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Always Remember It’s Okay to Feel what we Feel as Individuality

Being who I am, I am easily swayed to think one way or the other. Organizations like Autism Speaks and the media know how to easily manipulate people to think their opinion is the right opinion. No opinion is wrong, but we need to be more intuitive as a World Wide theme. Are psychiatrists seeking a cure for autism? Many just say they are seeking to help the individuals live their life better. Helping is good, but no person or group of people can overtly talk against a certain culture to eradicate them. Society needs to give everyone their choice of living their life without suggesting or influencing with the most highly visible mainstream media. I hear people say we should switch to the Social Model of Disability, however I feel that there should be a balance between both models. I do believe some people need medication, but not everyone. There are people who believe in medication because those people feel they need to change behaviors. Many people who have severe anxiety, obsess, have severe depression, hallucinate, think with delusions, thought insertions, and/or feel unbalanced with moods. Reality is what we create for ourselves, so a person needs to create a reality that fits them best as a individual.

A person with unbalanced moods like in people with Manic-Depression can be very creative. However, what is the fine line between creations a person who is Bipolar does and how the person can live a functional life with no severe depressive or manic states? If we didn’t have these types of conditions or even autism, would we be able to be creative or be inventive? Are these emotions really helping us make the world a better place? It’s important to remember to give everyone the attention they deserve, but guiding them to not take it to extremes. Although we need creative and inventive thinking!

Life is a common core of who we are and what we want to be. There are many people these days in my observations who have manipulative, narcissistic egos that do not correlate with being human. ‘Selfies’ have become extremely popular these days sort of the most popular thing where people are simply obsessed with how they look and show there face to the world. Intuition is having the capacity for love, understanding, and compassion for everyone in the way we come in contact with the communities we live in. It seems as if simply ‘being human’ has lost it’s image of intuitive feelings because many people generally are obsessed with themselves.

We are all born as a small baby who constantly learns. Intuition is taught at a very early age. Everyone is intuitive, everyone has empathy, and everyone can learn to be the person they want to become one day. Although in life, there is not always enough support of everyone to be able to become that Adult they want to be. That is when emotions and feelings swirl inside of a person where anger rises, fear scares us, or pain makes us cry depending on the situation. Any one in the disability community has needs and wants like those in the non-disabled community. People need a connection from a person who can teach them to become the person they always wanted to be. Unfortunately, even when becoming that person, we are still a bunch of swirling emotions/feelings because that’s what being human really means.

Once we find ourselves, secure our mission, and balance our emotions is when we can move on to the next level. May be being Autistic or having any disability is a gift where it’s supposed to teach everyone else to be more intuitive. However, may be those like myself who are Autistic or have another disability, don’t need connection so much as to needing to help others have connection. Society needs to give Disabled people more credit and not treat us like we are a tragedy. There are many people on the autistic spectrum who were never given the chance to speak up, be their own person, and learn in school. Some of society gives up on them because they feel some people are not worth it.

There are many others who actually do teach any one. However, it’s not as many as there are. There are many different ways to teach a person and the education system needs to gear more toward every body, not just a standard normal way. Because we all can teach each other.

To those people who suggest recovery or cure of autism, they need to remember what they are going to be eradicating. If we eradicate autistic culture like most of society is suggesting, then we are going to rid the world of disability, things we are enjoying, emotions, feelings, pain, and learning more about humanity. When watching the movie, The Giver, and reading the book too, I am noticing that if we wipe out what we are trying to delete, we no longer feel anything, be creative, and invent.

It’s time for society to remember that it’s okay to feel, to have pain, and to have a disability. Thus, disability is a part of the human experience and so is autism as a disability too! Don’t ever forget any one can easily fall into and out of the disability community at any point in their life. Being Autistic is a culture that needs accepting too as well as all disabilities!


Connections Help to Inspire Us!

Creative play is important because it builds critical thinking, imagination, and connecting with another human being. The media’s portrayal in society creates a sense that we will lose those skills in our children in the future because they will be repeating things and not really interacting to connect in real time. The media also portrays false beliefs too. Ableism is a tactic the media has always used to stigmatize and promote fear interacting with certain people. There is no reason people should be disqualified from wanting to interact with someone even if they are different than they are. Connecting with the people we want to be around heals us, but most importantly family was created for us to begin this means of connecting to heal whether it is with a person or animal. I have learned that not every one has had the family life I fortunately have and I met other people who met people they feel are their family instead of their genetic family. Family is important!! The family you choose whether from birth or from your life, will give you the direction you need to go and making the connections we so desperately need when we don’t want to be alone. However those connections we have are just a valuable piece of our life. The rest of our life is trying to make peace within ourselves to live comfortably in solitude because eventually we cross over by ourselves anyway after we are old and gray.

Society is structured now in a way that promotes the media to affect our life, trying to tell us how to eat, how to sleep, how to even think. However we need to be able to think outside the box critically and connect to others in real time. There is too much negative stigma in the media, lot’s of promotions of fears toward certain people, and not enough showing of love toward one another especially toward the disability community. This has got to change. We need to change the way the media thinks about the disability community by not treating Autistic people or any other disability population like we are incapable of living like the rest of the world.

Is virtual reality supposed to be bad? Well, no it’s not, but the virtual games show too much disconnect to others.
I feel that it’s the media’s negative hype that creates a disconnect in love, for so many people.

Connections are so important for our well-being and wholeheartedly builds our self-esteem. It strengthens our mind, let’s our spirit grow more, enables us to eat, exercise, and sleep better at night. It not only does these things, but when we are alone to reflect in solitude, we are able to peacefully think about the positive creative ideas we all can make. Connections matter and in real time!

