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Thanksgiving Day and reflecting on the moment

Thanksgiving is a day of being grateful and giving back.   I know how many people should think of this all of the time.  Unfortunately, most people do not.  The rest of the holiday season is coming up now and pretty soon it will be 2010.

There are people to see, places to go, things to do, and things to get done. Life has been amusing, positive, but also tragic at times. It all depends on how you look at your own life. To me, nothing is tragic. We must build up our life to our ultimate satisfaction. Tragedy is just a figure of our thinking to feel sadder than we are. Yes, it was sad something had to happen, but every thing happens for a reason. Every one’s satisfaction is different, but it is very capable. Every body just wants something different for themselves or out of the ordinary. To me, life is not ordinary. It is a mere example of what can go right rather than what can go wrong.

Forget about your intentions to feel hurt and upset, instead fulfill your goals and needs to exemplify your passion out of life. I know there are people in this world who are tempted, angry, and do things against the lighter side becoming dark. It is okay to be angry, it is okay to even be tempted because we are all human. We just need to control our urges if they go overboard. The temptation to do something which is not right is our own feelings and should be resolved quickly.

Check this picture out:

Now if we take a hard strong look in to our lives, we see two sides to our brains; the right side and the left. If we look in to our feelings and emotions; we are split among many emotions. A feeling of love, hate, anger, fear, sadness, guilt, regret, and many more in our minds.

The picture signifies the sunrise and as Thanksgiving ends, and a new day arrives in our year 2009, we think about how we can modulate our emotions. We all had our Thanksgiving dinners and even desserts, but as we all digest the food and seeing an ounce more on our bodies wondering how we will exercise it off, we should think about bettering our lives by being our hidden self.

Think about it!

Anyway, posts coming soon this weekend…


What to think about during the first few days before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an era which began many years ago. Thinking about how we can be grateful for every thing we have by thanking those who help us or continue to help us. Thanksgiving is the time of year to reminisce and move forward. Most people do not realize this, but Thanksgiving should be about being grateful and giving back to those who use it wisely. Some people forget to live their life the way it was intended for, for servitude. They pretend to indulge in being mindful of others and seek discovery of their own self-benefit. This is okay to a point, but you should be able to think of how to help those people who are really struggling in life. Many people discover the true servitude to humankind when they become older, while others do not. I know Thanksgiving is a true sense of the word for every one to be engaging in, but people will finally set in it in their minds this year.

The trouble is people around the world don’t feel it is necessary to contribute as much as they can to the world. The time has arrived to begin fostering our need to live in a world which we control our impulses and use our instincts to help one another. The true meaning of Thanksgiving, be grateful and give!
I don’t just mean be grateful for what society gives to us, instead I mean be grateful for what g-d gives us and give to society the true reality of servitude.

We all interpret things differently and this is what makes life interesting. Many Ultrasound Technologists and Doctors interpret different ways on how to do studies for patients they see. Some people feel every thing should be standardized, while others disagree. Some people feel Autism should be cured, while others like myself feel life would be uneventful in inventions and artistic perspective without Autism Spectrum Disorders. Every one who lives in this world has an opinion and people can argue their opinions about their perspective on life, but no body can underestimate the true meaning of life. They can only know what is in their own minds from their own experiences. Life’s meaning is a joyous adventure with emotions where people discover what is right for themselves and what is wrong.

Thanksgiving is our way of thinking about other people’s different perspectives than what our own minds think. Please refrain from thinking of yourself this Thanksgiving and figure out how the world thinks. May be this Thanksgiving every one will listen to an Autistic speak and finally understand our world and senses. Life’s adventure is a constant discovery to many different revelations.

posting later on about this thought,


Thanksgiving Dinner 2008 (Yet it should always be Thanksgiving every day of the year to be thankful all the time)

These are interesting things happening on Thanksgiving Dinner. We should all always be thankful 365 days a year every year grateful for anything life offers us.  Positive things in this world go a long way opening up many doors to freedom and discovery.

Enjoy these too!


Think of the times of your greatest gratitude and get back to me in a comment

I want every one who reads this website to think of all the things in this world which gives greatest gratitude for living in this world.

Write it down as a comment. I feel there could be a lot of comments on this posting.

It is important to think of all things we are grateful for especially in the crisis we are all in today.

Love is more important than money especially when you are working. You must love what you do when you are working.

Take it easy,


should every day be mother’s day?

It’s mother’s day today to recognize the mothers out there and grandmothers out there.

It must be a religious thing since when you read the ten commandments it says honor thy mother and thy father, right. Anyway, there are many things that need to be done.

First off, listening skills are important.

Second, mothers are the most important people in this world.

Third, don’t forget the second and never relate anything else to it.

Fourth, Fathers agree!

Five, do women really rule us men?

Six, Heck yes is some ways because women know the better, but never say always and never ever ever again.  Geez I just said those two words. There are no absolutes..

anyway, cut to the chase and read more on,

out, J