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A poem called “Forgotten, but not forgotten”

Forgotten, but not Forgotten,

by theamazinJ

I remember,
Sometimes have forgotten,
I remember,
Forgotten I have not,
I have learned,
I have forgotten,
I am learning,
I am forgetting,
I am never forgetting,
I am remembering
Remembering to learn,
Remembering to grow,
Remembering to know,
Remembering to read,
Remembering what I know,
Remembering to be wise,
Leveling the playing field
as I develop myself
as an activist,
as I solidify,
as I am being what I want to be,
as I am moving forward
without following backward,
my journey moves slowly,
sometimes it picks up,
other times it is slow,
sometimes I stop,
but then I move on,
Sometimes I skip,
Sometimes I just walk,
Sometimes I spin
to spin as fast as I can
without seeing behind,
many times I move around
just to see something
I have not seen before,
I have forgotten, but
never forgotten,
I just have forgiven.
Forgiving without forgetting,
makes me grow
from the boy I once was,
to the man I am,
the journey from a
immature person to
a mature and wise person,
from a person who was naive
to a person who is wise,
I have forgotten, but never forgotten,
I just have learned
and finally,
am doing what I have to,
doing what I need to,
sorting myself to
journey into the beyond
into the mist,
and into the unknown
so that I can
further into my goals
deeply thinking thoroughly
about what I forget,
but never forgotten anything.