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“Fly away like a Bird” says the people

When people think that someone is not worth their time, they tell that someone to fly away like a bird never to be seen again.   Many people need other people to stay healthy and strong.   Some people though love the fact about being in solitude, but who are those some people that like to be in solitude.  My granny is far from that!  She needs to be with someone all the time, yet she never had a best friend her whole life, but who has had a best friend ever.  To me, you have friends, and then you have family, family is your best friend while everyone else is just a friend.

Think of it like this, my granny has had best friends then in her family, but has she had any friends anytime in her life.  Her greatest friend in her life was my Grandpa Dave, though she feels that grandpa dave had his issues too, but don’t we all grandma.  Every one has their issues and every one has their reasons why people love them and don’t ever forget that especially you grandma.

Anyway, there are things that people enjoy in life and everyone’s enjoyment is different and okay.  Some are writers, some are artists, some are scientists, some are … well there is a whole list I can name right now, but you get my drift.

Anyway, here is a mantra to live by just like from the Outsiders book by S.E. Hinton, and that is STAY GOLD and my own addition SILENCE IS GOLDEN….

Anyway, posting later on,

out, J