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A Poem Called “Theory”


by theamazinJ

Everything changes,
from theory to reality,
everything disbands with time,
everyone disconnects eventually.
the theory follows us in the stars
the theory says we re-connect over the speed of time,
the speed of light, the speed of sound,
and the speed of our hearts joining together
again and again.
Everything changes
when we know it is time to move on,
when we know it is time to shine,
when we know it is time to rise above the sky,
when we know it is time to see beyond the stars
to see beyond what we already know.
The theory says,
it is time,
and we disconnect
only to move further away
until the time approaches us to
meet halfway through.
The theory says,
once we move closer and closer
to the next approaching star,
the star moves further and further away,
because every star cannot touch or connect
to another unless we are ready and able
to explode and expand and create another universe,
in time that happens may be
every billions of years,
every time the stars reach each other,
in every universe, in every galaxy,
the stars move so quickly
because we move quickly
to lift our inner selves up
to the journey toward heaven.
Heaven is abstract,
in every way that it is,
heaven is imagined differently
for everyone,
heaven becomes whatever
we think it is and whatever it can be,
if our thoughts are lost,
then we become lost into a black hole,
when our thoughts are not,
we becoming a shooting star
speeding up ready for disconnecting
to eventually connecting to form
an explosion of stars attaching themselves
and creating a universe ready for life,
ready to create a solar system,
ready to create a world,
a new system to spread diversity of living
from the very small to the very large,
diversity can be ugly, gross, or even disgusting,
but diversity can also be the most beautiful, vibrant, and colorful beings
and living organisms,
in a world created by stars,
in a world created by thou,
in a world created by moving closer connecting
to a beautiful assortment of multifaceted moving particles
coming together to form something amazing.
The theory says,
it is a cycle.
A cycle that has a beginning, middle, and an end.
It does not have to be sad at the end,
because there will be a new beginning
almost immediately after,
it may take time,
but time is the only thing we have
in the space that creates a universe,
in the space that helps thou in the stars
create something new,
not every universe is the same,
like not every world will be made with the same style,
the intensity of creating a universe is immense and strong,
the power of the stars coming together to connect altogether,
only creates something even more beautiful.
We cannot be afraid,
we cannot let our fears get the better of us,
we cannot hate that everything can end,
because in the end,
the cycle of life
helps the stars grow,
helps us grow,
and helps a universe be born over and over and over again.
And, the only reason why it is born again and again
is because of thou and cause of our thoughts
existing in time and having faith
that we are all in this together.

A poem called “Yin and Yang”

Yin and Yang,

by theamazinJ

Autistic culture is hated,
which why many refer to us
as disorder,
Autistic culture is hated,
which many say we are diseased,
Autistic culture is hated,
as we are told to learn another culture
cause being different is not well liked,
Cultures exist for a reason,
disability culture exists too
as other cultures do.
Ethnocentrism exists too,
especially in a world where
disability is seen as a minority
while not very popular
and well hated and unfavorable,
Culture is:
centering around who the person is,
can be dogmatic.
Culture is unfounding,
culture is different for everyone,
some relate to the majority
while other relate to
a minority,
culture is beautiful
and needs to be understood.
Culture is a part of the
bigger picture from that
of humanity.
Culture is a symbol,
a symbol of piety
a symbol of difference
a symbol of simple unity
a symbol of love
a symbol of pride
a symbol of acceptance,
a symbol of power,
a symbol of community,
and a symbol of life,
to bring about broader unity.
What one culture is
another culture is not
even with Autistic culture
and those who are not,
culture is:
a fresh feeling of emotion,
a fresh feeling of starch,
a fresh feeling of personhood.
Culture is a part of who we are
to what we relate to
and what things we have in common.
Sharing one culture with another
is a part of humanity,
it is a part of thou,
it is a part of the broader scenario of life.
when one person shares
another falls through to take in,
it is our time,
it is our fate,
it is our destiny
to be with others
sharing cultures ever so often,
allowing cultures to have their own space,
no matter what yet having time
to be a unified human race,
and remembering:
we create the good,
we create the bad,
we create the situation,
it is our choice.
History has proven to be:
causing pain to other cultures.
It does not have to be this way,
it does not have to fly like that,
the change we need
is to embrace everyone,
is to use our communication styles,
is to use our movement styles,
is to use our language
in a way to embrace
in a way to interact
in a way to show the culture
we belong to
regardless of what we connect to,
to connect to more.
Separate yourself for unity
for the day to be vulnerable
to a day to accept
to be stronger
for a day to be knowledgable
and wise of the
yin and the yang.

