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Anything on the Autism Spectrum is NOT an epidemic

The fact that there have been more cases of people on the spectrum now goes to show you that everyone is being aware of the diagnosis now especially with Asperger Syndrome which is very hard to diagnose.

Asperger Syndrome is one of the hardest diagnoses to diagnose.   If people just understood that then may be people would believe it.

Out of no means is this an epidemic.  Its been around for years and years before far in the past before the DSM ever existed.

There is a lot of ignorant people out there especially those people that think Asperger Syndrome is a disease that needs to be cured.

It is not a disease, it can’t be cured, and it has been around probably since ancient times.  Especially since Asperger Syndrome could have been called any other name but it just so happened to be called this because of Hans Asperger.

Yet, when Rain Man came out in the 1980’s, before Asperger Syndrome was in the DSM, people were even more ignorant.

The good news is there is less ignorant people out there.   The bad news is that the ignorant people are trying to get their point to be believed.

The idea of it all is that we do live in a Neurotypical Society and that means training people with Asperger Syndrome with the social and life skills to behave as Neurotypical as possible.

Let everyone on the Spectrum have their voices be heard and not let anyone talk them into that this is an epidemic.

Sometimes people even try and voice to me that I am a disease cause of Asperger Syndrome, but that leaves you to believe that those people are ignorant and deserve nothing but a good course in smartness unless they are worthless and too worthless to learn.

Some people are worthless because they are so ignorant that they just don’t want to accept anyone.

Yet, everyone should want to have self-worth by being as smart as one can be by learning.

We are constantly learning in life which is good and makes us all the better when we all learn to accept that. I do. Do YOU?  or …

Think things through a bit today and wonder am I being ignorant or do I want to learn new things.

There is a difference between Autism and Asperger Syndrome and please do not call Asperger Syndrome, Autism.

Also, I am a person and I have feelings too. I am a man as well. I have the same desires just like anyone else.

Asperger Syndrome is just a label. I use to think that the label helped me out, but the label actually hurts you when people think you are the label before the person.

Yet, Asperger Syndrome people has a lot of issues that need to be addressed because it is on the Spectrum of Autism.  That doesn’t mean that people with Asperger Syndrome are stupid either.  We are far smarter than the average NT.

We have the instruments to be great people that can make a bigger difference in the world than Neurotypical people.

There is absolutely no way that anybody should be any less of a person except ignorant people.

Next time you come across an ignorant person run the other way and don’t look back till you find your friends who hopefully are not ignorant like the ignorant person but hey you never know.

Think about the fact that people with Asperger Syndrome like myself need the teachings that came natural to a neurotypical.

Think Awareness is becoming more clear than ever, think that Asperger Syndrome is becoming the factor in our lives that will help us all and that it is NOT a disease. Think that if you help someone with Asperger syndrome become more Neurotypical than his or her life will be better as well as your own.

You would be considered a good person in the terms of the eternal one by the fact that you are not ignorant.

take it easy,

out, J