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Positive Feelings in a person go a long way

This week in the life of DMC there have been much stress, anxiety,hardship, and trying to stay focused on a positive attitude.  Many things happened this week good and bad. The bad seemed to try and divert my focus. Instead I end the week with a positive note.  We should only talk about the positive good things in life and for every bad thing, learn from the bad actions to turn it into a positive.

This week like many other weeks this year,  I have found many heads up pennies lying on the ground in front of me.   I pick them up and make a wish, knowing for sure it will come true.  I also have been noticing my right palm of my hand constantly itches me for months.  Every time I tell my granny this news, she repeats “It means money is on the way to you.””  Well, if this is really true, I can’t wait.  I am dead serious, I really know it will happen.  All it takes is a willingness to achieve.

In order to achieve, we just need to stop using the word ‘Hope’ because all it does is create tension and negativity.  We also need to stop using words in the passive sense as well  and instead say “I will, I can, I know…”  Positive words lead to positive things happening in life.  Hope is in my opinion the worst word in the human language, but everyone uses it since they they think its neutral.

Organizations like AutismSpeaks do not see the full picture in any person on the Autism Spectrum because they use my opinion of negative words like ‘Hope’.  These organizations see a person struggling and want to cure the person struggling. They see Autism Spectrum Disorders as a puzzle, but it is not a puzzle.  People don’t get that life is a puzzle in itself.  Every one in the world lives a life trying to solve their own puzzle.  Piecing together what they don’t have and get it after hard work.  Sometimes it takes a lifetime like with Autism Spectrum Disorders or any body else trying to succeed, but in the end it always takes time.

It is  faith and destiny which guide us a long our path and with our proper use of our condition to persevere we build our lives.  Small steps a long our path are the best way to success because it is the slow and steady way.  Many Neurotypical people watch a person trying to succeed slowly and try to push us away from our goal.  These Neurotypicals which do this run ahead of us and feel bad.  These Neurotypicals  see this person afraid. They see this person not like them and become afraid of the unknown, but fear leads to negativity.

People with Autism Spectrum Disorders are very unique and intelligent. We are the people who can someday invent things or have invented things.  We are the people who understand nature.  We are the people who can create.  We are the people who love compassion.  We are the people who follow are dreams to pursue those dreams to the fullest of our advantage.  We are the people who won’t stop until our rights happen to be seen and heard. There is a willingness in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders to succeed at any one thing.  Every one else just needs to see what we want to achieve and guide individuals like us; people on the Autism Spectrum or even any body with a disability.

I see the work of many Neurotypicals willing to take their time out to help an individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder or any disability achieve.  Those are the humble Neurotypicals who should be celebrated all over.  I saw it many times with a lot of Neurotypicals helping me and continuing to help me.

Think. Dream. Achieve. Succeed.

posting again soon,