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Forward March: As 2010 comes to a closing

It is a march toward something new, something different, and some road we will all travel; the road to 2011.   Many people may want to forget 2010 existed because there were so many hardships, but like what we say every end of December: There is always NEXT year!

It is time for DMC to write and post every day once again. No matter what the circumstance may be, I will continue to write on DMC to tell stories, show pictures, drawings, and everything in between!

Now for some deep fun:

I have been reading a new book the past couple of days called, “You are That” by Gangaji.  I bought it at Barnes and Noble and find it quite interesting.  From what I have read so far, enlightenment is very hard for many people to be aware of and when we think we are enlightened, we are really just using our minds.  And so the book goes, you are only truly enlightened when you are not using your mind, you just see yourself  in all “realms and domains” which is when we realize our true self.  So, what I gather the book is telling me or any one else who reads it,   “don’t support ignorance from your ego, be still and enlightened.”  We have to keep every thing still even our mindful thoughts to find true enlightenment. It is very interesting and I would recommend any one to read this book.

Alright so what does this all have to do with the end of this year and the beginning of 2011? Well, next year I’d like every one who reads my blog or beyond to find some time in their busy lives to freeze their mindful thoughts for just about 5 minutes a day just to see what happens. You might surprise yourself after the five minutes finishes up.  As you can see I am sort of starting a new years resolution and may be a wish.

It can be difficult process when we lose a job and try to find another one or moving forward in complete stillness to be one. Let all say, Let’s move forward to 2011!!

Here is a poem I end with:

I sense the world around me
It is flowing so consciously at me
people scream
people talk loudly
people even cry like a baby,
but we need to carry who we
are as a person in the
still of the night sky.
We look
and stare at the moon
with gazing portraits
of what we seen in the past
wondering if Santa Claus
or another figure
disapparates from the moon
to our bedroom to guide
us in to the home
of a bright shiny
kingdom we so
graciously built.
It doesn’t matter where
we came from or who we are
the kingdom we built is ours

Merry Christmas to all those Christians celebrating and to the many other people who don’t (including me), Have a good night and feel happy!! Life can always be good if we know it to be good…

posting soon enough,