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The confusing part of Life most people don’t understand

Love, friendship, and being too needy with people is something that needs to be worked on. We don’t necessarily need to be needy to be friends, yet sometimes when you really like someone, you want to be around that person a lot more. I really admire my friends. I really admire the many people in my life who are friends with me and help me out a lot. I sense a person who wants to be my friend, will always be there for me through thick and thin. If they have a problem with me, they will tell me. Isn’t that what friends are for? Friendship is important, not only for platonic love, but for emotional comfort. People may try to figure me out. They might think things about me. Hopefully good thoughts. Who is to know who is special and who is not! You know you are special when you love every aspect of who you are. Being an inspiration means that you love yourself, you love life, and you do everything you can to help yourself live a better life.

A better way of life means you live as independent as possible. No body is completely independent, which is why there is interdependence like I have said on this blog before. I love life. I love who I am. I want to help myself be the best I can be. I
want to be able to prove to the world everything I can do so that when I eventually move on, I am in the stars in the sky at night only as an angel flying as high or as low as I can go. I want the best and am self-determined to always be the best. I know I can do the things I want to do because I am who I am as the best I am.

There are many forms of love. Love can be very confusing. It can attract, it can live on, it can be very hurtful if you don’t understand the love you are getting. I know there are many people who love me very much and I really appreciate that a lot. However, love can be defined in many different ways. There are different ways a person can love, through emotions, through physical ways, through feelings, and through the spiritual sense of love. A lot of times, love can be confusing for many people.

I love so many people in this world, but not in the way so many people see it as a physicality. It is just purely spiritual love. That is where most people get confused about me. I just love for the sake of love, and don’t need to be ‘in love’ like some would think.

Human beings in general are very needy always needing to be connected to someone else. The connections to others only makes others reach out and touch. There are only a select few that do not want to reach out and touch. However, most do. The problem with life is that we are urged to connect and live our life in a way that connects to others. Human beings are social people. We live proudly, we die, and then we move on to the next cycle of who we are to experience to others how we lived our life. That is what makes a true Angel in the sky.

I wonder though about life and what life brings to all of our needs, our wants, and our emotions. It really is an Emotional Life. May be that is why the PBS series I was in was called ‘This Emotional Life’.

Spirits here, spirits there, and spirits everywhere! What more can a person want from life when life only generates the possibilities of being who we are to live a independent, interdependent, and fulfilling life of graceful emotional feelings. We need to love, but we need to feel empowered to be on our own to live our life the way it should be, they way it ‘AUT’ to be, and the way every last person wants from their life: Feeling connected, self-determined by not letting others tell us who we are and how we want to be defined by our life.

No body can take away my dignity and I can not take away anybody else’s dignity either. Instead we just need to experience each

Hope all of you know how much it’s important to have a sense of love in your life for friendship, but can still be on your own self-determined life toward your success!

Today as you move forward just live your life knowing how much you love the people around you, however it’s also important to understand you need to be independent in your thoughts to be successful. Eventually, if we live long enough, we are alone anyway, so it’s important to have solitude too! However, we still need connection!


I went to a Celebrity Party near/in Bridgehampton…

This weekend was a great weekend. I went to Bridgehampton with my friend whose parents have a house there. It was a great weekend starting out with a party at a big producers house that my friend’s mother’s friend who is a chiropractor for the celebrities put my friend and I on the list of the big party. Thanks a lot for that and props to you. There were many different celebrities there. When I first got there, I was walking around with my friend Leigh, and we met the producer and friend who started teasing us about the food that was not served already. Leigh and I were taking pictures of each other pretending to open the food up when there was nothing in the food tray while a Jazz Band was playing consisting of the entertainment.

I saw many celebrities there and treated everyone there like a person because I would introduce myself to the celebrities as if I was talking to the average person on the street or a friend of mine. The first celebrity I saw was Sarah jessica Parker and I don’t recall seeing her husband, Matthew Broderick, but he could have been there as well.

At first when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker I wanted to go up to her immediately, though my feeling was that many people were talking to her at once so I couldn’t talk to her. I would have really liked to talk to Sarah Jessica Parker, but I will tell you who I spoke to instead. Many other people.

Most of the time how I introduced myself is I said my first name and everyone else said there first name as well. Even though some I knew exactly who it was especially Brooke Shields, but that I talk about at the end.

Anyway, I first went up to a very grand man who owns a Champagne winery in France. He was drinking obviously because he owns and knows about Champagne, and we were talking a lot. I told him about DMc and hopefully he remembered to read my website. We had a very good conversation in which I included my friend Leigh as well.

I also spoke with the writer/director of the New Will Ferrell movie. He was very interesting to talk to. He had a lot of charisma.

I saw and spoke to Donna Karan the woman who basically is a great fashion designer. At that point I wanted to soak in more talking with celebrities.

Though when you talk to a celebrity you must always treat them as an individual first because they are people with feelings too. Like I am Jason who has Asperger Syndrome, NOT vice versa.

I spoke with a songwriter named Brian, but he was a bit distracted on the phone.

I met two guys who were trying to teach me how they balance a glass on their middle finger. That was really hard.

I saw Richard Gere and his wife there, and said hello to them as well.

I met architects, painters, composers, musicians, and other people that are well known, but can’t remember names.

Anyway, I wish I saw Steven Spielberg there, but I didn’t. Oh well, another time.

Just before i had to leave because my friend wanted to leave, I walked up to Brooke Shields to introduce myself. She said “Hi I am Brooke. Nice to meet you Jason” and smiled at me. Aw, that was nice of her. I didn’t realize how tall Brooke Shields is.

The celebrities were all wondering why I didn’t drink alcohol there at all, and I replied to anyone who spoke to me “Sorry, I don’t drink.” And they all looked at me. Then a few of them offered me special magic brownies to eat and I said, “No thank you, I don’t eat that either because it is too heavy on the stomach late at night and I would get a tummy ache.”

They all laughed whether at me or with me or both, it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I found that half the celebrities there came with their same sex partner while the other half came with their opposite sex partner, and a few came by themselves.

i was walking around the whole complex blurting out sayings that I remembered like, “You can pick your nose, You can pick your friends, but you can never pick your friends nose” and other sayings as well. LOL<, Just kidding, but I really was blurting out sayings that I knew just to ease anxiety. I told a few of them like the man from France who owns a Champagne winery about DMC.

It was a fantastic experience and I hope to treasure it well especially because a photographer took my picture there.

Afterwards when I left that party, I went to a Grateful Dead Cover band party where I met an entrepreneur who helped boom many businesses in the area.

That was the highlight of the year so far.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was pretty quiet and relaxing with my friend and his parents. I got to what NT’s say “CHILL!”

have a goodnight,

out, J

PS I told all the celebrities about the Vein Ablation procedure to get rid of varicose veins in their legs, and all their eyes iit up!!!!! SMILE 🙂

Anyway, when I told them about having to check for Venous Reflux in order to do the procedure they still had their eyes lit up because it meant Great LEGS for all!

And that is the procedure I am doing now at work with the doctor I work for.