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My unusual life in prosperity

This week I have been stumbled on a question. A question of where my life will take me in the future and how far down the road I will go. It is over the half way mark this year since my surgery and I still have my faith. This year has been a complex year as always. The complexity of this year different from years past, but at least I have visions of wonderful things happening. I hope someday I can make a living the way I want to.

My declaration of my life to sharpen my inner knives and carve myself to my liking taking away all the mistakes/mess ups and becoming me. I become unique in every day of my life. I tell people I am not ordinary. I have no desire to be ordinary either. An ordinary person does the same things like anybody else.

I like being who I am and I like not being an ordinary person, but sometimes not often I wonder what makes up an ordinary person. Is every body else ordinary? What is the definition of ordinary anyway.

Here is a definition for Ordinary from dictionary.com:


1. of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional:

8. the commonplace or average condition, degree, etc.: ability far above the ordinary.

How would people on this planet be if every body were ordinary?

I leave you with a thought about what makes your life either ordinary or unusual or extraordinary.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (1958-2009)
Post coming soon in tribute to Michael Jackson.