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Today is a beautiful Sunday with ultimate satisfaction

There are many ways we can have satisfaction, but most people say there favorite satisfaction is when the sun is out. Most people feel rejuvenated and alive when the sun is out. When it is raining, you can get that same feeling too only with harder work and/or determination.

This weekend we remember those soldiers who have fought and lost their lives in battles including those people who lost their lives due to terrorism. There are many battles we fight in our lives, some are larger well known battles like what the United States Army fights in for us and then they’re our smaller personal battles.

As we draw closer to Memorial Day, we learn of our memories of battles we have fought. Some were won, but some we are trying to win still. No one can simply fight the battles by themselves unless it is something a person needs to prove for themselves. Life is about fighting battles between good and evil. There is always someone in a person’s life who is evil enough to make others suffer.

One last note before I head out to be outside, I know a saying not many of you have heard, “Take it or leave it,” which means if you are willing to allow someone to make you suffer take it otherwise leave the situation. Do not allow yourself to be a Martyr because life is not intended for that.

Be sure to spend your day well,