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Exploring What Makes All of Us Human

TRIGGER Warning: A foul word was used in this post.

Visualizing who we are and what we can do to make a difference is important. It does not mean wearing my own shoes or being someone else, it just means exploring yourself, but it’s also important for everyone to understand each other’s feelings. Empathy is a Human trait that everyone is born with, some more than others. My Autistic peers (who’ve I met or haven’t met) and I are stigmatized to the thinking we don’t have empathy. However, this is rhetorical myth that obviously needs to be erased from history. Researchers have their own agenda too about their feelings about Autistics.

Here is a good recent article by Lydia Brown entitled “Why the term Psychopath is racist and ableist” who discusses about how empathy makes us human. A few years back I read the book, “The Sociopath next door” and I saw on the cover that nearly 1 in out of every 20 people you interact with are sociopathic. However, it is entirely random to know who will be a sociopath and who will not be one. There is no stigma from any background of a person, and any Human being that you interact with can be sociopathic or a psychopath.

Being Human means we all feel for each other as a random act of kindness, but we feel for each other in different ways. Sometimes we feel for each other with a hug, sometimes we kiss, sometimes we pound knuckles, sometimes we shake hands, sometimes we flap, sometimes we rock, sometimes we spin, sometimes we look at each other, sometimes we even just smile, and sometimes we just know by reading each other. There are many other ways to feel for each other and sorry that I missed some. It’s important to know the ways people feel for each other and everyone has to realize this sooner or later. However, there are ways a person does disconnect from others when any one becomes intensely angry using foul language which leads to abuse of power, using weapons, or becoming physically violent toward others. However, sometimes foul language is used as means to be happy with each other like when there are adults who like to make love with their partner or use the language to establish a celebratory experience. I was always told there are two ways a person can get fucked with pleasure or when someone really manipulates to hurt you.

It’s important to remember who you are and what makes you Human. Explore your humanity! We all need to be excited and happy to be alive always remembering the tools given to us from our birth that help us to be who we are. These tools help guide us toward our goals in life in order for all of us to contribute to society. Explore your likes, your dislikes, you passions, your dreams, and find the way you want to contribute too. Not everyone likes everything, but we all need to understand the diversity of Humanity. A lot of times many people do not intentionally stigmatize and stereotype groups of people, but please do not do that. It’s important to realize everyone needs to explore what makes them unique.

Creating the goals we want to achieve allows us to establish our humanity for the future of our powerful legacy. Avonte Oquendo’s powerful legacy was to show us the importance of why Autistics like myself matter too because Autistics bring everyone together as one!!!

Have a great week!

Sometime in February be on the look out for the start of the 5th Annual Autistic Artistic Carnival promotional sign I will be creating soon for Autistic Pride Day, June 18!!!! It’s going to be AWESOME again this year and in many ways even more AWESOME!!!!


It’s time to listen, Autism Speaks!

Autism Speaks should be collaborating more with Autistic adults who are willing to mentor Autistic youth (there are so many Autistic adults who are wanting to do this) from all over the autistic spectrum instead of promoting what they are doing now. However, Autism Speaks does not want to promote this nor have a board filled with both Autistic adults and their already Neurotypical people speaking without us. Everyone needs to be included and help move people along!! Instead they don’t think Autistic adults are capable of being included in the conversation and speak from their own feelings and thoughts. There are so many successful autistic adults now who want to help by mentoring, teaching, and enriching self-advocacy skills to the those who don’t have it yet. Let’s build a future for our diversified youth who are on the autistic spectrum by creating a better, more inclusive, and stronger education system that allows the youth from today to succeed as a future Autistic adult, who will use their skills to be in the career of their choice, and define themselves however they want to define themselves without others’ influences! It’s time for Autism Speaks to get wise to create better inclusive environments, safety, expansive education system, and allow anyone on the autistic spectrum to express their feelings and contribute too in more ways than one! Always remember “Nothing about us, without us!”

It’s time for Autism Speaks to listen!!


There is a World of Amazing People you CAN Meet!!

This is Autism! Autistic people do have empathy.

What most people can’t fathom is that Autistic and Disabled people everywhere are capable if only they are given a chance and given their rights to live better in the world. There was a recent study which said that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder like Aspergers actually have too much empathy where it’s hard to cope with others because of it. If you haven’t read about this yet, please do so, here! Most people do not understand the reasons why people withdraw from the outside world, do not understand the anxieties of Autistic folks, and do not understand the meltdowns.

Human beings are very diverse and the diversity of so many different people around societies give us more to learn about. Everyone is learning slowly about what it means to be Human. Being Human means we are all in it together and need to bring our communities together. No one is less than Human, and everyone has the many ways of being who they are.

Everybody needs to know to give people a chance to live their life. Living life is not living in a group home, sheltered workshop, or other institutions. It’s living amongst the community while the community helps each other. There is no one left behind and everyone is included. Unfortunately, many people do not think this way. Instead they feel segregated institutions are the way to go. Though many people forget what happened during segregation throughout history.

Community-based programs allow Autistic and Disabled people to live independently with help from the community at large. The more the communities come together, the more people will understand, the more people will listen, the more acceptance there will be, and the more Autistic and Disabled people will be able to feel more comfortable in their societies. Being comfortable in the environment and being comfortable with the people around you, only lifts the barriers completely that Autistic and Disabled people have faced all these years.

