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Being old is only a word, it really is getting closer to the LIGHT!

The snowfall has interrupted our lives and made us realize what is most important other than work. Family, Home, and spending time with our pets! As we get older we sense more of what we learned from our past. It may seem like the people around us notice it too. It is unknown when I finally reach old age in my mid-90’s, where my place will be, whether I will just be pawn or much more than that. It all depends on how I make my life throughout 64 years. Some can see me as still a baby, a small scratch in the walls of time. I have already had 2 major surgeries in my life and probably many more to provide me more life so that I can do everything necessary to fulfill me.

It is not about getting old which scares people, it is the feeling of what is at the Light when we finally enter it. People are scared of the unknown. Today is a journey toward finding our truth about ourselves and fulfilling our dreams to sustain our motive to be on the best list. Only true passion can do this!

Do people actually do this? Some do while some just talk about it. It is better to just do it since actions do speak louder than words. Our words are just a powerful darkness which floats around. Indeed the words which are put in to action follow the light all the way up.

Here is another poem I just wrote:

Just do it

Rivers of thought swim through my mind,
which leaves a dramatic emotional find.

It comes and goes, but where will you go
to the shining future where it bestows.

May the meaning of thought drive me crazy
or better yet start off lazy.

Darkness leaves me as the thoughts are said
and Light moves me as I am physically dead.

It won’t be easy moving forward,
but moving slowly, patiently, will ease more…

Time enriches our lives, but moves the soul
fulfilling the dreams which once was a mold.

Thoughts capture us, exemplify us,
but does not necessarily conquer us.

We could be filled with many thought of inspiration,
though the thought we have is just thought.

Doing something, liberating us to feel
the thought to inspire positive vibration moves us.

Ultimately the way we move gives many of us
a way to complete our finished product,

The thought becomes a thing and the thing becomes,
as real as anyone could have imagined.

(posting soon again before New Year’s Eve approaches)


We are all warriors fighting for our own existence

We are who we are, we are creatures on this planet fighting for own existence. Sometimes it can get rough while other times it is relaxing. There are many times in this world where Human beings on this planet either support one another or rage on each other. It amazes me how much most people in the world can become so jealous so easily, but at the same time there are many people can be as supportive and caring as a butterfly. Emotions run through our heads because we are here to feel for what goes on with other people. No body sacrifices their own emotions for no feeling at all because certain emotions can feel great like being happy or over joyed.

Some people decide to lift themselves up during these joyful times, but get angry when not every one is happy for them. All of a sudden people look at what others have and say “I want what he has,” but is wanting what someone has enough to satisfy yourself. It is a an area showing some people need to feel satisfied with their own talents and appreciate their gifts.

Every one is here for a reason because no body can judge each other and no body can feel the need to have someone else’s gift. Every body works hard for their achievements to get far in this world. No body should think they are better than the next and no body should feel they want something someone else has unless it is what is meant for them.

My life can feel very intense at times or just feel very relaxed. It depends on the situation. Sometimes we all just have to take time out of our busy lives to reflect on the continued fight for our own existence. Sometimes that fight is worth fighting for if it is something we are meant to do and sometimes it is not if we are living someone else’s dream. In the end, we have a choice; spend time carving our gift or spend time carving someone else’s due to jealousy.

It takes the whole nine yards to think about what we want our life to be like.

posting soon enough,


Life is an unexpected journey

Sometimes we don’t realize how our life really is until we stop and think about it for a few minutes. We sit down and think about the feelings we have wondering if it is another way for us to ponder how we actually live. We dream about someday doing something good we always wanted to do. Someday my Buena Salud Ultrasound School will begin and I will start teaching those adults on the Autism Spectrum who want to learn Ultrasound technology. From then on, I have much more things which need to get done in my life to achieve greater. Sometimes I still think about having my Ph.D. to be able to formally state my interest and research in my area. Then again, the school I will start, Buena Salud, will be better for me to do. It will support a teaching method which applies specifically to the needs of Adults with ASD. It is very important for Adults on the Autism Spectrum to have a secure career and a job. I am part of living proof Adults with ASD can take an intense interest to start a career and continue it. There are many living Adults with ASD who have done similar things as well as many people with ASD who have died in the past who before they died, used their intense interests to succeed.

Life is an unexpected journey and we don’t know what people will do a long a single person’s way. I have heard about some people’s jealous feelings toward someone else who is successful. For some reason jealousy goes a long way when the person becomes enraged to hurt the other person. Instead of being jealous, do something good for yourself. Being who I am and the accomplishments I have made to date, there are many more accomplishments I am going to succeed at. For starters, when my school finally starts and ends the first class, I will have successfully taught Adults with ASD who will have jobs in Ultrasound Technology. Moving forward I can ask other technologists I know to teach more Adults with ASD who have an interest in a good career.

It is important to have a secure career and a job for anybody. When you see other Adults with ASD not working in a career earning their own money it makes you wonder where the current school system has failed.
Adults on the Autism Spectrum is a growing people as the young grow older. We need to start with early intervention in toddler years so that when the young toddler with ASD becomes an Adult, they can succeed regularly in a career earning them a living. Whether this is in Ultrasound technology or some other career, it is still a living…

posting soon enough,


A dream I had

I had a dream of longing to be in a world different from what we live in. It happened a few days ago. I have been thinking about it for awhile. The dream started out when I saw George (the man I interviewed for this website) standing next to me. He began starting a conversation about what makes the world various and particular. He also was mentioning how the world is very different from how I want it to perceive. He told me in my dream, “Too many people are not as patient as one would think or want. Instead they choose to look out for themselves.” The interesting part is I knew in my dream it was George, but like in all my dreams sometimes a person also looks like a few different people I know. A mixture of George with other people even though I recognized him in my dream. George also said in my dream “Take one step at a time to see changes in your life and the lives of others.” The dream ended with figure of George and others walking away as I told them to have a good day.

My vision is to see people not give up on anybody and to know everybody is different.

By a final statement I repeat a quote by Mahatma Gandhi :

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

Mahatma Gandhi (1869 – 1948)

See, life is a journey to get to the important things which matter to you.



I have been having a lot of dreams lately which no body would imagine anyone dreaming. They have been very amazing to think about as I wake up in the morning through the day. Anyway, I will be writing one of them down and posting again tonight.

Keep up the good work being done in whatever you are doing.