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A Poem Called “To Please Yourself is to not think of anyone else”

To Please Yourself is to not think of anyone else,

by theamazinJ

It’s my life,
and no one else’s,
it’s my life,
even when people disagree,
it’s my life,
even if anyone disagrees with me
my whole life too,
it’s my life,
I choose things in my life
for a reason,
as an activist,
as a person who is
committed to human rights,
disability justice,
and with the rights
everyone has of supported decision making.
As a person who
does not like
the way the world is today
from the many discriminations
and injustices that are serving
everyone living today.
From the ideas of
the way society uses
the medical model
to hurt so many people,
and the way
everyone hurts,
not everyone understanding each other,
that because of this
there is disability culture
separate from non-disability culture
and because of this
I saddened to know
that from the two different cultures
not understanding each other,
universal design is not realistic,
and too ideal,
because there are
too many non-disabled people
who think of only themselves
and there are
too many disabled people
that are angry about this,
that can this war over words
really end?
can this war over words really end?
The war over words,
eventually leads to violence,
eventually leads to a tougher life,
and eventually leads to
everyone learning the hard way.
Our lives are good,
as human beings
we have the ability to love,
we have the ability to understand each other,
we have what it takes to serve justice for all,
but many do not want justice,
many are too complacent,
too complicit,
and many just want to live in LaLaLand,
while many just want to think about the medical model
without considering life
and what living life really is like,
even when someone gets a diagnosis,
even when someone seeks surgeries
for that diagnosis,
or even alternative treatments.
Some of these treatments
are imperative and can be fatal if not treated,
while other treatments
are a choice from the person, the individual,
to live their life treated to
live under the current social construction
as who they are without seeking to pass,
or live their life different than who they are
choosing to seek treatment to
pass and please people in society.
Everyone has their choices to make,
the ultimate choice is,
please yourself or please others,
and whatever you please,
there are consequences and rewards,
you just have weigh in on
the choice that best fits your life,
but remember this,
even when you are anxious over this decision,
asking too many people what to do,
and not relaxing and letting things happen,
you still must please yourself regardless.

A Poem Called “The Institution of ‘Trump'”

Trigger Warning: Please read with caution. Trump is created bad ideas and this poem may trigger many. Do please read with caution.

The Institution of ‘Trump’,

by theamazinJ

Trump, Trumponian Era is beginning soon,
the dark ages is beginning way too soon once again,
the ages of ignorance, the ages of backwards history,
an ages of no civil rights laws for everyone
is the beginning of Trumponian Era.
A scary time for me, a scary time for you,
and a scary time for everyone.
It’s going to be scary because
a age of ableism,
a age of racism,
a age of misogyny,
a age of heterosexism,
a age of transphobia,
a age of binary gender,
a age of anti-semitism,
a age of islamophobia,
a age of institutional thinking
for any one who is different than the status quo,
re-creating institutions for disabled people
from cognitive to learning to psychiatric to physical disabilities
to segregation without inclusion,
without The Americans with Disabilities Act and Universal Design
for everyone to live their life however they want to live,
a age of conversion therapies
to change everyone’s brains from the way an individual citizen thinks and feels
regardless how the person think and feel,
a age of creating clones of people,
a age of no creative thinking or inventive thought,
an age of being afraid to express ourselves the way we feel,
an age of black and white thinking and polarization.
we are about to enter an age of searching to create the perfect human being once again
who are white, anglo-saxon, heterosexual, non-disabled males,
where we are leaving behind an age where Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, Ed Roberts,
and many other activists fought hard for women’s rights, the Civil Rights Acts of the 1960’s,
the Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act, where Free Appropriate Public Education Act for All was passed,
where the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was passed, where De-Institutionalization began over 40 years ago,
where the Sexual and Gender revolutions happened, where the Early Intervention Laws of the 1980’s began,
where the independent living movement got started,
where The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed,
where the Autism CARES Act was signed and passed,
and now Trumponian Era will try to erase all that and the history behind it,
Instead we need to support getting the Disability Integration Act started,
we need to ensure everyone is respected
regardless of gender, sexuality, disability, race, and religion.
We need to ensure human rights for all,
and we need to do this before it is too late.
We need to remember eugenics did not work,
we need to remember the word ‘genetics’ is similar to ‘eu-gen-i-(ti)cs’,
we need to remember what science means to all of us,
We need to remember to be open to everyone,
away from another age of binary thought,
away from a President-Elect who is too ignorant and too emotional
to think everything through as our soon to be President.
We need to pop the bubble Trumponian Era is trying to create,
we need to cure ourselves from the institution of Trump
who does not want to support disability and difference,
we cannot build walls around anyone,
we need to build bridges around the world,
to ensure we create the justice everyone always wanted,
to ensure everyone can live together,
to ensure everyone is included,
to ensure public education is free and appropriate for every child,
to keep the Affordable Care Act Obama signed,
to build supported decision-making for everyone,
to secure our minds to think the way we feel about inclusion,
to feel about whoever we love in this world,
to communicate our thoughts however we express ourselves
through our physical voice or through sign language or through assistative technology.
To ensure that human rights means disability is respected part of the human experience
because disability is a part of the human experience.
We need to secure self-determination and the choices everyone gets to make every day.
Everyone deserves the right to follow their hearts and follow whatever dreams they have,
because in the end,
we need to all march this week.
We need to march for our revolution,
we need to march for our freedoms that many past civil rights leaders and our founders created
with many of the current civil rights leaders in all of us,
and we need to march for justice!
That is all from a activist fighting with everyone!