There are many people who neglect to listen to someone because they are slower to talk to or need to communicate in other ways. However, listening to everyone speaking is not just listening with your ears. It’s also listening with your body. It’s important to follow your intuition and know that your intuition of how to listen to someone is different for everyone you listen to. Everyone has empathy, but some people in general ignore the empathy they were born with. It’s important to not ignore it, not push it away, but soak it all in guiding your strength with it.

The guidance we as a disability community get from the rest of the community at large only makes us a better person. So, the communities that we live in should always include everyone in conversations about them. It’s important to know that we have always lived in an interdependent society where everyone should be supporting each other. ‘Nothing about us, without us’ is so important!


Human Diversity means Everyone Has Different Reasons for Making a Difference!

Human beings are the same because we are all Human, but different because we are all diverse. Human beings should start to realize and know that disability is a part of the human experience especially since all my peer Disabled friends talk about it a lot. There should not be a separate category ‘Special Needs’ or ‘Differently Abled’ for any one. From what I learned from my other Disabled peers, every Human being is differently abled, so why categorize a small subset of Human culture as ‘differently abled’ or ‘special needs’. In fact, we all have special needs and are differently abled because we all are unique in every way. Human beings become disabled for various reasons. Some are born that way and some become disabled by chance. Everyone has gifts too. Some people don’t have many disabilities, while others have a multiple facets of things that disable them from doing certain things in life. I am a disabled person, but I also have gifts too. There are multiple characteristics that describe me and make up who I am, disability is just one of them.

To really want to cure disabilities, like Autism is to create a society with no diversity. There is a reason why disabilities exist. Human beings are born with their multi-faceted characteristics and descriptions with them to bring out Human diversity. Not everyone will live to be 100 years old. Not everyone has to live a very long life. All of us are here to live our lives to make a difference in the world. People make a difference in this world every day. Most people don’t even realize it even I don’t realize it sometimes. Making a difference is not trying to eradicate diversity, but making a difference is really helping another person who is need by creating art, music, plays, movies, documentaries, inventions, talking to someone, or making another person’s quality of life better by teaching a person self-advocacy or helping their quality of life in other ways.

Human diversity does not mean we all have the same interests and have to be friends, it just means we all are in this world together to interact with each other at some point in our lives. Every day we go to work or go out to have fun after work in order to interact with others. Some people we meet we disagree with, however others we understand or agree with. Life is multifaceted too, not just people’s characteristics. Everyone lives their life for a reason, but everyone also does not have the same reasons. Everyone lives their life to make a difference however there plan is to make a difference. Not everyone will agree with everyone else, but everyone needs to compromise. By compromising to the situations we talk about, we adapt to the environment we created. For example, President Obama created the Affordable Care Act to reform Healthcare in the United States because the majority people voted for him to do that in 2008 as well as making other ways of making a difference. Everyone agreed with his politics and wanted him to be President. When President Obama created the new Healthcare Law, most people began complaining about our President and his new law. People generally need to understand that President Obama’s need to make a difference is to help all Americans afford healthcare so that no American is left behind.

The Human population is growing and we need to start making a difference by accepting everyone’s strengths and weaknesses. Not everyone will be friends and not everyone will agree on issues and thoughts. The point is everyone needs to learn to chill and not think about themselves so much. We agree and disagree with others at the same time. Furthermore, we need to accept on many things in this world like creating a huge network of people throughout the world and by accepting that, we accept the fact that we all have a responsibility to make sure everyone is in this together. Not everyone can be friends, not everyone will agree, but everyone can let everyone else live their life however they see fit to live a positive life contributing in a positive way to make a difference.

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Keep on moving forward to make differences happen!


Settle Our Differences Toward Keeping the Diverse World We Want

If Autistic people fight within themselves, it makes Autistic culture weaker. It makes Autism Researchers win over who we are and we ultimately lose our credibility. That is why we need to settle down and become a peaceful warrior. Being at peace with what we can do and helping other Autistics out there only makes us stronger. However, there is too much anger, frustration, and sadness out there. I have had much anger in the past, and I realized it does not solve problems especially if people antagonize, bully, and hurt. If there is to be Autistic culture, then there needs to be not only inclusion, but also acceptance of Neurotypical culture as well. Acceptance is a two way street. Inclusion took a long time for women, minority races in the U.S.A., and even homosexuality,… In fact, we still don’t really have inclusion within these groups either. So, how can there be total inclusion among Autistics and Disability culture? There needs to be more being done so everyone in society is included as a diverse America, more so to expand this to the diverse world we ultimately live in. Human beings means diverse free thinking, sexuality, and race by feeling positive.

Arguments, fighting, various wars, and cursing each other solves nothing, but having more negative feelings around us. We are all guilty of starting these negative mantras because we all have feelings and everything affects our souls and the souls of our peers who stand right near us randomly. It makes some people obsess over these people because it bothers some people a lot, but there is no need to worry about any of this. Our feelings can’t go away easily, our human flesh distinguishes us from the many people who affect us everyday. However, we need to return to the innocence of why we came here to experience our life. What a diverse world means, and what our life stands for. Life is genuinely up and down, but we need to focus and by focusing we become seriously doubtful the feelings will urge us to project our anger, project our sadness, and project our guilty pleasures on others. It takes two to tango, but it takes one person to lift ourselves higher toward our goal.

It’s time to draw full acceptance from everyone and most importantly it’s time for Autistic culture to flourish with taking not only pride within ourselves, but pride in creating a peaceful conversation with our Neurotypical counterparts and Autistic peers. The time is now before it’s too late because ultimately Autism Researchers win over us otherwise!

Find the Light Year Man inside you, to Move Forward!

Have a Happy TGIF!!