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Let’s Give Everyone Their Chance For their Own Success!

Being Disabled is not the same as being able. It’s hard dealing with people who just don’t understand us as being a part of the Disability community. I have met many people who look at me like I am an Able-bodied person, but don’t realize the many things that disable me from the rest of society. Being Autistic has it’s many gifts for me, but I still am disabled by society’s standards. I am very capable of doing the many things like everyone else, but much of society does not understand how to accommodate me. For example, there are different ways I get overloaded and overstimulated that I get very frustrated with and angry because the way society acts. If many people realized it, they could change their perception of how to act.

Everyone is capable of doing whatever they know they can do, but for some reason their is a disconnect between Able-bodied people and the Disabled. Whether the person is on the Autistic spectrum, has Cerebral Palsy, has Down’s Syndrome, is physically handicapped, has a mental health condition, has a rare illness that disables them from society, blind, deaf, etc. People need to remember whether the person is visibly disabled or invisibly disabled, everyone has right to their personal accommodation from the rest of society to do what they love to do.

There is no reason why a Disabled person should be left in the dark by themselves to be pitied or placed in Residential Treatment Placement Centers or Treated differently among the Healthcare system because the rest of society does not understand us. These are unacceptable ways to treat anyone, so why is society always thinking of using pity and torture in healthcare for people with disabilities. It really is very unfair and unconscionable for any Human being to be treated in such a fashion. For instance, just because someone is Autistic does not mean they need constant supervision, but it does not mean we don’t need supervision at all like everyone else. Society does not understand Disability culture, in addition to not being very concrete with Autistics.

Society is too overwhelming for us as a result, where we become very angry, confused, and frustrated because of it. Much of society still thinks that organizations like Autism Speaks will have all the answers and the mainstream media thinks they have the answers too. Instead of seeking answers from anyone, seek answers from those people who are struggling with society; the people with disabilities themselves! There are some Disabled people who may seem Neurotypical, but really are very much disabled themselves. You can’t walk in other shoes until you have experienced what a Disabled person experiences every day from our unique way of being in this so-called Able-bodied/Neurotypical world. Many people just don’t understand and think that they can talk down at us, that we need constant supervision, and that we need constant attention. However, disability is a part of humanity!!!

No one can discover their own self-determination and taking responsibility if the society’s communities does not understand everyone. Self-determination is very important and being included in conversations with the rest of society who talks about us is even more important. Society is overlooking the many factors of what it means for any one to be successful. Success does not mean making a lot of money. Success just means working hard to learning to build our own necessities to live our life and having our own self-worth to just be who we are. In the every end to self-determination, anyone reaps their rewards, with money, but not before the end.

I have found that there are too many professionals and many other people working to help people with disabilities who just don’t understand how to physically and mentally be there for any of us. As being a part of the subcategory, in the Autistic community, which is very broad and diverse of people in the world, many people seem to not understand us at all even a lot of professionals. This is very sad!!! Though, many people are learning lately, there is still much more learning, accepting us, and understanding about autism and disability that everyone needs to know in order to create a better society.

As we are in the middle of March, we are almost beginning Autism Acceptance Month in April, which means we are 3 and a half months until Autistic Pride Day in June. I thank many people who are beginning to learn or are learning, but I think society still has a long road of learning and understanding until they can begin accepting. Much of society is still not very concrete, not very understanding, and certainly not very accepting of Human diversity of what people can do for themselves where any one can take ownership of who they are, building their life.

There are many people in society who just don’t think that Disabled people can be included, have their own voice, and strive for their own success. Some people, but not all, who do take on people with disabilities including Autistic people, use some people in the disability community as a Token, because they want us to spread their word of pity in order to be called an inspiration to us all. This is not right and not fair! However, much of society needs to learn that everyone can be successful in what they know they want to do, can have a supportive network of people like anyone else to live life, and be independent when we need to be.

Stay true to yourself and always remember that no matter what we all our living as Human beings in the vast Human spectrum!!


