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Fiction Series: An Important Lesson: Part 3

(First, I know I have not be posting as much as I should. Second, I’d like everyone to be aware of the ways in which we need to fight Ableism! So, in a nutshell, Here is the continuing of the next fiction series!)

The voices of Autistic people should be heard and listened to because Autistic people are human beings too with amazing voices like any one else in society. Jake was 1 Autistic person with incredible vision for Autistic culture. He created messages everywhere. He even wanted so much for other Autistics to be able to live their life without ableism getting in the way. He wanted to make sure no matter what Autistics everywhere were given a chance to contribute with their talents in a positive productive way. How could society think any less of Autistics?

Society is generally very abusive toward not only Autistics, but to any one with disabilities. They generally think Disabled people are not able to be productive. Jake knew something about life that most people knew nothing about especially his Neurotypical counterparts. However his Autistic peers knew everything about it.

As his mother is walking through the woods to deliver her son’s message, she comes across another message from Jake. There is a full arrow engraved in stone pointing her in the direction of a home to the left of where she is standing. The home looked pretty deserted. It was a big home with white pillars and huge landscape.

Jake’s mother walks up to the home when suddenly the door creaks open very slowly. She peaks her head inside the home first cautiously waiting to walk inside the home. It seemed so old that people haven’t lived there for nearly 200 years. It was dark inside with no lighting except for candles. The mother walks up to a portrait of a painting with writing written underneath it which read:

It’s time to really listen about Human culture

Suddenly the painting opens like a door and the mother sees a staircase going down. The candles also suddenly burst into flames on their mantels going down the stairs. The mother begins walking down the stairs holding Jake’s message.

As she approaches the end of the staircase, there are many people standing or sitting around the huge corridor of a beautiful space. Many people were flapping the hands, rocking, bouncing, or doing other things in such a way that the mother knew who these people are. Just as the mother stepped foot into the corridor, the ceiling began moving away from each other and the people inside began getting louder with their voices being raised yelling ‘It’s time to really listen about Human culture, we are diverse, we are unique, we are productive contributing members of society’.

The mother was in awe just listening when suddenly she realized she was in a open space and no longer enclosed in a huge corridor. People were just moving around walking from place to place without any difference that it was enclosed. The mother began getting confused since she thought she was in the deserted woods.

People were everywhere moving around and people are accepted for who they are. You could not tell walking down any street that it was the same world she always knew. Every one is just going about there business whether Autistic or not, just getting done what needs to be done during a day. The mother who thinks she may be dreaming, pinches herself, but realizes she may be dreaming when suddenly her son, Jake approaches her…

Jake said only a few words, “This is life!” The mother began crying knowing he was right.

Suddenly, the mother wakes up from her dream after falling asleep under a rock. She continues her journey when she reaches a house which is her final destination. She knocks on the door. When the door opens…

(To be continued…)


New Fiction Series: An Important Lesson: Part 2

Jake’s mother is sitting in the living room of the house when she is trying to realize what had happened to her son that day. Why the car exploded? Why Jake died?

Jake walked up to the car. He felt his heart pounding. He walked inside his car. Oh my god…

It’s almost as if Jake knew something was going to happen, but he could not put his finger on it. Jake trusted people too much. He didn’t think that there were people who could hate. Jake loved working to help people. He loved it dearly and continued to do whatever he could to be the best he could be. He was simply the best.

One night a few weeks ago, Jake fell silent at moment of emotional distress. He was working on a painting and suddenly stopped working. He fell silent. The moment he fell silent, he leapt up from his stool, waving his hands in the air and immediately walked over to the window staring at the rainy night.

Jake could not talk so he decided to write down his feelings.

That’s when his mother finds what he had written down as she walked in to his room and opened up his desk drawer.

