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Think about it the best things in life are Genuine!

Genuine state of mind is the best kind of mind in the world.

Love is a tradition, a tradition which lasted for more than the Earth has been born. Most people need love, but if you are a Jedi all you need is to defend and protect. Jedi traditions teach us a Jedi should have no emotions. A Jedi serves his purpose and lives in solitude. Solitude is good, being a Jedi is great, but it is hard to live in solitude. You need great inner strength and security. As a Jedi you need to show absolutely no emotions at all. When an event happens, it is you, the Jedi who is there for everybody. You come out of your solace home and do the job. When it is over, you get your reward and go to your solace home. You meditate and analyze everything so that some day you become a great Jedi Master like Master Yoda.

Please Stay Strong and Genuine for this is what a true great hero is!

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