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A Poem of “Moving Forward and Expressing My Love”


Moving Forward and Expressing My Love,

by TheamazinJ

Moving Forward
I sit in this cafe
I stand in the sun,
I walk in the forest,
I am still in the desert,
I swim in the ocean,
I wash in the lake,
I feel good,
I feel proud,
I love who I am
and what I am becoming,
It took me ages,
but now I am moving forward
pushing passed the obstacles
of many people telling me
instructing me,
and not letting me grow
to be the activist
I am and will be,
I see something grow,
as I see a sunflower
in the distance
in the midst of pushing,
and eventually dying from
many who swarm all over it.
Love is incredible,
love is beautiful,
everyone has their own
their own
and their own
view of the world,
we can not dwell,
we can not let go of what we feel
what we want or what we need to do,
Following through the sun,
I gaze at the purple around the flower,
I gaze and gaze and gaze,
seeing the environment around me
as it grows darker and darker and darker,
and I no longer see the bright and shining
sunflower glowing in the sun,
the darkness creeps closer till it is
too dark to even see.
the darkness is just a shadow
of the person gazing over my shoulder,
I turn around and see this person
who is not really a person,
but a shadow in the sky
as big as a whale or
as big as the ocean.
I sing:
Let me go and let my people go,
the shadowy suddenly shines a bright
white light into the distance,
that suddenly illuminates everything,
and I suddenly see a person in the distance,
who is very far away, but visible,
I cannot see them,
I cannot hear them,
and certainly I cannot view
everything as it is all foggy
and not visible yet.
All I see is a person walking toward me,
and I just wonder:
who is this person?
Do I even know who they are?
have I ever spoken to them before?
Suddenly, a man comes up to me
to say:
“Get Up, and move forward!”
However, I cannot
as I feel paralyzed.
My feelings grow with
with haziness over my head,
and with clear thinking
than ever before.
I sit reading a book,
and suddenly I am gazed at the
person in the distance.
Thinking, thinking, thinking,
but not too much.
As I read a quote
one day that read:
“Let it go, Let me go, Let us all go”
in the newspaper all week.
Powerfully enough,
I see a red violet beam
going toward me
and I feel as if
I am being propelled forward,
when I fall.
I fall down
I bow down,
and I see the darkness before me,
the darkness creeps closer into
my body.
I begin running, running, and running,
until I see a light
that I gaze at
and I suddenly feel
paralyzed in mid air
with my feet planted
on the ground,
as the distant person
keeps on walking toward me,
and toward me,
and closer until
I see them
I reach over
with just a few miles ahead of me now,
and I touch the ground with my hand,
and reach closer and closer to my face,
when I collapse.
The person starts running closer
and closer to me,
until they hear a big bang
a bang so loud
that propels me into the sky,
and I say to everyone in the world,
at the moment,
at the shining starry moment,
when I get crowned in the sky:
This is time, It is my time,
it is our time,
Our time of love,
our time of humble humanity,
and our time for creating the world,
so move forward,
as I express my love for the world
I just want to say :
Let it go
Cherish who you are
what you can do for the world
because you don’t know
what you got to win,
until you feel
you got everything to lose.
Take care.

Another Chapter of the latest Fiction Series: An Important Lesson

Please read the beginnings of the story first before continuing to read this at: An Important Lesson

Also, Please Do NOT FORGET about This year’s Autistic Artistic Carnival!!! It’s time for all those on the Autistic spectrum who want to submit their works to me to be seen on Drive Mom Crazy on June 18, Autistic Pride Day!!!

Now drumroll please, as you have already read the above link for the beginnings of the story, here is the continuation of the story I am writing…


As Jake’s mother opens the door of the house leading to her final destination, she seemed very refreshed from the nap she had taken besides the tree. She starts walking in to the house with the sun beaming on the wood planks in the hallways as the wood creaks. She reaches the kitchen area where there sits a woman eating her lunch looking as though she was waiting for Jake’s mother to arrive.
Jake’s mother walks up to the woman, sits down at the nearest chair, places papers on the table, and starts crying as her head falls to the table. The other woman looks up from her food with immediate concern, and holds Jake’s mother in her arms.

