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Figuring stuff out when anybody gets hurt

When figuring stuff out, I think it out loud to myself for hours or days even till I know exactly what to do.  I know I am a precious gift and if people don’t want to accept it, then they can go their own way directing them to other people they may connect with.  Fortunately, things happen for a reason, at least that is what every one says, right? When any body gets hurt by something they don’t realize how or why, it is very sad to hear about.  The feeling becomes increasingly clear not to trust the person who really caused hurt.  Think about it, if someone caused you pain, there is no reason to trust this person or group of people anymore.  Instead you look to move forward and be with other people who see you for who you are as a person. Besides sometimes we need friends to help guide us.

Friends come out of nowhere to help us if they want to.  I believe it depends solely on the person who helps us because every one is an individual with their own personalities.  Depending on a person’s persona and experiences throughout his or her life, depends on the individuals feelings to be a good friend or someone who hurts. For example, a person who fears a lot throughout his or her life not seeking any help for it, may in fact become angry and want to hurt others.  It becomes a chain reaction of destruction. Life is not intended for this to happen, but we need to be on the look out for this.

A person who faces their fears and does not allow the fears to influence them, becomes more weary and loving for other people.  We need to create a situation for every body to drop their fears completely and face any new fears they may have.  I would have to agree though when people talk more, they cause more trouble to hurt other people. I know different individuals require different ways to cope with situations because every body fears things differently. The difference I want every one to understand is with every one helping each other from our fears, we can begin to feel less hurt.  It is not a nice  feeling being hurt by someone else.

Life’s harmony is very hard to achieve, but first we need to build our egos up to feel happy within.  People become lonely because they don’t feel happy within.  There are times we need people, and there are times we don’t.   Romantic relationships are very relative because not every body needs it to live their life.  A few rare people in the world can live their whole life with platonic friendships without engaging in romance.  These few rare people are stronger than the rest of the world because they were be able to find their strength within to live their life and not fear.  Although generally Human beings find it necessary to engage in sexual behavior because not every one is like these few rare people who can live by themselves.  Sexual feelings for another person is an emotion every one tends to feel and I hear others tell me it is very hard to live life without having those feelings.  Although many people would have to say whichever way you feel about your life is how you should live it in a constructive positive manner.  Every one has 2 choices;  you can live your life alone finding inner strength like those few rare people in the world or you can live it with another person to help you through the fears you may have. Life is an unexpected journey where anything could happen with any body, in the end, it is your life to always do good.

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