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Choices we Make

Choices we make,

By Jason Ross

Guiding light
In to the midst of a blue sky
Following the dream
Many of us have.
Driving, screaming,
Torturing, suffering
In life before the fateful
Day we see our shining light emerge.
We live in a life so dear with compassion
We live in a life so respectful of our neighbors
We live in a life true to us.

I live a live just like so many others
Trying to gain the access of a lock
To be able to unlock for myself
The dignity and power which
Will give me the strength
To move through the door.
A door eager enough to
Show her the magic of what
Life has given to many others
In a world which is very hard
To handle sometimes.

We live a life coming and going
Out of many people’s lives.
Sometimes we don’t know it
At the time the lessons we are
Supposed to learn to move on.
The equal opportunity we
All get in life is what many
Of us just don’t get.
We all breathe, We all sing,
We all eat, and we all do the things
Needed to survive
By hopefully pulling through in a positive way.

The Golden ears are listening
The Golden eyes are watching
The Golden mouths are speaking to us
Even when we don’t want to listen.
But, most of all the throne is are
Source of prayer.
Our prayers are heard equally
Our emotions are felt the same.
Every one is hurting,
But the strength we are given
Must be held within us
To give us honor.

A Triumphant victory life
Has to offer is when we
Used the strength given to us,
After we passed it along to others
After our passing in to the light.
One day we will all get that chance
As long as we are not to weak to finish.
The life we make of is the life we
Gain from. It is the rapid movement
Of time which gathers the dignity of
Our passion to do what is right
And forget about the hurt, the pain, the sorrow.

Thank yourself for trying
And thank others who
Bring the greatness in to you
Since the greatness life has to offer
Came from many men and women
Who gave their heart and soul for you.
The visions we all get are the shining movies
From our past. We think about them
while we listen to them in our heads.
Some want to forget them, but you
Can never forget what was done or said.
You can only learn from them like most will say.

Here is me, here is you,
Here is the life we all make.
And Drinking.
Some of the things we
Do may be wrong,
Some of the things we
Do may be right.
But we choose,
And choosing the act we want to play.

Posting later on,


Careers are very important to make

Yes, Careers are very important. Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out sometimes it really doesn’t at all. I know that my life is a bit eluding and evasive these days at least to other people of what I really want for a career. My career choice I chose so far is Ultrasound. Most people say that I need to do echocardiography, but to me I really want to something more and better for me.

People feel that echo is money maker, but its only a money maker because most of the field of echo is about getting as much as you can done without a care in the world about the quality of the studies. I believe that quality matters even if its a study where you know nothing is wrong because everyone should have pride in what they do.

Someone says to me ‘Think Fast, Do Fast’ but … I question that…

Anyway, I am not saying this is with all people who do echo, because it certainly is not.

Echocardiography is an art and so is the rest of Vascular Ultrasound and even the parts of General Ultrasound.

I really enjoy doing  echocardiography and even vascular ultrasound.

Anyway, It is making money for me now, but I certainly do not have to cave in to the fact that there are other people around me that are [bleep] people who do NOT care and I do not want to be influenced by people like that. To those like me and feel the opposite of these [bleep] people who do not care, HALLUEJAH!

Anyway, posting later on,

Out, J