She reads the note as it reads:

Falling out of time
I tweet down the line
I rise above
I observe the world
I continue my journey
toward acceptance
toward love
toward finding my voice
and continuing the journey.
I rise, I fall, I invent,
I create, I write, I draw,
I picture a world so
very different than
what I see now.
So much hate,
so much destruction,
so much evil,
but the evil I see
will someday fall.
Where there is darkness,
there is light. Where there
is light, there is Angels,
there is me, walking,
smelling the flowers,
and inventing a smile.
A smile filled with connection,
filled with joy,
filled with disconnect when
I see anger and pain.
My hope is 1 day
and 1 day only,
I see a smile on
every day faces walking by,
by every day people
just like you and I.
To sense a purely golden
vision of a new dream,
a new life,
and a new world filled
with Acceptance of self…

Jake’s mother read this note and started weeping with her eyes filled with so many tears. His mom could not stop crying until she sees a rainbow bright light floating around the room once again as Jake leaves another message. This time Jake points him mom in the direction out of the window to stare at a tree. The tree was pointing toward a path in the woods. The mother begins to walk outside down the path in the woods. The path is very wooden and very beautiful filled with snow everywhere. She eventually reaches the tree that gives her another a sign which sees as a figure in the distance. As she gets closer to the figure, she realizes it is a man who is starting a fire in the woods… She approaches the man to talk to him when she notices he has Jake’s favorite hat in his hands. The hat which Jake wore every day and loved so dearly because it reminded him of everything he wanted to do to help. It was very colorful with words written on the hat which read ‘We are loving creatures, so why not love’…

Jake’s mother walks up to the man who made a campfire in the woods to talk to him. As she gets closer and closer she realizes the man was homeless. He had a long beard with white hair. The man looked like he had nowhere to go, but to be with nature. He put on Jake’s hat as the mother approached his territory. Suddenly they begin talking.

Jake’s mom says to the man “Good morning, aren’t you cold?”
The man turns around responding to her “Yes, yes I am, but I found this hat which keeps me warm.”
The mother smiled.
The man smiles back as his mother walks away crying.

The man continues cooking his food he found while the mother walks back toward her home thinking about delivering Jake’s message…

(Part 2 ends as you await Part 3)


A New Fiction Series: An Important Lesson: Part 1

There once lived a man in a small town. He lived there his whole life. Some day he were to become an Angel when he died, but needed to make his mark while alive learning important lessons. He lived with his parents in a home where everything was staged right to learn his lessons. He hurt, he enjoyed, he felt sorry for things he did, he loved, he cried, he was very smart. He had 2 sisters and 1 brother.

Some people may fault him. Some people may criticize him. Some people may just sense the wonderful beautiful loving kind angel he was. One day he felt the need to save someone against all odds. He sensed the world more than any other and some may have thought he felt for people more than he felt himself. He was regarded as an Angel to many, but there were people who were jealous of him. There was a time he began walking down the block when he went to get in to his car. He turned on the car. The car was stalling. The key was in the ignition when a spark from the car ignited a big flame with lot’s of smoke, and the car exploded. And he died.

The people were crying. The police came. He was dead. It was very sad. So many people enjoyed his presence. However, he was dead and hopefully made his angel’s wings once he reached the heaven’s sky. No one knew, but they hoped. But, one. The one who blew up his car to end the jealousy this other man had. The jealousy seeped within this man and he let it take control. The antagonizer was out of control. Since then this other man who no one knows blew up Jake’s car thought that he was Jake’s friend. Every one wept including this man. Someone even went up to Ferdinand who reacted so conscionable even though he was nothing more than a sociopath. Ferdinand thought he had it made that he would be the angel now when in doubt he is just the coward.

Jake fell. Jake was buried in the ground. His tombstone read:

A glorious friend, advocate, gracious human being with all his intentions of helping another. May he rest in peace from now and forever flying his wings all over us…

He never had the ability to reach his finish his final mission while alive. The final target was to help his antagonizer who hated him. He died not being able to say words to Ferdinand that could help, save, and make peace with someone who hates the world.

Jake’s family was weeping for days upon days that lasted months. His friends created vigils every day to every week to every month since then by the parking spot where he had died with the car he was about to drive.

Jake loved his people. He loved himself. He loved life. He felt so happy to be the best he can be. Jake knew that he was the best. He felt it inside. He loved the very need to be himself. Jake is now the angel flying around the skies watching over his family and friends.

