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definition of meaning from wiktionary

Jerk means, a person with unlikable qualities and behavior, typically mean, self-centered or disagreeable, and often not very intelligent.

A jerk; an inappropriately or objectionably mean, inconsiderate, contemptible, obnoxious, intrusive, or rude person.  Can someone guess what that this word means?

Anyway, there are many people that are jerks and the word that most people will try and guess.  Yet, when you don’t realize it, are people really being jerks or the other word if people don’t realize it.

I think there are also many people that are ignorant when they see a person who doesn’t realize what they are doing or saying, and they assume to say that the person is a jerk or the other word.

I think generally speaking we live in a very ignorant world where people don’t understand when others don’t realize they are being influenced and causing that person to be told they are jerk when in fact it is something entirely different, a person who just doesn’t realize it.  What do you call a person who doesn’t realize it?  Is it really still called being a Jerk?  I don’t think so.

Those people who use the wrong and call someone those words when they don’t realize it are an ignoramus, A totally ignorant person; a fool.

Anyway, help people that don’t realize what they are doing and saying by not calling them names that make no sense.

out, J

A quote by Pedro Martinez…

“To me, as a player, it’s just words. You have to respect Fred Wilpon’s quotes, but I’m not that type of player. I don’t believe in papers. I believe in facts, and you have to go out there and prove it.” Pedro Martinez

I trust in Pedro. Pedro is the proof of what just doing it means.  Pedro goes out there and does his all, and every one gets excited. He is a hard worker. Very genuine person.

I love the Mets Pitcher Pedro Martinez #45 for that. He is a great role model especially since he has so much in his character because he is a character, trustworthy, funny, intelligent, charismatic, straightforward guy. anything else I am missing. Anyway, He is the man to look up to on the New York Mets Baseball Team. He is the leader.

Anyway, the mets should have a captain again and I believe it should be #45 Pedro Martinez.

It would be a great honor to see him as the Captain of this team even though he has had a set back with his shoulder, he is still a champion in my heart and a role model for us all.

Chillin’ out,  J

PS Yes, I know Pedro shouldn’t be doing stuff to live chickens in public, but that is very insignificant when it comes to this.