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A Poem Called “History”


by theamazinj

History says,
stop and think,
history says,
go ahead and review,
history says,
forget and forgive,
history says,
history says,
we are neurodivergent
unless we claim to be neurotypical
from the social construction.
Whether Neurotypical or claiming Neurodivergence,
we are here or we are there,
we are sad or we are happy,
we are gone or we are forgotten,
we are staying or we are leaving.
Every day is history,
every year is history
every day we remember not repeat history,
from pre-history days to historical views,
from the day we end it to the day we begin,
from what we hate to what we love,
every day is a good day of extenuating circumstances,
love or be loved, hate or be hated,
everyone loves yet everyone hates at the same time.
Do we go?
Do we let loose?
do we win? or, do we lose?
do we just let go?
Communicate to let go,
leave to let go,
stay to let go,
drive to let go,
roll to let go,
spin in circles to release everything,
release the tension,
release the bitterness,
release the anger,
release the love deep in your heart.
Everywhere we go,
everywhere we attend,
wherever we enter,
whatever we exit,
go and be seen,
include yourself in what you want,
exclude what you do not like,
saying it will be heard later,
without feeling guilty for doing that.
Sometimes we are hurt,
sometimes we feel situated in our brain with ease,
building our mind with knowledge,
creatively discovering who and what we are,
inventing and reinventing until we become the person we are meant to be,
sometimes gone,
sometimes hurt,
sometimes we are longing for lust,
while longing for our hearts to be satisfied.
Feeling nature, experiencing everything around us,
and building who we are with
who we are with self-determination.
Sometimes it takes growth,
sometimes it takes seclusion,
sometimes it takes isolation,
while sometimes we need to live in solitude.
Some may say its loneliness,
when it really just is self-care, self-love, and self-worth.
Giving our identity to the world can be overwhelming,
giving every word every sentence and every picture,
exposes everything and pushes us to detach from the community.
We have our faith, we have our lion, we have our gopher, and once again,
we have our spirit in the winds,
no matter what we do,
it’s on us,
because it’s history,
it’s in our genes,
it’s in how we express those genes,
and it’s how we see the world through the social model,
through the way disability is a part of us all,
finally being the imperfect of who we are.
History: The story of our lives.
disabled or non-disabled,
accepting or just being in pain,
it’s time for the future,
for the future of history.

Inspiration is Always Lying Inside of Our Own Humanity

thinking outside the box

Everyone picks up on the term Inspiration as way that others’ inspire us or give us faith from an unknown source. Inspiration is not real, but spirituality and higher beings are. People need to interpret spirituality, god, and higher beings differently. Inspiration does not come from these sources, it just comes from our own Humanity in our own mind. I really do not like it when the mainstream media show videos and pictures of people who they think are an inspiration to us all. Inspiration comes within all of us and no body can get inspiration from others. It’s important to come to this realization. If you can live your life with all your emotions, expressing these emotions at any time, any person will become more real. It’s okay to express anger, it’s okay to express sadness, and it’s okay to express other emotions you feel to use your imagination to create a constructive piece of work.

People should be able to use the media to express their emotions they feel in a constructive manner like painting, writing, photography, or making a wonderful movie or play. Some of the most greatest productive inventions and creations were done when people felt emotions other than feeling happy. Just take a look at Charlie Chaplin or Vincent Van Gogh or Issac Newton! Happiness comes when these other emotions have been released in a constructive manner. For example, look at Leonardo Da’Vinci’s work, John Nash’s work on economics, Mozart, Beethoven, even more modern work done by famous Media actors, writers, and directors. Happiness does not come from feeling inspired to do something and being happy all the time. Happiness comes from thinking outside the box and using all our emotions in the most constructive manner that the world will be able to relate to and enjoy. It’s probably why Steve Jobs created an invention in the iPhone and iPad for the world to enjoy putting Apple on the map. When any one and any place is at their lowest feeling emotions is when we create our best works!

CREATE, INVENT, OR PERFORM!! Most Importantly, do your best work with the Ultimate satisfaction you will get in the end: HAPPINESS!!! It takes hard work to create a constructive piece of art, a great piece of writing, invent a extraordinary device for the world to enjoy, or even perform in a great movie, television show, or Broadway play!!! It even takes a lot of hard work to be the best meteorologist for the world or scientist. Whatever your passion is and whatever you desire the most, Think Outside the Box, and don’t be afraid to use your emotions to create a constructive piece of work!!! Happiness is not about having material money to spend, it comes from hard work doing these things. Then, suddenly, your rewards will reap and you get to enjoy it 🙂

Not everyone can do everything which is why we all have our unique traits!

Be Real, Be HUMBLE, Be Open, Work Hard!!!