Jake’s mother begins lifting her head staring at the woman beside her as she begins to kiss the other woman. Jake’s mother embraced this woman because Jake’s mother always felt this woman was her spirit when she felt she didn’t have any. The woman brought back Jake’s mother’s spirit every time they met. The two of them walked outside together when Jake’s mother showed her Jake’s message. The woman started to cry repeating “Help us, Miranda, Help Us!”

Miranda who is Jake’s mother says “If only I can spread this message widely and pay it forward. Then, may be people would listen.”

Jake was bullied all his life and the bully wound up getting the best of him after his car was exploded as he started the car. The bully started with Jake when they were young children and ended tragically as adults. Jake was an Autistic person who discovered that life isn’t easy. His legacy is producing another stream of ending abuse and ableism toward any one who is different. His mother Miranda, feels overwhelmed and tired by what to do with her son’s message.

She embraces this woman now to help her find her glory in doing so. Miranda does this a lot because she leads a double life. Miranda only wants to send a message of diversity to the world so that no body is excluded, segregated, integrated, and bullied!! She fully supports inclusion.

In the next part of the story, let’s travel through Miranda’s adventure more to fulfill her son, Jake’s message!

To be continued…


The fiction story: The Inspiring Adventure of Something the Lord Made

The Inspiring Adventure of Something the Lord Made

The day started like any other day with the sun coming in bright and the sky full of colors on a beautiful summers day in Spain.  Just as the day began, began a new beginning of life on Earth, a brith of a little baby girl to an unmarried Barcelonian couple.  The baby was born very thin and fragile with beautiful blue eyes as most babies do, but she had a glow in herself that could have been the sun hitting as the sun was very bright that day. Instead it was as if it was a presence from g-d.  But, as gifts are given to people, not many people are so appreciative of their gifts.  Two days later, after 2 days of something the lord made ended, the baby is left with only her and her Autistic mother.  The father who is also Autistic left because he couldn’t handle the whole new changes in his life.  This affected the mother so much in that she cried all through out the day not knowing what more to do ignoring the special baby created by her and her boyfriend. A family takes her in after the mother gives her away to an orphanage in Madrid. When Avrila was finally adopted she just turned 5 years old.

The Inspiring Adventure of Something the lord made continues…

The family who adopted her was a family of 8.  Avrila was introduced to her 4 new siblings, 2 of them brothers, and two of them sisters.  The grandparents also had lived with the family too and Avrila was the 9th family member in the family.  However, she was not very close with her new family except for her new brother, Apelarto Alejandro Fernando Martinez who was the same age as Avrila.  Avrila would soon find out her new brother Apelarto were connected somehow.  They lived with the rest of the family in New York City in the Southeast Bronx in a large apartment with 3 bedrooms.  The parents slept in the the living room while the older children were in 1 bedroom and the younger children (Avrila and Apelarto) were in the 2nd bedroom.  The grandparents were living in the 3rd bedroom  right by the bathroom.

Avrila had fears she could not possibly understand and Apelarto somehow felt similar feelings to Avrila.  Together in the bedroom they would sleep in their beds with the blankets over their heads not saying a word the whole night. The parents who would walk in to the room from time to time at night saw the fear the 2 children had.  Sometimes the children would barely get any sleep and the next day would be sleeping at the breakfast table sometimes falling face forward on their scrambled eggs and bacon.

