fighting. Matzyaphugel lifts his hands as streams of red light flare out of his hands. The sword which was lifted up from Regina as high as she can reach it, sends the red flaring light back to Matzyaphugel and his sidekick which kills his sidekick.

Matzyaphugel “How dare you Light Year Man? How dare you bring the sword of mighty to this cave?

Light Year Man says “Well, it has always been on me. Try to kill us, but the heiress and us will do whatever we can to use the blue light to repel you. You don’t stand a chance against the will of our royalty.”

Matzyaphugel does not care and sends out a red flare of light once again. This time repels back and hits him between the eyes. His body is flared up in a mighty fire until there is complete darkness every where. Light Year Man ends the silence after a few minutes by saying “Where did he go?”

Regina says “I think he is dead.”

Light Year Man says “No way, evil is always around.”

The silence stays for a few more minutes after when the cave breaks through suddenly showing light everywhere. The trapped people around the world who have felt the power of the evil one for many years, feel free and happy. Cheerfulness surrounds the 4 of them. Stupendous Spirit suddenly disappears. Light Year Man and Flash Forward look up in to the sky and see a mark in the sky written by Stupendous Spirit for all to see in the world. Every one sees this mark and falls to their knees, then stands up with amazement. Every one finally realizes the mark is just a symbol to live a life of spirit and constantly moving forward to each new day which brings fulfillment of their honor to live. The symbol stands in the sky for hours and hours until it finally fades, but the people all over the world notice the symbol also stands for the love which remains in their heart no matter how much the remains of evil stay in their mind. Life is a mind game, if you can hold on to good, you can wash away your greed and your darkness. Otherwise your mind becomes the fiery red flares Matzyaphugel once was.

And so Light Year man says his final goodbye to Regina until they have to meet again…

Stupendous Spirit remains a few hours later after Light Year Man and Flash Forward leave to talk to Regina. Regina walks down the side of a river not too far from her home when Stupendous Spirit tells her this “Be well and live your life. Things will happen gradually and your father is safe up in our planet. Just never look back.”

Stupendous Spirit warps away and Regina walks back to her house waiting to see the rest of her family after the death of her father.

(Epilogue and other posts coming soon…)


Gregarious Revolution Episode 11 Fight for the Light, Part I

Stupendous Spirit rose from the emerging submarine from the waters yelling, “I’m king!” Light Year Man and Flash Forward pulled him backwards as the submarine came to land. The land seemed peaceful with the trees blowing in the wind and the grassy knolls greener as a frog. The animals surrounding the land seemed to sense a dark side coming toward them soon. Stupendous Spirit kept on hinting at the animals that everything is going to be okay.

Light Year Man fell to his knees because he began to see the Sun’s power of light compel him to fall forward. He was very tired, but knew he had to keep moving to lift the spirits of the people in the world. Light Year Man came here for a reason and he wants to finish what he came he for.

Regina smashed her nails in the trees. She sat on a rock, kept on rocking back and forth in pain. Flash Forward comforted her and told her, it is time to embark on her father’s dream.

The four of them, Light Year Man, Stupendous Spirit, Flash Forward, and the Human being walked toward the trees and fell to their knees in unison. An army came forward to tell them about the help which will be given to them. Besides an Army of 4 can not defeat the dark evil side as much as an Army of many.

As they the four of them, Light Year Man, Flash Forward, the Human, and finally Stupendous Spirit pick up their feet, they yell out to the Sun “Fight for the Light!” Stupendous Spirit finally yells out the words “This time things will be different. This time I will not wind up deep in the heart of the ocean. This TIME I WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL that lurks into the trees at night to scare every one. This time we will prevail!”

Light Year Man begins to show his wings with the same from Flash Forward and Stupendous Spirit. They take the Human by her arms and begin to fly through the breeze of the early morning sky. They fly over lands and waters streaming around causing waves of clouds to initiate a large march of the masses of Humans around the world. The animals flutter or clap whatever they need to do to help begin a moment of spirit for the fight for good.

They all fly around as to expose who they might be. As people around the world wake up and look up to the sky, every one falls to their knees thinking they have found God when in fact they have found the help they need to fight the evil lurking in the world. God is what is inside all of us and is not a person, place, but a Thing to help guide us.

Light Year Man carries his weight holding Regina flying around over the oceans and lands. Regina feels as if she is going as fast as light can take her holding on to her dear life hoping she does not fall, but Light Year Man would never allow that to happen.

