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The amazing fiction story of ‘Something the Lord Made’ continues…

Meeting a Special friend episode…

Avrila sits on the side of her bed waiting for her stepmother, Camille to call her in for breakfast to leave for school. She sits there thinking about the day before when she first revealed her secret to her new parents. She is wondering what every one is going to say about the secret she has and does not want to be known as the crazy one. Apelarto walks in to the room with his bookbag on his back and his lunchbag in one hand and a very special gold notebook with his drawings. He yells out to Avrila, “Hey Avrila, Come along, we don’t want to be late for the school bus now.”
Avrila replies back, “Wait a minute for me Apelarto, I have to get my things and my lunch too.” But before she could do that Camille says “Don’t forget your breakfast, Avrila! Breakfast is the most important part of the day…”
Avrila takes a couple of spoonfuls of her oatmeal and runs out the door. “I’ll take this bagel out the door” says Avrila. Camille yells out “Don’t make that a habit!”

Avrila runs out the door with her brother and get on the schoolbus as quickly as they could. Camille smiles and looks the other way not realizing today could change their lives again….

In the middle of class during Kindergarten recess, Avrila walks up to a lonely little boy named Kelvin. The teacher walks up to Avrila telling at the young girl not to go near that boy. Avrila walks up anyway and Kelvin becomes startled flairing his hands up in to the air and screaming. The teacher pushes Avrila out of the way trying to control Kelvin’s actions by twisting his arm and throwing him to the ground. Avrila yells at the teacher “That is not how you treat a human being, he is very sensitive and is decent friend of mine.” Avrila takes the chalk from the chalkboard and writes on the wall, ‘Mrs. Freeman is a ABUSER!’

Mrs. Freeman the Kindergarten teacher stops and drops Kelvin on the floor and slaps Avrila in the face. Avrila yells out “YOU should go to Jail, Mrs. Freeman! Kelvin is my friend.”

Mrs. Freeman begins to cry saying to Avrila, “But Kelvin is Autistic!!”

Avrila says “I know he is Autistic and that is why he is my friend. Don’t you dare touch my friend again or I’ll swipe you with this (she picks up a wooden rod to slap Mrs. Freeman).”

Avrila walks up to Kelvin and lifts him up with her hands and hugs him. She says “You are such a sweetie Kelvin, I know you can hear me. I’ll squeeze more.” She instantly squeezes Kelvin more and Kelvin feels the intense pressure which makes him feel better than softer touch.

Avrila has to go to the principal’s office now and explains to the prinipal what had happened. She explains that she knew Kelvin is Autistic and knew how to treat him well because she is a psychic child and knows how to help people. In the meantime while Avrila explains every thing to the Principal, Apelarto runs around looking for Avrila in the classroom and instantly sees her aura rubbed off on lonely Kelvin who has Autism. Before he realizes she is in the principal’s office Apelarto walks over to Kelvin. “Hey there, what is going on with you?” But, Kelvin does not speak. So, Apelarto notices Kelvin’s aura is changing rapidly to sad and angry colors. “It’s alright Kelvin, I am going to find my sister.” Kelvin sits there crying now.

Apelarto walks to the door and Avrila walks in to the room with the Principal who now is inspired by Avrila. The principal walks in and says to the class, “I will be taking over the class for the rest of the week until we find someone who will. Mrs. Freeman is not coming back.”

Kelvin smiled for the first time and clapping his hands very loudly laughing and yelling out repeated words ‘Gip Gip Gip’, but no one knew what it meant. He just looked excited.

When school was let out, Avrila and Apelarto walked their new friend home to his family. The mother was ecstatic her little boy Kelvin had friends. Avrila told his mother that the wicked teacher is gone. The mother was happy to hear the story of what happened and knowing after months of not realizing that the teacher is the one who was abusing her little boy.

Avrila and Apelarto walk out of the home of their new friend and his family skipping and jumping down the stairs. When they enter through the doors to the outside, Avrila and Apelarto march on the next few blocks until they reach their apartment building. They walk through the apartment building doors and see their Mother, Camille smiling at them so happy to see her lovely special children. Avrila screams with excitement telling Camille everything while Apelarto watches her color change to a bright blue and the mother so pink in the face. When they reach the apartment, the three of them walk in to the kitchen only to see the Grandfather hanging from the lantern in the kitchen from a wired noose. Camille starts screaming in agony and tears rolling down her face. No else is home yet and she begins to feel guilt ridden leaving her depressed father alone in the apartment. Avrila stops instantly with her jittering excited feeling to tell her mom that he missed grandma too much while Apelarto can feel his mom’s aching pain in his body. He moves away from his mom to go to his room as he sits on the carpet in silence while Avrila is comforting their mother.

(The story contines soon as you wait to see what happens next and more posts to come)