One night on a dark snowy evening, Jake came to the foot of the window to where his bed laid in the room he used to sleep in. His mother was sitting on the bed, crying as she looked at his picture. Suddenly, she felt a presence of white light enter the room. It was very colorful almost filled like a rainbow. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet surrounding the room so bright and shining.

The mother faints on the bed with the picture falling to the carpet. Jake intervenes with the lifting of light over his mother. Suddenly the mother rises forward, lifts her face, only to see the figure of her son before her…

As the light passes through, Jake spins away in to the distance up, up, and away. Jake disappeared again and the mother started weeping harder.

The next day in the middle of the morning when his mother is walking in the backyard, she sees a sign from her son, Jake. Fortunately , Jake had left something last night for the mother to find in the yard. The sign is merely a stag prancing around the yard which was one of Jake’s favorite animals being a huge animal lover. Jake was not only an Activist for human rights, he fought hard for the rights of animals too.

The stag was suddenly walking toward the mother when she licks her hand and walks away. The saliva from the Stag reminded her of the difficult person Jake always had dealt with in society. Jake was an Artist, Teacher, Mentor with his kind healing powers to help other living beings. He meditated often to cleanse himself from the influences from society and the people he came in contact with. Jake was always doing the right things and always giving what he felt needed to be given. People offered to give back feelings he had given, but with his humble ways, Jake always replied, ‘No’. Although Jake was also Autistic, he knew he was given a gift like any one else has been given a gift to use and give.

The stag represented Jake for now in order to report to his mother that he is to come back soon to finish his business. It may take time. It may freak people out to know why. In the end, he is going to finish the last part of his business to help one last person he never got to help.

He may have died young. He may have died honorably, but he didn’t die, living fully. So, he is using his own mother now to help him with this 1 last mission…

(The story continues in part 2…)


A Fable: A Tale of Two Angels

The whole community broke into loud cries, and the people wept that night when hearing of the passing of their beloved Rabbi who had just died. Every one came together to pay their respects to this extraordinary man. They came to his home to offer their condolences to his family. The home that the Rabbi had lived in was enchanting and gave people the feeling of calm, serenity and peace. It was an inviting and warm place to come to. People had concerns about who was to fulfill the Rabbi’s dream and hard work to have “March of the Millions in Washington D.C. the very next day. Unfortunately, there was a passing of tears instead of laughing. Every one had been anticipating this event as a happy and monumental day to come, no body could have foreseen this tragedy which had just hit them in the face. The Rabbi had realized a dream some years ago and he would not even be around to see the fruits of his labor of love. He was not a charismatic person, one could call him more of a humble and non assuming individual. His quest was to lift the spirits and help guide people who came to him for guidance. He did not have much in life, but his beloved family. His only daughter, Sandra, was overwhelmed and in disbelief with the outpouring of love for her father. On this stormy night many people were at her home to find out what the plan will be to continue the work of this humble old man. The next day was supposed to be the big International event. Sandra felt the need to discuss who will now give the speech the next day.

A few years back the Rabbi had an idea to have a March on Washington. He had read about the Million Man March lead by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., however his feelings was to help Autistic people earn the respect and dignity they deserved. This came about because of the brutal death of his Autistic son. His son, Mark was 21 years old when he went off to college in NYC to become a Rabbi to follow in his father’s footsteps. Mark was walking down the street when a street gang started poking fun at him. They mocked his quirky and odd movements. Mark was being called names like Freak, Gay, ‘Queer, ‘Dork, Nerd, Cornflake, ‘Stinky, and Klutzy Clown. He had never even heard many of these derogatory names. Mark was beaten up, spit on, and pushed in to sewers on the nearby street. This incident was the beginning of the many bullying and harassing incidents that he started to face on a daily basis. His father and sister became so distraught that they felt enraged to do something about this. They started to do research realizing that this bullying was happening to other people who were Autistic. Mark could not bear this pain and took his own life using a shotgun. His family realized after his death that he had been beaten up and sexually abused.

Sandra was shedding tears over all the tragedies she had endured in recent years. The loss of her Autistic brother, her mother dying of Breast cancer, her husband Jack’s death caused by a drunk driver, and now the death of her father.  The only family she had left was her only daughter, Lana.

