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Info on Vascular Technology

Vascular Technology is a up and coming sect of Ultrasound that is totally different from echocardiography. Vascular Technology deals with more types of tests than just echo that deals with only two kinds of tests, echo rest, echo stress.

Vascular Technology does many different types of tests like the Arterial non-invasive testing such as Pulse Volume Recording and Segmental Pressure testing, Deep Vein Thrombosis DVT studies of the lower extremities mostly, and Carotid Duplex Ultrasound and Transcranial doppler studies. These are the basics in Vascular testing. There are also upper extremity scanning which entails dvt, AV grafts/fistulas, arterial mapping, vein mapping,… Anyway, to tell you the truth Vascular testing is one of the most hardest sects of ultrasound to scan than any other sect of ultrasound. Plus, it is one of the most interesting sects of ultrasound.

This is a part of ultrasound where you are pretty much thinking and making up your mind for the doctor and you must know your knowledge like the back of your hand or like second nature.

Ultrasound by following the vessels in the body especially veins are very carefully and throughly checked by experienced technologists.

Next time you get a vascular test scan pay particular attention to how to the tech is scanning because it is very much different from any echo or general tech scanning.

A lot of the time they have to make sure in as quickly, efficiently, and throughly as possible that they don’t miss anything that they got from the physical examination and/or from what the doctor wanted the tech to look at, and by what us techs ask the patient about symptoms.

Vascular technology is very cool and there will be more to come to talk about it later on…