A Poem of “Moving Forward and Expressing My Love”


Moving Forward and Expressing My Love,

by TheamazinJ

Moving Forward
I sit in this cafe
I stand in the sun,
I walk in the forest,
I am still in the desert,
I swim in the ocean,
I wash in the lake,
I feel good,
I feel proud,
I love who I am
and what I am becoming,
It took me ages,
but now I am moving forward
pushing passed the obstacles
of many people telling me
instructing me,
and not letting me grow
to be the activist
I am and will be,
I see something grow,
as I see a sunflower
in the distance
in the midst of pushing,
and eventually dying from
many who swarm all over it.
Love is incredible,
love is beautiful,
everyone has their own
their own
and their own
view of the world,
we can not dwell,
we can not let go of what we feel
what we want or what we need to do,
Following through the sun,
I gaze at the purple around the flower,
I gaze and gaze and gaze,
seeing the environment around me
as it grows darker and darker and darker,
and I no longer see the bright and shining
sunflower glowing in the sun,
the darkness creeps closer till it is
too dark to even see.
the darkness is just a shadow
of the person gazing over my shoulder,
I turn around and see this person
who is not really a person,
but a shadow in the sky
as big as a whale or
as big as the ocean.
I sing:
Let me go and let my people go,
the shadowy suddenly shines a bright
white light into the distance,
that suddenly illuminates everything,
and I suddenly see a person in the distance,
who is very far away, but visible,
I cannot see them,
I cannot hear them,
and certainly I cannot view
everything as it is all foggy
and not visible yet.
All I see is a person walking toward me,
and I just wonder:
who is this person?
Do I even know who they are?
have I ever spoken to them before?
Suddenly, a man comes up to me
to say:
“Get Up, and move forward!”
However, I cannot
as I feel paralyzed.
My feelings grow with
with haziness over my head,
and with clear thinking
than ever before.
I sit reading a book,
and suddenly I am gazed at the
person in the distance.
Thinking, thinking, thinking,
but not too much.
As I read a quote
one day that read:
“Let it go, Let me go, Let us all go”
in the newspaper all week.
Powerfully enough,
I see a red violet beam
going toward me
and I feel as if
I am being propelled forward,
when I fall.
I fall down
I bow down,
and I see the darkness before me,
the darkness creeps closer into
my body.
I begin running, running, and running,
until I see a light
that I gaze at
and I suddenly feel
paralyzed in mid air
with my feet planted
on the ground,
as the distant person
keeps on walking toward me,
and toward me,
and closer until
I see them
I reach over
with just a few miles ahead of me now,
and I touch the ground with my hand,
and reach closer and closer to my face,
when I collapse.
The person starts running closer
and closer to me,
until they hear a big bang
a bang so loud
that propels me into the sky,
and I say to everyone in the world,
at the moment,
at the shining starry moment,
when I get crowned in the sky:
This is time, It is my time,
it is our time,
Our time of love,
our time of humble humanity,
and our time for creating the world,
so move forward,
as I express my love for the world
I just want to say :
Let it go
Cherish who you are
what you can do for the world
because you don’t know
what you got to win,
until you feel
you got everything to lose.
Take care.

Respecting and Recognizing Others is Important for Humanity

Identifying ourselves…

In order to identify ourselves, we have to remind ourselves what we do, where we came from, and who we are. The poll question on the side column of this website expresses just that. It has been asking you to figure out how you would want to identify yourself. Identity is important for our own Humanity and it is defined by diversity since we all identify ourselves differently. Identity is important!

