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Inspirational thought of the day

Thinking of a great inspirational thought of the day comes natural and easy.  People may not realize they need to find their own inspirations and desires to be one unique individual.  Not to be jealous, not to be hurtful, just to be who they are and strive for their own success.

Here is a quote from D.H. Lawerance:

“We are balanced like a flame between the two darknesses, the darkness of the beginning and the darkness of the end.  We derive from the unknown, and we result in to the unknown.  But for us the beginning is not the end,  for us the two are not one. ”

Think of your daily life as new beginning every time you wake up and think about what good comes in to this world.  What good can you bring in to this world?

Yesterday was interesting… It was the beginning of a new week and we have to remember no body is higher than the next person, we are all equal.

Money is an object which buys the things we need to survive, and the things we have always wanted and earned.

Be grateful for what you have since you never know what can happen when you stop being grateful.

posting again soon and remember to what is necessary of you,

Stay Strong and Humble,


Freeing ourselves

We need to free ourselves from any and all bullies and tyrants in our lives. We need to let ourselves go to a place in our mind where we maintain dignity and pride. The world can be a scary place, but we truly need to get through it and achieve the goals we want to succeed at.

Last night my drama group and I achieved our goal. All of us drew out a plan for a play for all to see, practiced it, and made an audience feel inspired. We all did a great job and found out more things about ourselves, we did not know before. We came, we felt, we saw, we heard, we smelled, we walked away with pride and dignity.

It does not matter what the next days of our lives brings because all of us will be successful one day in our joyous occasions to come for whatever those are. We all have different ambitions, we all have different things we want to do, and most importantly we stick together.

It was a change of season last night for all of us. We recreated Adaptations by the use of our drama. In essence, we became role models. I give thanks to the people who always help us get through a day or even a night. May be my life would be better in the future, but I feel the future is NOW! My life feels great.

My awe inspiring career as an Ultrasound Technologist is my foundation which inspires everything else in my life. Someday I will finish my race and see I helped, I wrote, I acted, I painted, and I saw all of my talents shine. I know my life will receive honors one day and one day I will look up at the sky watching my star fall down on me ascending to the one place I call home.

We should all find our superhero in life and become it. I found mine. Now you find yours. Life is a difficult path, but we move forward. Free ourselves to be the person you want to become! Unmask yourself and glory glory hallelujah…

“Oh lord, my g-d, I pray that these things never end, the sands and the seas, the rush of the waters, the crash of the heavens, the prayer of man” Eili, Eili sung by a woman in 1948.

Remember every sentence you say and every word you say is prayer so please make it a good one.

Take it easy and I post later on,


Dreams COME true

Dreams.  My dreams at night seem very light and dark depending on the time I sleep.  My dreams seem to always flucutate between a good dream and a bad dream depending on the day I had.  They say if you go to sleep with a positive sense of mind, you dream all good.  It is in my intention to know the dreams I dream have been split lately. A negative dream becomes a nightmare of something I am  very vulnerable to.  A positive dream is very euphoric and something which could possibly happen.  I am fulfilling my dream of being in the Medical field and I will achieve even more.  I will continue to prosper in my cherished Ultrasound community by working hard at helping patients.  Someday I will be known as technologist of a lifetime like we all want to become and do become.  George is a Technologist of a Lifetime.  Fate is something we can control in bits and pieces because of our destiny, but some parts of fate we can not control like in regards to physical health.  We must always remain calm.

I feel calmer now then I was earlier in the evening.

Write down your dreams on paper and know the dreams you have will come true in time with hard work.

Don’t chase the spotlight because you have a dream, just follow your dreams and work hard, everything else is to follow…

We all are the humble people deep down inside of us and must remain this way.


A Positive week ahead of me

A sense a really positive week ahead of me.  I sense many positive things on the work front and with a surprise publicity in May.   I just have to be patient and let it happen, but I am just very excited.

Our thoughts are generated through our bodies and when we have positive thoughts in our mind all the positive things attract to us like a magnet.  Negative thinking is common since Positive and Negative appear at the same time all of the time. Yet, our negative thought processes can be blocked out completely by meditation.

If you meditate for 5 to 10 minutes a day, negative thoughts can be blocked by focusing on the positive. If you do this for 1 week, that is about a little over an hour a week is all it takes.

It can  be hard, but not impossible.

Live your life always thinking of what good can brought from you to this world, and the negative will eventually fade away like a feather in the wind that floats away.

“The Secret” is a great book and helps you transfer that positive thoughts to everyone else around you. If you think you can succeed, then you will, but if you think that you will fail, they you will be a loser or a failure.
The slogan always goes like this, “Nice guys finish last,” which can be true if you want it to be, but if you want to succeed you must be think positive so that eventually Nice guys finish first.

The most ruthless people in history have finished first over the nice guys in history because the ruthless people are so determined and so positive that they out will the nice guys.  Sometimes some people are so ruthless and mean, that they just outsmart themselves and wind up losing anyhow.  Whenever you see a MEAN RUTHLESS person think that you hope that the person outsmarts themselves and loses.

This way Nice guys finish first.

out, J