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The Fiction Series Returns::: Something the Lord Made, the story of Avrila and Apelarto

The next chapter, “A love so great”

A few weeks after Camille and Avrila brought Kelvin back to his home early in the morning, Avrila stands in front of the school she goes to right now for kindergarten pondering about her little friend Kelvin who is on the Autism Spectrum. Her mother Camille has been helping her out for weeks now writing letters and contacting the city school district about the Avrila’s friend Kelvin who is a very intelligent boy who keeps on being bullied by other children since the teacher who used to not treat him well. She is striving for a safe inclusion of children like Kelvin with his peers and teachers in regular classes. The school district wants to place him in a special classroom setting with other children similar to him. Avrila has been telling her mother that she would like to always see Kelvin in her class because he is very intelligent and caring. She tells her mother she feels there needs to be a change in the way people think about someone who is different. Camille has been using information from the Autistic Self Advocacy Network she found the internet to plead the case about the little boy named Kelvin. In the meantime, Apelarto runs in to the school as Avrila sits and waits for her friend to arrive. When Kelvin does not show up, Avrila begins to worry about him. She begins to cry with tears dripping so long and hard for her friend Kelvin. She thinks the school system already placed him out of her class. With Avrilas’s spite she begins to start yelling “Where are you Kelvin?”
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An Error correction (A new Fiction series)

Dawn is running through the rain wandering, pondering, and frazzled not dazzled. She is talking to herself now from a verbal fight she had with her father.

Dawn Speaking:

“Today I am caught in the rain. My mind wanders thinking of what should be said and done from the past few hours at home. We have arguments and chase around others because of the living situations which have been tough. I sit, I stand, I fall, but don’t know what I will do next. Something occurred to me, can we stand tall and free? Can we really have free will? Is free will giving us too much of what we can do for ourselves? I feel, I sense, and I urge myself to create a life of satisfaction. My oh my oh my, I sense who I was, and what I want to be. Can people find themselves? Can people really urge themselves to speak up, know when to be a person talking or when to know who we ought to be. I feel kinda down sometimes, but after the past few hours I feel even worse. I am nothing, I am a no body, I need to find something… My name is Dawn and I can’t believe what just happened. I hurt my one and only loving family. I am stuck on the Earth rushing, running, and deserting who I am. So why did I do that? Will I ever be forgiven…”
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Fiction Series Returns…Something the Lord Made (the story of Avrila and Apelarto)

Something the Lord Made

Chapter: An Echo of Life

Avrila walks through the door of her mother’s room standing there gazing at Camille wondering when her mom will wake up any time soon. Avrila usually stays in her room when she wakes up and consoles herself with her psychic abilities, but today she is feeling like she needs some comfort. She stands there for about 15 minutes when Camille finally wakes up and her husband Rafael is still sleeping.

Camille slowly gets out of bed and walks over to Avrila. She whispers “What’s the matter my sweet?”
Avrila does not say anything. Instead she takes Camille’s hand and walks her through apartment to the kitchen.
Camille says in a whisper still “Avrila, its 4 o’clock in the morning, what do you want from me now?”
And standing in the midst of the darkness of the apartment is her latest friend, the lonely boy from school who is Autistic, Kelvin.
Camille says “Oh my god, What happened to you little boy?”
Kelvin does not answer
Avrila begins speaking telling her mother “My friend Kelvin has been having problems at home. His father walked out on his mother and I found Kelvin wandering in our park outside our apartment building. I told him he can stay here tonight and we will bring him back to his mom who must be really worried now.”
Camille tells Avrila “I understand you want to help your friend out, but we have to bring him back to his mother now because she is probably very worried about him.”
Avrila says “I have been reading much about Autism lately since I learned of my new friend Kelvin.” and then she says “And I went on father’s computer typed in to google search ‘Autistic’ and found the Autistic Self Advocacy Network which gave me much information about what I wanted to know, but I can’t read everything. I was wondering if you can help me read the information with me.”
Camille whispers again “Really? School has really taught you much about the computer so far?”
Avrila then says “Yes it has, though I sound out every word, but much of what is said on the website I found, I don’t really understand.”
Camille says “Show me and I can help you.”
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In terms of endearment: The fiction story of Avrila and Apelarto continue

