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An Error correction (A new Fiction series)

Dawn is running through the rain wandering, pondering, and frazzled not dazzled. She is talking to herself now from a verbal fight she had with her father.

Dawn Speaking:

“Today I am caught in the rain. My mind wanders thinking of what should be said and done from the past few hours at home. We have arguments and chase around others because of the living situations which have been tough. I sit, I stand, I fall, but don’t know what I will do next. Something occurred to me, can we stand tall and free? Can we really have free will? Is free will giving us too much of what we can do for ourselves? I feel, I sense, and I urge myself to create a life of satisfaction. My oh my oh my, I sense who I was, and what I want to be. Can people find themselves? Can people really urge themselves to speak up, know when to be a person talking or when to know who we ought to be. I feel kinda down sometimes, but after the past few hours I feel even worse. I am nothing, I am a no body, I need to find something… My name is Dawn and I can’t believe what just happened. I hurt my one and only loving family. I am stuck on the Earth rushing, running, and deserting who I am. So why did I do that? Will I ever be forgiven…”
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