Suddenly Sandra saw her brother before her. Mark was carrying his book bag over his shoulders. He seemed to be giving her a message of hope to continue his father’s work. Sandra decided to reach out to Mark’s best friend, Jephunneh, to help her move forward in her quest to educate people about Autism and other disabilities. Jephunneh always had a sparkle in his eye and a smile on his face. He felt honored.

As every one turned to bed, Jephunneh went to take his medication and inject himself with his insulin pen. Jephunneh was very excited and immensely serene to speak on  his friend’s family’s behalf. However Jephunneh was low on insulin. He was unsure what to do. He gave himself the rest of the insulin hoping heard be fine in the morning. Jephunneh has had diabetes his whole life.

The very next morning Sandra went in to wake Jephunneh for his bright inspiring speech when she found him not moving and unable to wake him up. She called in the paramedics and the emergency personnel to try and revive him. Unfortunately Jephunneh was already dead for the past few hours.

The people were starting to gather near the Washington monument. Sandra was in a panic. Her followers told Sandra, there were thousands of people appearing with their signs posted filled with messages of hope and support. Sandra nervously looked out the window seeing thousands of faces, she noticed one of the signs which reads, *Nothing about us, without us*. She realized that she must give her father’s speech.

As she walks to the podium, to deliver her father’s speech, she began saying:

There have been tragic events in my life recently, but I have to continue the message my brother and my deceased father would want to give. I am encouraged by all of you who have gathered here today to hear me speak on behalf of my father. I know his message is of hope, tolerance, and love of humankind.

Sandra began the speech with just flickering of eyes gazing on her.

“Today is when we listen to powerful stories coming from the heart. I introduce you all to listen to every word with nothing more than a kind heart. Disability is a part of us all, no matter who we are, we are not immune to having someone in our life have some disability that has impaired them in some manner.  Even those who are disabled have every right to stand up for who we are and have our voices heard.” Sandra cries tearfully, stops her father’s speech for just a moment, when she resumes she states, “One day there was a man named Jephunneh who was a good friend to my brother. He lived such a joyous life and gave us the blessings we need to hear (sighs and crying from Sandra). I can’t believe what had happened to my brother. If only his friend could have made him stronger.

{ ~The Angel of Jepphunneh~ joyously flying toward the crowd.}

Jepphunneh’s wings flew and soared around the crowd of millions of people. He flew, twisted, turned, and slowly came to a stop as he stood next to Sandra on the stage.

Jepphunneh spoke:

“We are here today because Human rights affects us all.  It all started with the Autistic rights movement that tells how every one in society is an individual who has the very need to communicate, contribute with their own unique thinking, and understand who they are. Communication is clear and presents fulfillment of what attributes to our well being. Some people rebel against only knowing their own way while die fighting for their lives. We must all have an understanding of these behaviors in order to be able to embrace the rights of every Human being in order to love the society we built. This not only is important for society, but is important in our every day interactions. Not every person communicates the same way, like every living creature expresses themselves differently.  Love is something that connects us all man to female, creature to creature. We are here for the spirit of our soul to connect, learn, and follow our mission. Furthermore, the love we give is the love we gain. Be thankful and courteous to all those who are around you no matter who you may meet; never let your society down. I know many of you have contributed to bullying others, but we need to all communicate in a way by using our voice, body language, or by other means of communication. Feel free to listen and communicate when its your turn. For the journey of a thousands words spoken is just a short baby step to your fullest potential for you to gain your spiritual identity…

(Tears flow through the eyes from every one around)

As a rainbow appeared in the distance over the mountains, the many colors resembled the infrastructure of life and who we are.   A guardian angel appeared out of nowhere:  “As the colors of the rainbow appear in the sky, each of the colors of the rainbow will appear over each one of you. Take the color as a part of who you are and remember how important this day was for you.” The guardian angel vanished out of nowhere, but Sandra cried as she suddenly saw Jephunneh appear with her brother, Mark, her mother, and her father flying in the sky above.  She held her daughter’s hand as she watched them disappear in the sky, smiling for hope of a better tomorrow.


