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what is it about people that complain that makes it contagious?

When people complain, its likes a cold, it spreads and spreads. This is not good because complaining never solves anything.  Why? Because you have to do something with your life and not be a complainer.  Actions speak louder than words, better yet Actions speak louder than complaints.  No one likes a complainer especially since its lika a contagious disease because you see one person complaining and then others do it too.

We must be satisfied with our life and appreciate all that is given to us because there is so much given to us we can take for granted.   Anyway, I am appreciating my life why do others have to complain and make me complain sometimes too. That is completely unfair to me.

I don’t like that and neither should you or the person who is complaining either.

Anyway I just get upset about that.  I hope people can appreciate all that they have in life and don’t complain anymore.

No one should complain if they are getting what they want even though its not full potential yet because things take time. Time is essentially the best thing in life because if we achieved our full potential right away then life would be boring and we wouldn’t be living 100 years on life. Listen to the song 100 years by Five for Fighting. good song, good times.

Anyway, have a good day. NO COMPLAINING OR ELSE I WILL BE UPSET…