The Coldest Winter, but An Emotional Warmth

We have 2 more months of winter before it finally comes to an end. The bitter cold and snow from the winter has trapped us physically, but emotionally some of us feel warmth. Here is an image of the cycle of our emotions. In order to feel the depths of our emotional warmth in the coldest winters, we should interpret a picture like this in our minds.

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Finding a way to see the solutions we need before becoming emotional

Every thing goes in its own direction especially when comes to uncontrolled emotions. When we release all our emotions uncontrolled is when we become all evil, but when we control our emotions we have the chance to be stronger and show our greatest confidence.  It depends on how we feel. People can’t control their emotions from one setting to the next, but people live a whole lifetime trying to control their emotions.  Some people take control of their emotions sooner than others, it just depends on what kind of strength they are dealing with.  I find most people in the world have a really hard time controlling their emotions. A feeling most people get each day of their life is they can’t see the solution.  When people open their eyes, they see everything around them.  Once you see what is around you, solutions are everywhere.   The real problem is people don’t seem to open their eyes to what is in front of them.  Mostly every one is busy doing something completely different.

Most people don’t realize human connection is not always necessary.  Human beings connect when they feel an emotion they can’t seem to control.  It seems to happen to a lot of people not excluding me.  Other people who listen to what the emotion is bringing on to the person forget how they usually feel, and usually try to give advice.  Not every one is meant to give advice for every situation.  The issue is every body has trouble with their emotions.  It depends on how much of it is a problem. Though sometimes we need human relationships to help us connect and control our emotions.

Justifying why you made an act of justice on this side is based on the laws of the government you live in.  Truly justice should be only given to the hands of god. Anyone will be emotional if something tragic happened in their life no matter what the tragedy is, but god only wants us to move forward to experience our new events in life.  We are meant to smile.

Whatever it is that is waiting for us only comes when we move forward.  I know many of you have lost your jobs or many of you have never had a job and is waiting for the opportunity to work your first job.  Some people may even be frustrated with their current job.  The economy and the job market may not be great, but we must all open ourselves up to whatever can open the door to an experience we need.  Confidence may be a problem for a lot of people on the Autism Spectrum as well as other issues, but we learn to handle our lives better with or without help. It is easy to complain, but some day you must pass by life with confidence. Confidence will help anybody control their emotions and speak up at the right times. Confidence can be difficult for some, but by sticking your neck out you say who you are. It will give you your dignity.

Listen to this song from the 1990’s:

Think to yourself: Smile and use your instincts…

Many of you are probably wondering how to know the solution without thinking too hard, but the answer is only in your true instincts before emotions set in to it.

A recent quote I just read from Eleanor Roosevelt who said “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884 – 1962)

You have a choice in life, be a Sith lord or a great Jedi!

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How can we balance loneliness/solitude…

Loneliness is all relative meaning something different to every one.  Solitude on the other hand, is when we need to be alone with our own thoughts.  When can we rest assure the need to be alone and the need to be with others.  May be Human beings should live their lives trying to make sure their emotions don’t go overboard most of the time.  Some people realize the strengths we have lie in trying to become a leader.  While others rely on others to follow because it is too hard to be a leader.

When someone finds truth in becoming a leader, most people decide it is not right for this person to be a leader, so they become so jealous and enraged by the leader.  Not every one can be a leader, but not every one can be a follower too.  In some cases, we should all lead our own lives without finding ourselves enraged with jealousy. This is when we need to be in the moment of solitude to recollect our thoughts for success. Afterward, we can sense who we are as a person and what we can do with our own life.

Some people are meant to write, others are meant to heal, while the rest of the world has their own niche in society.  One should realize what it takes to find their own way in to this world.  If your emotions always get the better of you, then you will never be able to do what is meant of you to do.

It is good to be with people especially when solitude can not find us anymore and we become lonely. Our emotions show we need people now. Like this picture which I just found showing our emotions are a swirl of frequencies circulating around us with different colors of energy.

Apparently, many people get too emotional in their lives to be able to think logical. They want something someone else has, and they can’t seem to grasp it, so their emotions swirl through their bodies. It is always very important to stay focused on the task at hand which you want to accomplish. Work hard because you just never know when you will succeed. Even when you do succeed, you should never attribute your emotions to become too excited and always keep a mellow attitude. Though, I have found very few people can actually keep a mellow balanced attitude. Even somebody else who becomes jealous of the success, you still need to block it out and practice the fine art of Occlumency! (Hence, every book even Harry Potter teaches us something)

Finding our way in to this world can be very hard at times.

Here are two good quotes from President Abraham Lincoln:

1) “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.”

2) “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

Anyway, posting later on…