My Speech from the Day of Mourning Vigil in New City, NY 2014

(State Senator David Carlucci was at the Vigil too and I made a great new connection with him. He is interested in working with Community Alliance For Ethical Treatment of Youth (CAFETY) that I am a Board member of. Video and pictures to come soon…Thank you to so many people who helped me including Autistic Self-Advocacy Network, my committee for the Vigil, the NYC Vigil Committee, my Parents, Skyler the Maltese Dog, and to the State Senator David Carlucci for attending and all those others for helping out or supporting me.)

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network’s Day of Mourning 2014

Today we stand around on the First day of March to gather in a circle and remember those people with disabilities who were abused and killed without even fulfilling their life’s purpose and mission. There were many people who died unnecessarily and without cause. A lot of the names you will see on this Poster, but many names go unnoticed. The Caregivers and Parents who murdered their loved ones were sympathized instead of the people who died who should have been mourned. Justice needs to be served when any life is taken for granted and taken away without cause. Every one has a purpose, every one has a right to live their life the way they know they can be a productive members of society, and be encouraged to do so.

We stand here today as one Human race as we remember at this vigil the lives of those people who could’ve had a good remarkable life, who could’ve gained, and achieved positive things in their life. Achievements that many of us take for granted and knowledge we learn or learned that these people could have had too. It’s unfortunate that the society we live in does not appreciate and respect everyone who lives here. Society needs to change and society needs to realize everyone matters and everyone has a chance to take responsibility for their own lives.

We live, we survive, we have self-determination, we have resilience, we have power, we have strength, we are the ones who will survive even when it’s our final time in this society to make our mark. Our mark is to ensure every Human being lives to their fullest advantage with extraordinary capabilities and intelligence the way we were intended to be built. Every one can use their minds to do anything they want to, it’s just important to remember that we are to use our mind to be creative or invent a fulfilling enjoyment for the world to enjoy. Life is beautiful if you make it beautiful, but life is given to us to help support each other embracing the relationships we already have or will have in the future. In retrospect, we are a community, a very broad and diverse community of Humanity where we built a society to live in. That society we live in is guaranteed to help us be included, be rewarded, and be respected no matter what.

What more can I say? We need to support each other, but most importantly we need to embrace the very fact of our humanity and let us say: Give a Supportive Inclusive Environment a chance and be respectful, courteous, and loving to all those around you. Think twice before you say something or do something hurtful, and enjoy the remarkable world we live in. There are so many people who have so much to offer, so give life a chance and let everyone live their life the way they know how to live it.

Love can go two ways, sometimes it’s one way, but we need to make it a two way street. Love means something when we journey through life accepting people’s missions, people’s gender, people’s disabilities, people’s personalities, people’s sexualities, people’s races, and people’s vision for the world. Everyone lives and everyone has a chance to feel anointed to their respectful wishes on how they want to live their life, experience the world, rectify their past, and live their personal destiny. Not everyone believes in spirituality and not everyone does not believe in spirituality either. That is the beauty of the way we all live in this world. Everyone craves the talented world we live in, to live the dream we always wanted. Now is the time to live the dream we always wanted. Now is the time for people with disabilities to feel accepted to their guided light of the day, and build up a life too. No body should feel hurt, no body should be killed, and no body should feel their life does not matter because we all matter.

As I conclude my opening remarks to this important Vigil, we embark on a new era of guiding people, all people, toward the light, toward sky, toward the vision of clouds in the sky, to move forward and smile at the everybody around you. Thank you everyone for coming to this important part of history in the making for a journey toward hope, toward love, and toward a mission well served. Now I introduce you to our State Senator David Carlucci to say a few words about this Vigil. Thank you…


Transitional 2013 Creates a Fabulous Wondrous 2014!!