The Fiction Story: Something the Lord Made continues…

I know its been awhile, but here is the NEXT Chapter in Something the Lord Made continues;

Chapter: Fighting Bullies

It was half past midnight on a cold dreary wet night and Avrila is now 10 years old sitting in the park next to the apartment. Apelarto is resting on the trees gazing at the stars. Avrila has developed her skills more and learning much about her past. As she moves forward, she realizes why she has these psychic abilities that she recognized 5 years earlier.

As Avrila sits on the ground meditating, her brother gazing at the stars lying next to a tree, she suddenly gets up. Apelarto whispers to Avrila “We better get moving now I feel there is a group of teenagers approaching us now who look like trouble.”

Avrila holds her hand out to her brother saying “Stop right there, we are staying here until they come.”

“What? Avrila, we have to get moving now because mother is getting worried about us.” says Apelarto

Avrila warns him once again to stay with her because their friend Kelvin is in trouble.

The group of boys approach the area where the two siblings are and held captive by them is the siblings friend since Kindergarten. Avrila gets up to approach the boys when one of the boys takes out a bat pointing at Avrila.

The boy with the bat says to Avrila “What are you going to do now? You want to try to save your boyfriend.”

Avrila says “I am not afraid of you and will not let you do any harm to my friend.”

“Ohhhhh, I see, you are his girlfriend.” says the leading boy with the bat

“Let go of him now or you will regret every moment of this in the future!!!” commands Avrila

The leading boy holding the bat, lifts the bat up and hits Kelvin in the hand breaking it. The gang of boys run away and little Kelvin is weeping in pain.

Avrila yells out as the boys are laughing “He’s Autistic, you bunch of morons, Get a Life and understand other people. I told all of you, you boys will regret this and every one of you will!!”

Avrila grabs her friend by the shoulder and lifts his cold body up as Apelarto runs over to call 911 emergency. Avrila begins crying trying to calm her friend down. Just before the police arrive on scene, a miracle happens. Apelarto notices Kelvin’s hand turning blue and wiping his hands together little Kelvin feels a fiery white smoke over his hand. After the white fiery smoke disappears, Kelvin’s hand is mended and only looks like a bruise. However, Avrila is lying on the ground seeking help from the ambulance because she is short of breath with Apelarto standing there trying to finish healing Kelvin.

When Avrila is brought to the nearest hospital in the Bronx, the doctors finish examining her noticing she only had a panic attack. The police bring Kelvin back home to his parents and the mother is grateful he was finally found after 12 hours of worrying. When Avrila and Apelarto walk through the door their mother wraps her arms around both of them then spanks Avrila in her back telling her not to get her so worried like that anymore. But Avrila reassures her stepmother that she was looking out for her friend Kelvin who was missing for hours. Apelarto never says anything about his healing powers to his mother and goes to bed at 11 o’clock in the morning…

Later that week, Avrila sits on her bed thinking about how to empower her friend Kelvin to live a well deserved life as Apelarto is resting on his bed. Her friend is very talented in the arts and loves to build things. She worries her friend needs lessons in speaking up at the right moments for himself and believes it is long overdue… If only Kelvin knew how to assert himself and not let every one push and victimize him. Avrila wants to help him so desperately build his confidence so that she can move on. As Avrila sits, she begins lying down paralyzed to her bed for the next few hours. She gazes through the sky flying through the air when she sees her friend Kelvin being comforted by his mother. Kelvin’s empowerment of himself starts now with the love of his mom and the love from his friend, Avrila watching him through the window. A few hours later, Avrila gets up off the bed at 5 o’clock in the evening smiling as she gets ready to eat with the family.

She walks in to the dining room with a smile and her stepmom, Camille says “C’mon Hon, Let’s eat!!” They eat their food while her friend Kelvin builds his confidence in a martial arts class his mother signed him up for.

(The story continues soon. It just keeps on moving until the end.)

Next Chapter in Something the Lord made about Avrila and her friends is: Self-Empowerment, Self-Advocacy, and the role models in the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network…

posting more soon,