Sitting on a curb off the streets of the Bronx, a young boy stares at the many cars which pass by him. The people who walk by look down at Apelarto splashing water on his face as he does not move or make a sound. He just continues to observe the many cars driving down its bustling concourse. Once he decides to get up finally, his jacket soaked in water from people stepping in a puddle splashing the rest of the water on him, he begins to walk forward toward the sidewalk. He sees his older siblings walking back home after school. His brother yells out “Hey Ap, what happened to you? You looked soaked! Why were you sitting on that curb again?” Apelarto just ignored him and stared in to his face, then his brother says “What are you deaf? Did you hear me?” His siblings begin poking fun at their weird youngest brother. Apelarto walks the other direction where he sees his adopted sister Avrila walking with his mother Camille. Camille had just walked Avrila to the local grocery store. When she sees her son all wet, she becomes enraged saying “Oh great, now you need to take a bath. You look filthy!” Avrila seems to be staring in to space when she says her first word she ever spoke to her new mom since she’s been here, “There’s a old lady walking over to us and she is crying. She says ‘she knows she made mistakes and is sorry she broke the dishes.” Camille looks in that direction, but sees nothing. She begins to feel scared that her new adopted daughter and son are crazy.

However, when they get back to the apartment, she sees her mother lying dead on the floor with broken dishes splattered everywhere. Camille begins weeping with a river of tears. Avrila runs to her room and says nothing more. Apelarto notices her mother is very upset and gives her a big hug. As he hugs his mother, his mom feels better because her youngest son never did that before. As soon as her son let’s go, Camille runs to call 911 to report the unexpected death of her mom who must of had a heart attack. Her father is in his room crying because he just lost the love of his life. Camille walks in to the room to ask her father “how long since she passed?” The father slowly tells her “Only about five minutes before you came in to the apartment.” 5 minutes ago Avrila told Camille that she saw an old lady telling her about dishes being broken. Camille could not see any woman walking down the street before. She begins to weep harder and her father slowly asks his daughter, “What’s the matter? Give me a hug my princess.” Avrila walks through the grandfather’s bedroom door hugging her new mom and grandfather. She whispers in their ears “I love you.” Apelarto sees this through the doorway and smiles. Avrila who can see her brother smiling back let’s go of her grandfather and mother to give her brother a hug too. As the two strange siblings walk back to their bedroom, they feel proud of how they handled the situation. They have been seeing the two therapists for about 3 weeks and they know how to handle themselves better.

Two weeks later after the funeral of grandma, Avrila talks about the situation with the psychologist. The psychologist was proud of how Avrila handled the situation and how she does not seem to be crazy to her mom as she was before. Avrila had taken a moment to tell her mom her secret without feeling saddened and speechless by it. Apelarto spoke to the psychologist separately who is trying to help him be aware of his feelings for others and knowing how to be successful as a healer.

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The Fiction story Of Avrila and Apelarto: An Inspiring Tale of Something the Lord Made part 2

‘The razor that leads your soul to bleed’

Camille is in the subway going to Manhattan with both Avrila and Apelarto. She notices something she never knew about her children before.  Apelarto and Avrila both have a white glow around their bodies as she is sitting in between them on the D train going in to Manhattan.  After Camille and her 2 children arrive and walk up the stairs to get to the psychologist’s office nearby, a woman stops her dead in her tracks.  The woman stairs at Avrila first giving a glaring dark stare.  The woman says only 1 word to Avrila and the young girl just runs behind Camille holding her adopted mother between the legs.  The woman approaches Avrila as Camille tells the woman to stop scaring her children.  The woman couldn’t help to say “Your children are gifted I say, very gifted.”

Camille didn’t understand why the woman told her that at first.  She gets to the front door to be buzzed in to the psychologist’s office when Avrila seems to be having a meltdown.  Instead of what looked like a meltdown turned out to be a trance she fell in to.  Young Avrila started screaming in pain blurting out “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and trying to cope with her senses. The psychologist ran out the door trying to find out what’s going on outside.  When the psychologist walks outside the psychologist sees Avrila lying on the ground motionless.  Camille begins to cry not knowing what to do and her son Apelarto just stands there silent.

