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Struggling to Communicate with People my Whole Life

Communication is key!!

However, I have been struggling to communicate with people my whole life from speech difficulties, being Autistic (not being a mainstream general person), and living my life as a person who cannot understand the jargon most people including my family tries to convey to me. This is when self-advocacy becomes important especially when I need my space too, understanding other people’s words spoken to me, and knowing when to communicate with or without my mouth.

Communication is key!!

But, my communication style has always been a struggle for others to understand. I do have echolalia, I do have multi-sensory issues, I do stim, I do think visually, and I love listening to people through music and I do love to dance like my papa Dave did!

Communication is key!!

Struggling to communicate is improper with people who struggle because everyone needs to interact and speak in a standard way through vocalizing thoughts through the mouth from mainstream society.

What can we do? What are we able to communicate to others when there is a disconnect especially with families and their Autistic children and siblings?

Connection is good, however when there is too much disconnect between families and their Autistic children or siblings, there needs to be a meeting point of each other to meet half way. By meeting halfway, we need to communicate by seeing each other at the right distance without seeing too far or too close. This is a problem for all families of Disabled people and Disabled people themselves.

Communication is key and the social model is much better when the medical model has caused so much pain and stigma!!

When can communication become the right when all of us who need to connect with each other? When can we understand and accept each other regardless???

Language is individualized for each person. Self-determination is important for everyone while the importance of connection continues through learning from each other, learning on our own, and not being dependent on the system being medical model or stigmatizations society give us.

This is all the things to think about as when we need acceptance and understanding during the month of April for Autism Acceptance Month.

Remember communication is a two way street of understanding each other without getting too stressed, too angry, too overreaction, or too hurt from pain causing other’s too much pain too. I have felt pain in my past, but now it’s time to move forward and be happy as I remember the very need to maintain myself to continue to be positive!

Love my family, love all my friends, love all my support network, and love the world.

Thank you all!!!

Communication is KEY!!!

Doing well in graduate school!!!!


Let yourself go and be free to do amazing things

The image above signifies the energy around us. It motivates us, it moves us, it creates our moods, and even sets our path in life.

Be free
let yourself go
because you’ll never know…

A freedom lasts when we let our minds wander. Fearing only stops us from doing amazing good things. The people around us, the places we see, the things we do, are all a part of our imagination spreading ourselves everywhere.

Our Energy
Floating in mid-air,
Soaking our minds
in to every thing
only makes us more free.

Special guidance we once had gave us the good nature of our freedom we have now. Being free is essential, so don’t worry about things or people because any thing or any person could destroy the essence of who you are.

Sorrow grows, but disappearance grows faster when we feel sad. The discovery we find to who we are is the growing obscurity of our wisdom. Fight to be yourself. Most people are afraid to be who they are. They become afraid of what they see on the other side of the mirror. Our reflection is just what we look like and you must be proud of what you are, but do not think about what you have done.

the feelings we have
over the essence of our
desires can drive us
to the madness developing
However we cleanse
to get to the core of who we
are and become a unity called ‘us’,
a unit for hope, more discovery,
and more letting our minds
be free to wander, to explore,
and to just be.

Someone once said the discovery we find is what we truly are and no body or no thing can influence us to be a ‘tool’ of who they are. We are who we are and that’s only what we can be. The talents we have allow us to see, to feel, to breathe, and to taste the sweetness of who we are.

posting soon,