2013 was a year of many transitions in our diversified world all over. From the passing of Nelson Mandela to the passing of close personal peers either human or animal. 2013 was the year, Chloe the Maltese dog died. It was also the year I finally stood up for what I want to do and reach out into my nested niche which is just starting to grow. Though it is a constant battle to do what you love and without criticism from others who either pushing something else to do or criticizing in other ways. I have reached into my soul in 2013, to finally do what is necessary to make a difference in this world contributing in ways I know I can. It started many years ago, but I was blinded with wool not knowing what I can really do by having been pushed in a direction that kept me out of the direction I was intended for because of influence.

It’s a slow, long process, but I feel I am able to do it now. Life throws us curveballs, and if you try to swing at it, you can get yourself into a rut. I was trying to hit curveballs for the past 9 and a half years after I had graduated from college, and now I started to finally learn how to hit the ball. My voice is soaring along and I am learning day by day not to let others influence me anymore.

By doing so, the latest puppy in my life is Skyler the Maltese Dog who when I see her every day, gives me an example of remarkable tenacity to jump up to fulfill passion. I am earning respect from the community by starting to teach Self-Advocacy skills and empower the lives of the disability community I am so much a part of because I am Autistic. The Disability community needs to know that there are Disabled folks out there who can and will help the most struggling Disabled people around. If only organizations like Autism Speaks can notice that about Autistic adults who want to help!

Here is a picture of young Skyler (she is a white fluffy animal, long ears bending over, with her head tilted up) Skyler the Maltese Dog is a one in a million, out of the ordinary dog who brings the next phase of a better life:


Transitions are hard, but transitions are also very good for us to experience in our lives, whether it’s a transition in our life or a transition to go beyond life once our body is time to perish. Changes in our lives glorify our being whether it’s a change in leadership within society, an organization, or within family. Sometimes the changes are good, but sometimes the changes take time to get used to. For instance, when someone dies, a new leadership steps up to the plate to take control. Transitions are hard, but once we are able to control it, it becomes beautiful.

Passing the torch to someone else is important many times over in our lives. As we pass the torch once, we pass it again over and over until the torch has ceased to shine no more or until we need to re-light the torch. Remembering the past is important, but not as important as moving forward with the lessons we learned from the past. Moving on and transitioning our lives every year encompasses our growth in our mind and spirit allowing us to lead our own lives. Life can be complicated especially when others’ influence us. Being who we are is a incredible idea we all should always incorporate every day we wake up. When you wake up tomorrow after a party from New Year’s Eve, remember what is necessary to live your life; love, connections, and emotions that give us the feelings we have all the time. Not to mention the passion and drive you feel inside to make a difference to contribute in this world. Never leave your passion for anything.

The time is now for my passion to thrive. Now is the time for my passion to exist. Now is the time to start teaching organizations like Autism Speaks what really matters, giving as many Autistic adults the chance to help our fellow Autistic peers young and old struggling more than ever. Now is the time for me and all my Autistic peers who are similar to me to help give our struggling peers a voice and that they matter too! No matter where you fall in Human diversity, remember how much you matter and how much you can give to the world too. (If you need someone to read this to you, just remember the last line I said)

Let’s begin 2014 with the year every Autistic person thrives in their lives, living every day knowing they make a difference too!

Happy New Year!!! Be Passionate in what you know you want to do to be happy 😉


Happy New Year!!!

There is a World of Amazing People you CAN Meet!!

This is Autism! Autistic people do have empathy.

What most people can’t fathom is that Autistic and Disabled people everywhere are capable if only they are given a chance and given their rights to live better in the world. There was a recent study which said that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder like Aspergers actually have too much empathy where it’s hard to cope with others because of it. If you haven’t read about this yet, please do so, here! Most people do not understand the reasons why people withdraw from the outside world, do not understand the anxieties of Autistic folks, and do not understand the meltdowns.

Human beings are very diverse and the diversity of so many different people around societies give us more to learn about. Everyone is learning slowly about what it means to be Human. Being Human means we are all in it together and need to bring our communities together. No one is less than Human, and everyone has the many ways of being who they are.

