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New to Drive MOM Crazy blog: Tee Shirt designs I create and I am taking donations if you want to

A new page added to my blog about Tee Shirts designs I create. Please feel free to glance at my first Tee Shirt design.  The designs are a new interesting way of expressing myself and to promote the Drive Mom Crazy blog for Autistic Pride.   I hope you like the Tee Shirt design and please feel free to buy one from me through Pay Pal.  I can make your tee shirt in any design as long as you specify the size and type of tee shirt.  I also created a online store on CafePress.com to sell my tee shirts, but it is not fully set up yet.

You can click on the page above this post which says Tee shirts for Autistic Pride Day!

posting more soon,


Drive Mom Crazy titled Poetry

To Drive Mom Crazy,
is not to drive her through the roof.
To Drive Mom Crazy,
is to give mom the hope.
A hope of someday showing who we are as individuals.

To Drive Mom Crazy,
I sing this song.
To Drive Mom Crazy,
I sing: Freedom, Freedom, Freedom.
To Drive Mom Crazy,
I drive myself crazy.
To Drive Mom Crazy,
I tell her I love you.

To Drive Mom Crazy,
I Stop, Think Twice,
and spend the rest of my time
in quiet rest, to let my mind speak for itself.
To Drive Mom Crazy,
I sit and be patient till my turn arises for me to speak.


out, J

A shout out to new readers

Hey New Orleans girls, I am glad that you are enjoying my website a lot.   Today I am going to get some pictures of abby and chloe to post so don’t worry they just have to scanned in.

Hey Mexico readers, I hope you are enjoying my site from the aspies for freedom site.

Also anyone else that is reading my website.

peace, J