It is mid-morning and the 3 flyers and the Human finally land in the forest somewhere near the mountains of an island. Light Year Man tells Regina “This is where we all fight. I want you to follow our leads and take this object.” He hands her a sword which feels very heavy at first, but then becomes her.

Matzyaphugel is in his thrown down by the mountain inside a cave. He is waiting for his Light Year Man to approach to begin the war. Matzyaphugel looks old and weak, but as powerful and alive as any other. He begins to fly around his cave as if he is excited to finally end the good of Light Year Man and his army.

Light Year Man walks through the woods with his pals and the Regina as they approach a cave. There is a sign on the cave which reads:

Enter if you must, but be prepared for the beast!

(Part II and Epilogue to come…more posts as well. I hope you enjoyed the story I have been telling for a long time which finally ends.)


Gregarious Revolution Episode 10 Dare to lie in the ocean

(I know it has been a while since the last episode, but for a recap, just go to the FICTION section of the website first)

Regina sat on the edge of the beach leading to the forest, when Light Year Man was ready to take his water suit in to the ocean to find his friend at the bottom. He knew it was going to be a long cold journey so he ordered to use a submarine from his planet which he found in a cave not too far from the beach. Regina began crying. Flash Forward and Light Year Man were situated pushing the submarine in to the water. The plan is once they find their friend, to take him back up to the top of the ocean and motor back to land. Light Year Man’s goal is that this is the only way to defeat the evil ones.

The submarine dives down in to the water finally search of their friend who has been buried down there for centuries. Light Year Man is manning the submarine the whole way so there will not be any problems. Regina is talking to to Flash Forward about the situation and how long it will take to get down and back.

The submarine is about 7,000 meters down the ocean not even near the area where there friend is, when they discover something in hitting their submarine. Light Year Man sees a figure in plain view swimming around the submarine. At first he is not sure what it could be, but then he recognizes his buddy who has not seen in centuries. It looks like he adapted to the ocean. When Light Year Man entraps his friend with a wrapping device and starts pulling him near to the submarine, his friend gets a bit feisty.

When the friend finally enters in to the submarine, his body changes quickly like a transformer.
Light Year Man watches and notices his buddy turn in to the warrior he remembered seeing years ago. Light Year Man and Flash Forward yell out “there you go our friend Spirit “Love”.

Regina asks Light Year Man what is his friend’s name?”

Light Year Man replies “ask him.”

Regina asks his friend “What is your name?”

The warrior coming out of its shell says firmly, “Why? My name is Stupendous Spirit.”

And so Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Stupendous Spirit, and Regina take the lonely submarine traveling back to the surface ready to fight the evil ones.

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Gregarious Revolution Episode 8 The beginning of the wars and beyond…

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Gregarious Revolution XI: The beginning of the wars and beyond…

Deep in the ends of the ocean, there is a fallen star waiting to be helped out of the deep to its rescue.  It lies there for days, months, and thousands of years.  The deep end of the ocean is at its most bottom floor level before the central hot core of the Earth begins.  It is cold and dark with a city next door to a fallen star.

Thousands of years ago, there was a war which began between good and evil on this planet.  The war ended with a fallen asteroid which transformed the planet bringing life in different areas.  The evil empire spent a lot of pain and suffering on the people, but the war was never complete when the fallen star emerged.

The leader of the Evil Empire Matzyaphugel who is the great leader of the evil empire started the war with the mighty force which was creating a excellent world with good contributions from every one.  Matzyaphugel decided to take the world in his own hands by leaving and trying to create an empire of his own.  The leader at the time was a short stocky old man by the name of King Damionshul.  King Damionshul was beloved and respected by all for creating balance on Earth or so they thought before Matzyaphugel grew up to be the Evil Emperor.  War broke out immediately and the first to go was King Damionshul.  His funeral was never to be since the King’s body went missing.  Instead there was only memorial services for when they can finally bury their beloved King.

Just before the war ended with a fallen asteroid, the man who is known as Light Year Man emerged to help coming with a few other people.  One of which is a fallen star still embedded in the ocean floor deep at the end of the ocean.  He never made it to the land with Light Year Man or the rest of the gang, but hopefully he will rise again.

Light Year Man and his people tried their hardest to fight off the evil Matzyaphugel, but it was not enough to fight his empire off. Instead a huge asteroid struck the Earth causing a turnaround on the planet.  No body knew exactly what it was at the time, but instantly many people were vaporized who was involved in the war.