Everybody needs to know to give people a chance to live their life. Living life is not living in a group home, sheltered workshop, or other institutions. It’s living amongst the community while the community helps each other. There is no one left behind and everyone is included. Unfortunately, many people do not think this way. Instead they feel segregated institutions are the way to go. Though many people forget what happened during segregation throughout history.

Community-based programs allow Autistic and Disabled people to live independently with help from the community at large. The more the communities come together, the more people will understand, the more people will listen, the more acceptance there will be, and the more Autistic and Disabled people will be able to feel more comfortable in their societies. Being comfortable in the environment and being comfortable with the people around you, only lifts the barriers completely that Autistic and Disabled people have faced all these years.

There are many people who neglect to listen to someone because they are slower to talk to or need to communicate in other ways. However, listening to everyone speaking is not just listening with your ears. It’s also listening with your body. It’s important to follow your intuition and know that your intuition of how to listen to someone is different for everyone you listen to. Everyone has empathy, but some people in general ignore the empathy they were born with. It’s important to not ignore it, not push it away, but soak it all in guiding your strength with it.

The guidance we as a disability community get from the rest of the community at large only makes us a better person. So, the communities that we live in should always include everyone in conversations about them. It’s important to know that we have always lived in an interdependent society where everyone should be supporting each other. ‘Nothing about us, without us’ is so important!


It’s time for Everybody to Remember about the Importance of Self-Determination for anyone!

Self-determination can very hard for any one, but in the end anyone, can respect themselves more, while others respect more who the person is. I find some Non-Disabled people do not see the whole picture. A person who wants to live in a particular area, work in a particular job, or do what they know can to help humanity, should have the right to do it. Societies are always pushing their thoughts, ideas, and motives on to the disability community to tell us how to think. The earlier a child is pushed to do it on their own, the more the child will have the ability to do the actions on their own. It’s also interesting how in the early Twentieth Century, there were many youth who as an adolescent, really worked, and built their lives earlier than many do now. Nowadays, standardized testing and intelligence scales are focused more than the creations any adolescent youth used to work on to build their lives.

Telling others to always use person first language does not allow anyone to have self-determination. It just instructs Autistic and Disabled people to go along with what other people say. The time is now to allow everyone to be able to identify themselves however they want to be called. No one can tell another person what they should be called and no one can tell a person how to live their life as long as they are not hurting themselves or others. Most people do not realize that Autistic people around the world need to live their life a certain way in order to be living their life the way they know they can. Self-Determination is allowing everyone to figure out how they want to live their life without influence from anyone else and know exactly how they want to be identified as. So, why are there still some people always trying to push their ways of identifying others especially on Autistic and Disabled people. That is not self-determination.

It really is interesting when I know that there are some Autistic people who say they are happy, however professionals, parents, or caregivers are forcing them to socialize in unexpected ways because they insist the Autistic person is unhappy. Socializing with others is a different process for everyone. Everyone socializes, but not everyone socializes the same way or at the same times as the majority of people. A lot of people will socialize by talking and making eye contact, but many others do not and can not do that. There are many people who socialize just be hugging, flapping, spinning, or using a Augmentative and Assistive Communication device (AAC) such as an iPAD. It’s interesting socializing is made to be an important factor for life especially when we see it in media throughout history. Watch this episode from Ghost Whisperer, season 2, episode 4 on Netflix or buy the TV series online at Amazon. This episode was the most accurate portrayal of Autistic people I have ever seen. It aired in 2007. Watch the episode and it’s not what you would expect.

I’ve heard some Autistic people who said that they wished they could just walk up to anyone and start a conversation on their own, but they literally can not do that. There are also some who do not care to start talking to anyone because they just want to work on their interest which a lot of people call, their ‘special interests’.

This past week I went to the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network’s Annual Gala in Washington D.C.!!! It was great meeting and increasing my network while enjoying the amazing night. Congratulations to Henry Frost for his amazing work and being included in the public school system!!

(To be continued…)