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Who defines leadership? and How can that leadership control what others do?

Leadership begins when someone is born. A baby begins to grow and mold in to a person eventually an Adult. Some people generally think of themselves poorly not defining who they are. These people need leaders to guide them in to the right direction. Sometimes we grow and learn from our experiences to define our own self worth, but this happens only when we see our own leadership. Not every one has this potential to lead others. Most people think they can be a leader without experiencing the real difficulty of life to get to that point of self worth and accomplishment. An emotional outcry of tears leaves every one to see a person standing in the distance shouting out “Follow me and I will guide you to your destiny.”

The feelings someone has to this emotional outcry leaves most people to feel overjoyed and comforted. On the other hand, some people feel threatened or even jealous. The jealousy someone will feel about a leader, you can only imagine the tension and fury deep inside that person. It is only when evil once again is born. A battle fiercely bursts open between the good leader and evil dominance. Defining who we are as a person can be very inspiring to many, but to some a disturbing experience. Finding our special gift can be difficult to find, but at least some people do find it in the most bizarre way. Sometimes we can find this gift just by meeting someone or even by knowing it from birth. Sometimes we have a gift that we all repress for a long time only to define finally later in our lives. The gift we repress is substituted for something similar to what we have, but is not really what defines us. For example, it can be as simple as a firefighter, but a person becomes an accountant instead.

Every one has some kind of contribution to give to this world whether it is defined or repressed. In the end, we need to define our gift being able to nurture and comfort what we can do. The successes we reap will not happen overnight. Sometimes success is defined in our lifetime when we see many people who see the money flowing in to their bank accounts, but most people don’t see their success in their lifetime. Unfortunately this happens many times. Many people before us who have died and became successful, lived very poor poverty stricken lives. It was only when they died people finally acknowledged them. Some of these people who died, we call our leaders.

Leaders can be defined when we die. Most importantly being a leader is defined by our accomplishments and character. Our leaders dead or alive, control people who want to follow in their footsteps. Whether good or evil, the leader has enough strength to help create another.

The significance of the leader who helps define us becomes a legend in our hearts. And someday we hope the life we live is one of joy and accomplishment.

Live your niche!