Feeling out of place, lonely without connections in real time, and watching the media’s ideas only disconnects us and hurts us in the end. Not saying we should not watch the media, but we should limit how much we are attached to the media. However if the media changes their tactics, things will be different.

I am lucky enough to have had a good solid foundation from my parents about connecting which has helped me a lot and still does. I just hope the adults of tomorrow or the children of today are able to enjoy creative play now without the media’s help. It’s important to let someone connect with someone else without feeling judged or even bullied.


What a new year brings each year to all of us, Its Rosh Hashanah!

Rosh Hashanah is here which means Yom Kippur is just around the corner. As many of you don’t know yet, Yom Kippur is my favorite holiday. The essence of the holidays does not mean someone has to go to synagogue to hear a rabbi dictate prayers. Although it does help many people who need to pray in a community setting. The essence of the high holidays is to say prayers yourself and express your love for g-d. By knowing you are expressing prayer for g-d however you can do it, does not matter, all that matters is that you show g-d you are being the best you can be. As I always know, we need to give as much as we receive and g-d will reward us more. Some people think the only way to pray is in a community synagogue with a Rabbi dictating prayer, but this is not necessarily true. Prayers can be good and as well as how much they can be bad if you curse someone, expressing yourself to g-d is important whenever you feel you need it. There are different ways someone can express their love for g-d. When you express yourself to g-d, you should always do it in the most comfortable way you can think of doing it. Its okay to express your fears, weaknesses, and failures to g-d. It only makes you grow and become more successful. Every one fails before they succeed, it is the common ground of the learning process for success.

Although this world is changing very quickly as the internet world becomes faster and we see news feeds right away in a blink of an eye. Is this a better way of living? or Should we be waiting to receive news like we did 30, 40, 50, or even 100 years ago? We live in a world where every one has to feel connected to each other all the time. The more we feel connected and closer together, the more we all feel better, however, we also feel more pain from someone who hurts us. Is it really our right to have the internet nowadays? even cell/smart phones? People use their cell phones/smart phones even in cars because they need to feel connected to someone a lot more now. Technology is alluding us to what really matters with connections and that is waiting for someone to approach us to have a conversation after not talking for quite some time. Whatever happened to the pony express after receiving a message from someone we haven’t heard from in a long time. Now we can hear from any body from around the world in no time. Has technology given us more hope for a better tomorrow? I feel technology does give us hope because there are many positive things the technology we created helps us even though there are many negative attributes too. Bullying is one of the main things technology does to hurt us more because now people can do this through cyber space. I like what technology gives us, but people think they can start in with others without any remorse. Why are their bullies? Why do they have to use something so positive and try to make it negative. The internet is for everyone to enjoy and cherish, not to bash and rehash! Think about it…

For instance, I observe in the world how many wars are begun due to people fighting over what they think they deserve. Sometimes these wars are widespread and sometimes they can just be in a narrow field of view. At the end of the wars, people finally realize what life is all about and peace resides inside of us as g-d helps us to realize and appreciate why we are here. Money is an object for controversy because every one wants it to feel more powerful. Power lies within all of us and realistically money has nothing to do with power. Its important to give as much as you receive because you will always receive. Wars are troubling, but in time people grow. Hopefully we learn one day to accept everyone’s point of view whether we like it or not.

I hope this year in 5772 we all think about what we can do to live a better life where we can finally put our differences aside to acceptance of any human being.

More posts coming soon,


Lonliness and Solitude is a difference

Who lives in loneliness and with solitude.  People that are lonely like my grandma tend to weep when they can’t be with other people.  While people in solitude like myself tend to be happy by themselves and can do things by themselves without having to do things with other people.

I like to be by myself and it is very important to be by yourself sometimes, but I have come to realize over the years that people need to have other people to be with sometimes to do things with.

Okay, so I understand that, but for what purpose.   In order to communicate effectively with others and practice the communication in order to succeed in this life’s world.  Anyway, solitude can not succeed in this world because most people are Neurotypicals and because of that it leaves the  Aspie to adapt and feel compelled to try and be with other people communicating with them a whole lot of the time.

That is how I have learned about the world since I was younger because this world we live in is about communication and being with other people which makes an Aspie lonely because the world is unlike anything that Aspies comprehend in this world when Aspies like myself start out as children in this world. Then as we become Adults with Asperger Syndrome, we must communicate effectively to earn a living with a good job that satisfies us.  Yet, we can not ever dare to be alone unless we become the outcast of society.  So we learn to adapt to the society of this world and live with learning to communicate effectively.

Teach people the ways of every means of communication especially talking and listening because that is the most important aspect of this world that we live in.     Without it, we would not have any means of a job that can satisfy us and earn a living.

Money pays the bills and by making money, you are earning a living that satisfies your interest that you love to do all the time.

take it easy,

out, J

attraction comes in many forms and in different ways

does it matter if the woman is of a different culture? I say, NO WAY it doesn’t matter.

As long as the attraction is there, go for it and go out and love. Because you can’t let any body including your family dictate what type of woman you go out with. I feel that if you go to a regular bar/club/lounge/ or any other events that have women and the woman is of a different culture, then go for it because attraction is attraction and you must go out and show your attraction to that single woman who wants you and you want her.

For instance, if you go on a general dating site or an interracial dating site you are more generally going to find the woman you want. And if you go to a general singles event with many different cultures there you will find the woman you want rather than go to a say an event with only one type of culture there.

This is how I feel and how I am approaching the dating scene and I feel everyone should approach the dating scene. live the moment and don’t let anyone dictate who you should or should not be dating.

Anyway, have a goodnight,

Out, J