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Eli Manning and his Little-Big Giants won the SuperBowl

Eli Manning beat out Tom Brady. What an accomplishment!

They said all along that Eli is not as good as his brother, yet Eli made a lot of people eat their own words.

Its fun to have people eat their own words especially when it comes to yourself or better yet myself.

Eli should tell those people if they care to have some salt, pepper, and ketchup with those words.

I do the same thing when I have people eat their own words, “sorry mister, but would you like some ketchup with that.”

The GIANTS win it and it was a very low scoring game in that.  It seems like the last game of the season and the SuperBowl which is the last game of the 2007-2008 season are symbolic in that it took the GIANTS two times to beat the Lovely Patriots.

The GIANTS had to take one step back before taking a step forward.

They beat it out with the Packers on a frigidly cold night, and now in ARIZONA with the Patriots.

Tom Brady is not the immortal, he is definitely not a robot, he is definitely Vulnerable just like anybody else.

Eli showed his strength all through this and we can say is HOORA!

Think of it like this, the only one that can’t be beat is the eternal one himself. Everyone else can which makes me think about myself because I can win over anybody I put my mind to winning over and getting what I want.  A lot of people feel that I am not capable, but I am and will continue to prove them wrong.

Anyway,  it just so happens to be someone’s birthday today and I interviewed him on my website, so Happy Birthday George!

Now the Baseball season begins and their can be a NEW YORK 2008 because the NEW YORK METS seem very dominate on paper.

Take it easy,

out, J

Tom Brady and his Confident Pack in the Patriots

Tom Brady is very confident.  His teammates are very confident.  And who do they owe their confidence to.  For every great man, lies another great man inside of them that built their confidence.  It could be one man or many men, but for all sakes it is someone.

My question is to Tom Brady, who do you owe your confidence to?

See, I know that when I do things, I know my knowledge, I know my anatomy, I my way of scanning, yet I don’t know it all. I just know what I read.

Many people feel that it may seem like I don’t have confidence or may lack in having my mojo, but all those people can go fly kite, eat cow dung, and choke as they try to eat.

Anyway, all I am saying is that no one can tell anyone they can’t do something or tell them that they are this or that because anyone who says such nonsense can look me in the eye or look that person in the eye and whine like a little baby.

I feel that the history of the National Football League gives every one the notion that anyone can do anything as long as they put their heart and soul into it.

I encourage myself a lot, yet when I first started I felt that I was not good enough in scanning.  Most people thought I just didn’t know what I was doing, but they were wrong.  Most people thought that I sucked, but they were wrong.   The one thing that most people didn’t know was that you have to be patient and move on no matter what you are doing not dwelling, not worrying, and definitely not hesitating.

Think of it this way if you tell someone they are good, they don’t believe it until they feel it, if you tell someone that they are not good also, then they have something even more to prove to that person.

There are so much things to prove in this world. I have so much to prove in this world. And if I can prove so much of what Tom Brady proved even though it is not football, then I become the true amazinJ.

I sit down and speak out my words, “Take pride in what you do, Use the patience that you have, Use the belief that is inside of you, and you will forever prevail.”

Listen to the song Believe by R. Kelly and see the words and listen at the same time. Think of what those words mean and think of what they mean to yourself. Geez, What do you think?

That game gave me the presence that I could do anything just like Tom Brady doing his thing as the Quarterback for the New England Patriots.

I hope Eli Manning learned from tonight and improves for a later date.

I always wanted to be the guy that people can look up to, yet I look up to so many people and Tom Brady is one of those people.

Confidence = ?

anyway, I will post later on,

out, J