Though Light Year Man and his helpers fled the planet instantly before the asteroid hit.  The others who survived took caves 40 to 100 feet underground, some were good people while others were a part of the evil empire.  Matzyaphugel survived and fled in to a cave not too far from the present Southwestern Asia.

Life on Earth ceased to exist on the outside for over 300 years. Many animals died while new ones emerged and any old ones eventually came out of their caves with the people who survived.  Earth was different from the times of King Damionshul, but things were still 5,000 years in the making of our world today.  The Deep end of the ocean sat the fallen star very cold and dark, but the person inside very warm waiting to come out.  The person inside not realizing it will be another 5,000 years.

Deep in the heart of the Southwestern Asia lands, lived a family trying to live their life. They too did not realize what will become 5,000 years from now from one of their many children to come in the future.

The years passed by like water draining out of a faucet.  Each year that passed showed signs of progress, but also signs of tyrannical evilness.  Flashing to this year now, the world is just about coming to end of an era. War is brewing and the family in Southwestern Asia grew very angry over the years.  The Evil empire is beginning.  Leaders emerging everywhere are searching for an answer to this suffering.  Light Year man returned with his friend Flash Forward to help a friend’s daughter help the leaders of the world.  Regina’s father has seen what could happen when Light Year Man told him the whole story years ago.

Following through to the roads of the leaders of today, Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Regina pass by many sites of history of the previous war.  Most of it is subtle so it takes time to see it.  When they finally reach the land of the leaders, Light Year Man begins to wonder about his friend deep in the ocean. He begins to think about how to finally bring him up to the land where his friend can help.

Light Year man decides to take a diversion from his original plan to meet with the leaders of today to find out how to get his friend back who is probably stuck in the portal deep in the ocean.

(Where is this friend of Light Year Man’s who is deep in the ocean for over 5,000 years? What can be done to help his friend be able to fight off the Evil Empire…? Find out next on the next episode of Gregarious Revolution!)

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Gregarious Revolution Episode 7

Regina wakes up in the middle of a deep sleep. Light Year Man and Flash Forward are sleeping in the middle of a died down campfire with Regina in the middle of the forest. Regina stands herself up very groggy at first struggling to keep her balance. She walks down a path to find a place to get away for a minute to think. She sits on a rock for a minute thinking about her father when she sees a bright light in the distance getting closer…

Standing in the distance an image of a man standing still with his arms wind open appear in front of Regina. Regina immediately recognizes the man as her father, runs up to him, but as she gives him a hug she bangs in to a tree. Confused about the situation Regina begins to cry because she misses seeing her father.

Light Year Man wakes up and walks over to Regina to tell her to get some sleep tomorrow for a big day of travel. Regina refuses to go back to bed as she starts screaming in agony over her father. Flash Forward wakes up while Light Year Man wraps his hands around Regina’s mouth to keep her quiet, then whispers in her ear, “Shhh, you are going to wake up every one around. Walk quietly back to the campsite and go to sleep.”

Regina is crying as Light year Man gives her a hug.

Light Year Man walks her over to the river nearby as Regina begins opening up about her feelings about her father and the dream/experience she just had.

Regina hesitantly tells him “I woke up suddenly from a dream I had about my father. He was sitting next to me at a park when all of a sudden I felt the ground shake. I saw two evil men swarming with their army killing whoever they saw in site. They looked very angry and wanted people to suffer. I was so scared. One of them calls to the other by the name of Yipzahmugal or by a name out of the epic Star Wars, Darth Corpse. It didn’t matter where the army was from, it was just a bunch of angry people from all over the world.” Then she struggles to say to Light Year Man “I couldn’t believe my eyes Light Year Man, people were suffering.”

Light Year Man tells Regina slowly “You have been contacted by the enemy we are going to fight. I am sorry you had to go along this way Regina with the dream, but your father must have hinted at them you are going to be with us. Here there is something troubling about what I am about to tell you, but it is a prophecy you must know.”

Flash Forward yells out “NOOOO, don’t tell her.”

“I must Flash Forward, I must.”

“NO, now is not the time. You know what happened the last time Light year Man.”

“You are right Flash Forward, you are right. Sorry Regina, you will know when it is over.”

Regina, Light Year Man, and Flash Forward walk down the dry rusted road toward Washington as the sun rises…

(The story continues this weekend as the story unravels more)

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