Many able-bodied people try to define people with disabilities including Autistic people without the expressed consent from Disabled people themselves. This is unfair and does not express the meaning of someone’s life. Mostly, many people try to instill person first language on the disability community as well as pitying us to separate a part of who we are from our own humanity. Telling others how to identify themselves is not a right of any one to do to the disability community nor to any body else. It does not allow any one to identify themselves properly. Instead, it expresses the interest of eugenics to society like the Nazi’s did to many cultures in the 1930’s and early 1940’s.

Society is beginning to change, but we need more progress, a lot more progress. Society encourages eugenics as a means to decrease diversity. People don’t need this to be encouraged, but the mainstream media, corporations, and organizations like Autism Speaks does this all the time which influences the government who controls society. When are the majority of people going to understand that we have many different ways of identifying each other and that each label is a part of who we are? No one has a right to tell a person that they can not identify themselves in such a manner. Most people believe in the Medical Model of Disability which expresses to so many people that society needs to use person first language. However, to be able to truly identify yourself, you should be able to first accept everything about yourself including anything disability related.

No one should feel that their disability is seen as less than Human, after all we have many markers in our genetic make up which defines us as well as the fact that disability is a part of the human experience. There are many disabilities and mental health conditions that disable Humanity at any point in time, autism being one of many disabilities. It’s important to accept your own Humanity about what you can do and what you struggle doing on an everyday basis.

We identify not only ourselves, we also identify other people, animals, material things, and the environment we live in. We acquire different things in our life, but most importantly we always acquire different disabilities throughout our life. So, why does many people become ashamed of what makes them Human? Society has trouble comprehending and accepting every culture or religion that instills itself inside the world. We have different cultures and religions because everyone lives a certain way that creates their own unique way of life. No one has a right to tell any one that their own unique way of living and identifying themselves is wrong. People live in so many ways! In fact, if you watch the movie “Nell” with Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson from the late 1990’s, you’ll see an excellent portrayal of the fight to live your life the way you know how to and to be able to identify yourself.

The problem with society is that their is too much discourse and in a lot of times, violence, because the majority of people argue over what culture is better, who should be leading, and the amount of money people have trustfully earned for themselves to create a better society. Because of the discourse, people begin hurting each other or themselves. Accepting yourself and other people will create a better society where we begin living peacefully. By allowing everyone to live their life, we begin to embark on our quest to fulfill our missions without trying to take from others, without identifying other people with a different marker to identify themselves with, and/or without trying to hurt others including the youth who are the next generation. We need to start delivering a message that Humanity is a precious commodity and that we are all here for a reason. The children of today are our next generation for tomorrow, so we need to teach children that Humanity respects, accepts, does not hurt each other, and earn a living trustfully. No matter what, if we do it right, the children of today will create a better society where no one hurts, no one crosses another’s boundaries without permission, and everyone respects any one, otherwise society will not tolerate it!

Every culture is different which is why we have a whole world to live it in. No one can decide in the world to create a society in which diversity lacks. However, we have billions of people in this world who have a mission to live their life the way they know how to, and no one can make any one in this world feel like they are any less Human.


Autistic Community for Equality (ACE) Initiative and Reminder for June 18, 2014

Joining forces toward equality
for everyone,
returns the favor in our nation,
and the world.
The Equality we want,
is the equality everyone needs.
Some things don’t change,
since a lot of people don’t like change,
while some things need change.
The change we need to see
is the change to incorporate
acceptance of
diversity and equality
for everyone in the world,
in our society, to understand,
and have respect
for one another.
If someone is Disabled and Autistic,
they are Disabled and Autistic, but
we need others to respect
and fulfill the
Disabled and Autistic person’s
wishes to learn and work a career,
as a non-disabled person does.
We need to establish change
to help those struggling most
gain rewards in their life,
and remember what everyone
receives credit for;
Being one of the many billions of
Human beings striving for success
for equality.

On that note, here is a reminder about Autistic Artistic Carnival, for June 18, 2014: Autistic Pride Day!!! More information to be posted soon with a post about it often. This is for ALL Autistic people to remember to get their thinking and creativity caps on for the Autistic Pride Day Event of the YEAR!!!!