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Nothing really happens unless you take a glimpse at it

Nothing really happens unless you take a glimpse at what could happen. Sometimes when you take a glimpse at some perception of life, you feel doubt. You can’t imagine your life being a certain way when many times people have said otherwise. The determination we have comes in to the strength of our practice to succeed. A positive sense of the word in the world goes further than the guiding light. There are different scenarios which could come to play. For example, a person who begins working feels excited and motivated to get started. People around this person try to make the scenario look bleak as if the decision to work is a bad decision or a way to failure. Many people don’t realize the strengths in everyone. I have seen doubt being placed on many people’s faces many times. The doubters begin to persuade and talk about the need for the person to not do it. Many people have strengths beyond what people first see.

My strengths have more potential in pursuit of living a dream than what a few may dictate. No body can dictate the lives of another. First, every time I wake up and I only think about how I can use my strengths to help my weaknesses. Some people may feel they have no weaknesses, but eventually it comes to haunt them if they never worked on them. Watch for the glimpse of what can be and will be rather than dicing with a game of fear. Sense the adventure to see inner perspective of self come alive.

A pop is under way and the show is about to start the week. It is going to be a good one. May all of you have a good week!

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