The parents were very concerned about both children and would often try and console the children before they went bed.  The 3 other children, Jose, Kelvin, and Regina who were about 10 years older than their 2 siblings often would talk about their high school life  ignoring their young siblings, running to school afterwards. Josefina, the oldest was going to college next year and is applying to colleges, but he just got a letter in the mail saying how she won a scholarship to Oxford University in England.  Jose is brilliant student who goes to Stuyvesant High School and getting straight A’s in most of his classes.  Kelvin and Regina who are twins, go to Bronx High School of Science and are three years behind Jose.   The parents are very proud of their oldest children, but never understood their 5 year old son Apelarto until they decided to adopt Avrila.

Avrila and Apelarto have interesting talents they both share together, yet they haven’t really spoken to each other about it.  Avrila keeps to herself since she was adopted and Apelarto seems to be too shy to talk to any one especially his new sister. During the day, Apelarto plays with his superhero toys he bought and Avrila draws many amazing pictures by themselves. The parents Camille and Rafael want to better understand these two seem to be troubling children who they don’t realize are very talented in a very peculiar way.

Camille seeks out a psychologist in the city she found in a newspaper ad who may be able to help…

And so the story continues soon of the self discoveries of two very similar children who soon embark on an adventure… as these 2 children develop a lasting relationship and bond together.  Avrila and Apelarto don’t know their potentials yet, but soon they will.

(I hope you like the story you read so far as you wait to read more)

posting other things soon,


Gregarious Revolution Episode 12 Fight for the Light, Part II

They all enter at their own risk. Regina feels scared with her sword by her side. Light Year Man, Flash Forward, and Stupendous Spirit glide through the cave like gel. They all reach at room that seems dark, but flares up in fire.

Matzyaphugel yells out “At last, Light Year Man and his pals finally meet me for the first time only to fail at what they want to do.” then he says “And who is this young woman with you Light Year Man?”

Light Year Man answers “She is here to defeat you. She is the heiress to the prince…”

Matzyaphugel says “Very nice, Light Year Man, so if I win, I will end this planet forever.”

Light Year Man looking as calm as a goat, looks up and starts laughing at Matzyaphugel. Light Year Man stands next to Matzyaphugel and flashes a light through Matzyaphugel’s eyes, but Matzyaphugel resists. Instead Light Year Man flashes back to his pals and Regina pulls out her sword.

Matzyaphugel wonders to himself why Regina just pulled out her sword. The sword lights up with blue tint and blinds whoever is in its sight. Matzyaphugel says “What are you going to do with that Human? Are you going to try to kill me? I don’t think so.”

Matzyaphugel presses a button and a swarm of his army comes walking out in front of him. The sword is so bright that the army has to leave as quickly as they arrived. Matzyaphugel and his sidekick standing next to him stand up and the begin the fighting. Matzyaphugel lifts his hands as streams of red light flare out of his hands. The sword which was lifted up from Regina as high as she can reach it, sends the red flaring light back to Matzyaphugel and his sidekick which kills his sidekick.

Matzyaphugel “How dare you Light Year Man? How dare you bring the sword of mighty to this cave?

Light Year Man says “Well, it has always been on me. Try to kill us, but the heiress and us will do whatever we can to use the blue light to repel you. You don’t stand a chance against the will of our royalty.”

Matzyaphugel does not care and sends out a red flare of light once again. This time repels back and hits him between the eyes. His body is flared up in a mighty fire until there is complete darkness every where. Light Year Man ends the silence after a few minutes by saying “Where did he go?”

Regina says “I think he is dead.”

Light Year Man says “No way, evil is always around.”

The silence stays for a few more minutes after when the cave breaks through suddenly showing light everywhere. The trapped people around the world who have felt the power of the evil one for many years, feel free and happy. Cheerfulness surrounds the 4 of them. Stupendous Spirit suddenly disappears. Light Year Man and Flash Forward look up in to the sky and see a mark in the sky written by Stupendous Spirit for all to see in the world. Every one sees this mark and falls to their knees, then stands up with amazement. Every one finally realizes the mark is just a symbol to live a life of spirit and constantly moving forward to each new day which brings fulfillment of their honor to live. The symbol stands in the sky for hours and hours until it finally fades, but the people all over the world notice the symbol also stands for the love which remains in their heart no matter how much the remains of evil stay in their mind. Life is a mind game, if you can hold on to good, you can wash away your greed and your darkness. Otherwise your mind becomes the fiery red flares Matzyaphugel once was.

