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Appropriate Dress ware at Work for Men and Women

If you notice on the poll question for the next couple of days, I wrote a poll question about appropriate dress ware for men and women at work.

Is their an appropriate dress ware at work for men and women?

For instance, if you see someone dressing inappropriately at work that you feel is inappropriate, what do you do?

This is debate, but when you are dealing with people working in the medical community, How does the boss want the workers to dress?

Clothing is very particular and subjective to every person. Some people like to dress liberally, but how liberal is to liberal?

Its an understanding that I just don’t understand about. Some people feel that if the boss does not care how liberal people dress at work, then if it really matters at all. For example, at the medical establishment most people whether they perform medical procedures or not have to wear scrubs, but does that really happen in these places or hospitals. From places I have seen, I have noticed that clothing didn’t matter in these places because people just dress liberally.

again, the question, how liberal is too liberal when dressing up for work?

anyway, take it easy and comment on this for me please and explain it to me.

out, J