The psychologist introduces himself.  “My name is Mark and you must be Camille who talked about her 2 children.  He looked down at Apelarto saying, “Hi young fellow.” Then he looks at Avrila lying on the ground and he says “Well, I guess we have to pick this one up and bring in ourselves.”

Camille shakes incessantly saying to Mark “Yes, I am Camille and these are my 2 children, my son, Apelarto and my adopted daughter Avrila.  I know I don’t have much money and probably wasting your time. So, I’d better get going now to deal with these children by myself.”

Mark says “How crazy would that be madam? Let’s go in and we will figure out a way for small payments.”

Camille walks in with her son Apelarto as Mark carries Avrila inside.  They all sit in Mark’s office and reintroduces himself to Camille and her 2 children so his children refer to him as Dr. Weiss or Dr. Mark.

Dr. Weiss begins to notice Avrila staring in to space and Apelarto is staring directly at Mark’s face.  Camille begins the session by telling Dr. Mark how her son Apelarto never talks, stares all the time at every one, and sits in his room drawing people with many colors around them like a rainbow.  She then tells Dr. Mark how Avrila has very similar actions, but tends to freak out a lot during the day with these meltdowns.  She adds further that at night Avrila insists of leaving the light on in her room as she goes to bed.  She never speaks to any one. Camille adds more by saying her and her husband don’t know what more to do about their children’s problems.

Dr. Mark begins the session by trying to connect with his clients Avrila and Apelarto.  His first statemtent is “I’ll give you my minimum billing amount for both children. Next he says “And I want to see them separately for 1 hour each.”

Camille hesitates, but Dr. Mark insists this will be better for the 2 of them.  He gives a reference person to Camille for her son Apelarto.  He says “I want you to call my friend John who can also help your son.  He knows much about children who draw a lot. Please give him a call. He meets in Parks, but not in his office. I will concentrate on seeing your daughter Avrila twice a week. I want to understand why she is afraid.”

Camille thinks about her feelings of spending money to help her children, but he says we will talk about that later, she feels better.

Camille spent the rest of the session in the waiting room as Dr. Mark spent time trying to connect with her children.  30 minutes later, Dr. Mark leaves his office to the waiting room where Camille sees her children standing in the doorway.  She saw a smile on Apelarto’s face for the first time while Avrila just stood there the same way as usual.  Apelarto had a pad in his arms that Dr. Mark gave him to use for drawing.

Camille asked Dr. Mark “How did it go?”

Dr. Mark said “It went well, but I’d like to see them again in 3 days.”

He gave her a card with the appointment time for 3 days from now and said “Have a good day!”

Camille becomes furious insisting on what the session was about.  Dr. Mark brings her in to his office with the door open saying “I suspect your son Apelarto can sense other people’s feelings and I can help him to better understand how to use that to his advantage. He loves to draw so I gave him a pad to draw things for our sessions and with my friend John. Avrila is very scared child and will require a lot of attention focusing in on her fears. It is unusual for me to tell you this, but she connects with an so-called imaginary friend named Ralph. I can’t really tell who Ralph is and if he is even real.  I just know this Ralph was in session with us today and her friend was in constant communication with your daughter.

Camille walks out of the office with her children not understanding what is going on especially since Avrila still looks the same in silence.  They get home a little later and Camille notices Avrila talking to herself in the room. She overhears Avrila talking out loud by herself and hears her saying “Hi Ralph. What can I do for you today? Want to play scrabble again or hide n seek? Oh, I see Ralph you are scared. Why? Is it your dad again? or Are you thinking of your death? When did you die again Ralph? Oh yeah, right, in 1902.” Camille walks away from the door crying as her husband walks over to her giving her a hug.  Camille slowly says to her husband Rafael, “I think she can talk to ghosts.” And Camille starts weeping and drowning in tears on her husband’s shoulder.  Apelarto is drawing two people on his pad hugging with a bright light blue coloring around them.

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