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Complications and more complications this world lives in

People live in this world and take life for granted.  When I go out in public lately, I become so highly verbal because I want people to change their minds of what they want want out of this world. I yell out on the street, ‘Please do not worry so much about money’.  Yes, money is the object which gives us the power to buy for our needs and wants.  Unfortunately, we have to know when our wants should wait for another time.   I feel if we choose certain wants a year and no more, then every year we will want something.  We should not get everything we want in our youth because later in life when we are seniors, we won’t know what else we want.  I think something we should all cherish are each and every  want we get ourselves or somebody who gives them to us.  By cherishing this want and not thinking we want more, in the end, we can get more.

Sometimes what we want is something we earned and we do not receive this wanted piece for our life. This is when we get frustrated.  Things take time and we need to be patient even when patience takes years till we honestly get it.   The question could  sometimes be,  how long do you wait? I find waiting a few years is hard and a few months more is even harder, but after all it could be worth the wait.

Patience is a virtue and when we continue to work hard and accomplish our dreams, things happen.  A couple of weeks ago, I felt like giving something to the nursery schools in New York City.  I gave a book on anatomy to be aware of your body at an early age.  It looked like a good book for children.  I felt the earlier a child sees their body the way it is, the more these children can live healthier lives.  We need to teach healthy ways of living by explaining the body to children as early as we can, explaining good social behavior/skills in a way which is instilled in their minds, and using the unique talents which could someday be a career/job for these children.

Anybody with Asperger Syndrome and Autism need more attention and support at an earlier age.  The more people recognize this at an early age, people can intervene.  Generations before of people with Autism Spectrum did not necessarily have the intervention we can give these children now.  Some generations before of people with Autism Spectrum made it because without realizing it, they had received some of the intervention they needed.  Just look at the people who succeeded with ASD in the past years and know your child today can be a success story too.  Others did not succeed and fell through the cracks because honestly they did not get all the support they needed at an early age.  How early can we detect Autism Spectrum? I feel my mom can detect very early.  By detecting an Autism Spectrum at an early age, no body should fall through any crack ever again.

We need to support and help oneanother since this is what being humble is truly about.

Posting again soon…