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There is a World of Amazing People you CAN Meet!!

This is Autism! Autistic people do have empathy.

What most people can’t fathom is that Autistic and Disabled people everywhere are capable if only they are given a chance and given their rights to live better in the world. There was a recent study which said that people with Autism Spectrum Disorder like Aspergers actually have too much empathy where it’s hard to cope with others because of it. If you haven’t read about this yet, please do so, here! Most people do not understand the reasons why people withdraw from the outside world, do not understand the anxieties of Autistic folks, and do not understand the meltdowns.

Human beings are very diverse and the diversity of so many different people around societies give us more to learn about. Everyone is learning slowly about what it means to be Human. Being Human means we are all in it together and need to bring our communities together. No one is less than Human, and everyone has the many ways of being who they are.

Everybody needs to know to give people a chance to live their life. Living life is not living in a group home, sheltered workshop, or other institutions. It’s living amongst the community while the community helps each other. There is no one left behind and everyone is included. Unfortunately, many people do not think this way. Instead they feel segregated institutions are the way to go. Though many people forget what happened during segregation throughout history.

Community-based programs allow Autistic and Disabled people to live independently with help from the community at large. The more the communities come together, the more people will understand, the more people will listen, the more acceptance there will be, and the more Autistic and Disabled people will be able to feel more comfortable in their societies. Being comfortable in the environment and being comfortable with the people around you, only lifts the barriers completely that Autistic and Disabled people have faced all these years.

There are many people who neglect to listen to someone because they are slower to talk to or need to communicate in other ways. However, listening to everyone speaking is not just listening with your ears. It’s also listening with your body. It’s important to follow your intuition and know that your intuition of how to listen to someone is different for everyone you listen to. Everyone has empathy, but some people in general ignore the empathy they were born with. It’s important to not ignore it, not push it away, but soak it all in guiding your strength with it.

The guidance we as a disability community get from the rest of the community at large only makes us a better person. So, the communities that we live in should always include everyone in conversations about them. It’s important to know that we have always lived in an interdependent society where everyone should be supporting each other. ‘Nothing about us, without us’ is so important!