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The simpilicity of Life which Human beings complicate

It is very interesting how my life winds up. For every ending there is also a beginning even with death. A beginning most people are frightened to find out so people become failures. Every body will create their problems to form a solution if they can. This is the failure of people’s lives. A failed life is a feared life.

I have seen many things in my life and one of those things are people who don’t see a person for who he or she is. Instead they see every one with problems. A problem which is really made up human trait.

Take a look at this:

Our minds think largely overwhelming to the solutions. There are simple solutions to everything we see in the world, but we just pass right by it every time. Every time we always have to track back our minds to the past where the solution lies.

For instance, every one wants in to be the first one to solve a problem. There is no problem in the first place and we create


problems. Instead there are only ways to live our life and life is simple. The complexity is in every human mind. Just look at animals and how simple their lives are. Animals know everything.

Next time you have a money or personal or work problem just think about how any other animal will simply just go about their business.

Forget how to think and just live.

Anyway, posting later on,