And so Light Year man says his final goodbye to Regina until they have to meet again…

Stupendous Spirit remains a few hours later after Light Year Man and Flash Forward leave to talk to Regina. Regina walks down the side of a river not too far from her home when Stupendous Spirit tells her this “Be well and live your life. Things will happen gradually and your father is safe up in our planet. Just never look back.”

Stupendous Spirit warps away and Regina walks back to her house waiting to see the rest of her family after the death of her father.

(Epilogue and other posts coming soon…)


Gregarious Revolution Episode 11 Fight for the Light, Part I

Stupendous Spirit rose from the emerging submarine from the waters yelling, “I’m king!” Light Year Man and Flash Forward pulled him backwards as the submarine came to land. The land seemed peaceful with the trees blowing in the wind and the grassy knolls greener as a frog. The animals surrounding the land seemed to sense a dark side coming toward them soon. Stupendous Spirit kept on hinting at the animals that everything is going to be okay.

Light Year Man fell to his knees because he began to see the Sun’s power of light compel him to fall forward. He was very tired, but knew he had to keep moving to lift the spirits of the people in the world. Light Year Man came here for a reason and he wants to finish what he came he for.

Regina smashed her nails in the trees. She sat on a rock, kept on rocking back and forth in pain. Flash Forward comforted her and told her, it is time to embark on her father’s dream.

The four of them, Light Year Man, Stupendous Spirit, Flash Forward, and the Human being walked toward the trees and fell to their knees in unison. An army came forward to tell them about the help which will be given to them. Besides an Army of 4 can not defeat the dark evil side as much as an Army of many.

As they the four of them, Light Year Man, Flash Forward, the Human, and finally Stupendous Spirit pick up their feet, they yell out to the Sun “Fight for the Light!” Stupendous Spirit finally yells out the words “This time things will be different. This time I will not wind up deep in the heart of the ocean. This TIME I WILL DEFEAT THE EVIL that lurks into the trees at night to scare every one. This time we will prevail!”

Light Year Man begins to show his wings with the same from Flash Forward and Stupendous Spirit. They take the Human by her arms and begin to fly through the breeze of the early morning sky. They fly over lands and waters streaming around causing waves of clouds to initiate a large march of the masses of Humans around the world. The animals flutter or clap whatever they need to do to help begin a moment of spirit for the fight for good.

They all fly around as to expose who they might be. As people around the world wake up and look up to the sky, every one falls to their knees thinking they have found God when in fact they have found the help they need to fight the evil lurking in the world. God is what is inside all of us and is not a person, place, but a Thing to help guide us.

Light Year Man carries his weight holding Regina flying around over the oceans and lands. Regina feels as if she is going as fast as light can take her holding on to her dear life hoping she does not fall, but Light Year Man would never allow that to happen.

It is mid-morning and the 3 flyers and the Human finally land in the forest somewhere near the mountains of an island. Light Year Man tells Regina “This is where we all fight. I want you to follow our leads and take this object.” He hands her a sword which feels very heavy at first, but then becomes her.

Matzyaphugel is in his thrown down by the mountain inside a cave. He is waiting for his Light Year Man to approach to begin the war. Matzyaphugel looks old and weak, but as powerful and alive as any other. He begins to fly around his cave as if he is excited to finally end the good of Light Year Man and his army.

Light Year Man walks through the woods with his pals and the Regina as they approach a cave. There is a sign on the cave which reads:

Enter if you must, but be prepared for the beast!

(Part II and Epilogue to come…more posts as well. I hope you enjoyed the story I have been telling for a long time which finally ends.)