A Poem called “Disability, Disorder, or Pathology”

Disability, Disorder, or Pathology,

by theamazinJ

Disability is disorder
in certain circumstances,
Disorder is pathology
when it affects us too greatly,
Disability is disorder is pathology
when it affects us every day
and affects the majority of how we live,
disability is not really pathology
nor is it really disorder,
it just is a reality
we all face at some point in our lives
and every day of our lives.
Impairments affect us in different ways
and at different points in our lives,
while impairments are real
that can affect us greatly.
can be a pain,
can be debilitating,
can be limiting,
can echo our past,
can be our present,
and can affect our future.
Impairments can be fooled
like we can fool ourselves from
whatever impairments we do actually have.
Impairments are,
our general view of what
makes a person a human being.
We all struggle with something,
those struggles
give us the ability to make a decision,
how to do we deal with our impairments?
Some impairments lead to important life choices,
Some impairments cannot pass in a society we live in
no matter what we do,
while other impairments can easily pass
in the modern status quo we live in,
impairments are real,
disability is not really disorder nor is it pathology,
many shared impairments are lumped into disability,
can be crammed into pathology,
which can lead to disorder
when the individual
has no means to controlling the impairments.
However, everyone can make their own decisions
with from very small and/or to a very large choice.
Impairments are real,
disability is real,
pathology is real,
disorder can be real too
when we struggle to create the order
we want in our life.
We all don’t accept we have impairments,
Some actually say they do,
in reality,
it is hard for everyone to realize
what impairments we all have
that affect us everyday,
the more we realize this:
the more the ADA will be more recognized,
the more the ADA will even be enforced,
the more Early Intervention laws will be recognized
from the past,
the more Early Intervention laws will be used by everyone,
the more every child will have free appropriate public education,
the more disability will be recognized by everyone,
the more ‘passing’ becomes a thing of the past,
the more disability will not mean disorder nor pathology,
and everyone will understand the needs of all its citizens,
the more we won’t stare at anyone,
the more we will teach supported decision making to all,
the more we won’t limit our understanding of communication,
the more we hear everyone’s voices with or without technology,
the more we won’t seek out causes of any disability,
the more we won’t want to cure things.
Because in the end,
disability is real, but disability is also important
understanding that
some people can live their life regardless of what impairments they have,
and some people actually cannot and need actual support
in whatever ways they can get it.
Impairments lead to disability which can lead to disorder
which can lead to pathology
whichever the individual citizen
can or cannot be like in the community they live in.
Some say disability makes them badass
while others say disability makes them feel bad,
in the end,
we have to know what impairments
all of us have
make up who we are
as well as the abilities we do have,
some impairments we are born into
while other times we acquire them.
Impairments make us real,
impairments make us human,
no one can deny any impairment they may have
because finally,
we are all human.