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A Poem Called “The Responsibility of Choice”

The Responsibility of Choice

by theamazinJ

The responsibility of choice lies in what any one chooses,
do we choose a partner or do we choose solace,
do we choose to have children or do we choose not,
do we choose to take psychiatric medication or do we choose alternatives,
do we choose employment or do we choose day hab,
do we choose having much more support or do we choose very little support
do we choose to learn to communicate like everyone else or do we choose to communicate the way we are
do we choose living in a city or do we choose a rural setting,
do we choose being complacent in society or do we choose being activist fighting for civil rights
Choices are based on self-awareness.
what we know about ourselves,
from all of our impairments
regardless of having known disability or not,
from how we want to live our life,
from what we want to accomplish,
from what and who we want to support us,
Choices matter and it’s all about us,
The responsibility of choice,
we can choose a direction of whatever support we want or a direction of others’ controlling us,
The choice is ours,
the choice of concern or the choice of not being afraid,
being careful or overdoing and being overloaded,
a choice we make is an important one that fits right for us,
the choice of believing in ourselves or not,
choices help us through it all,
choices give us hope for ourselves,
it helps guarantee our life is what we make of it,
the choice we make is the honor it takes
to be the person we are meant to be,
the person we are meant to live up by our goals we set,
for a choice of the goals we want
helps us choose and appreciate who we are
and the support we want to get us to that point
of the success we ultimately see,
responsibility of choice helps us,
responsibility of choice keeps us moving forward,
responsibility of choice allows us to guide ourselves
in a direction that fits right, that means us well,
and that gives us the opportunity to
fulfill our greatest need of connecting to
whatever and however our individual leadership moves us
in a vector with the speed we want to go
and the direction and angle we get to move across,
because in the end,
it’s all about us, it’s all about our own choices,
and it’s all about feeling right
when we choose what feels good
with the goals we execute to get done.
That’s the responsibility we all need to take.

A Poem Called “The Choice”

(TRIGGER WARNING: The use of oppressive language may trigger some, be cautious before reading this poem)

The Choice,

by theamazinJ

The Choice is yours,
live one way or live another,
choose light or choose darkness,
choose anger or choose relieving that anger,
choose crying or choose sobbing until it stops with the tears that heal,
we can hurt our whole life or we can choose to diminish and maybe even stop the pain,
oppression is real and it hurts,
it hurts us all no matter who we are,
whether we are disabled or not,
any oppression hurts badly.
Oppression causes:
an attack on the person for their disabilities and any other different unique attributes,
then it causes a domino affect of pain and anger
eventually causing more heartaches and wounds.
The wounds bleed heavily and profusely,
as we get into a cycle of heavy bleeding of emotions and blood.
The cycle of oppressions is so strong and vengeful,
it causes hurt and pain,
though there is only one way
to stop the cycle of oppressions,
stop reacting and start attracting,
attract relationships you thought you would not have had,
attract everyone who walks into your life,
distract from the pain causing more pain
cause by distracting from the pain,
we become more productive,
we broaden our minds
opening up to other minds,
and living a universal neurodiverse community
all around the world.
The Neurodiverse community
that shapes our foundations of action,
that shapes our relationships,
that shapes our spirit,
and that shapes our communities across the world.
The choice is yours,
go with a direction of hope or go with a direction of never seeing the end.
Choose the direction down the rabbit hole into wonderland
or choose a direction into what will always be the same.
Wonderland can be wonderful,
but what we have already is wars against each other,
so choose wisely,
choose war and you get pain and anger and more pain,
choose wonderland and you attract relationships you never seen coming to you before.
The choice is yours,
the choice is forever,
the choice is not written in stone,
whatever you choose, choose wisely,
or learn to choose wiser in the future,
because in the end,
it is on you,
the choice determines your future,
the choice can change if circumstances change,
and choosing pain can change to choosing life,
because finally,
we choose how we feel at the moment,
we choose what we want,
and we choose a golden opportunity
to either seduce ourselves to the dark side,
and we attract emotions and bad feelings;
or abundantly attract beauty in everything,
and by attracting abundance,
we attract neurodiversity
to fulfill love, beauty, and kindness all around us.
Everything changes when attracting neurodiversity wonderland
and that makes all the difference
in a world that could forgive, teach, learn, build, and understand each other
for better than we were in the past,
leading to communications between ourselves and all around nature
toward acceptance of the supports and self-determination
everyone is born with.
Make that choice.

A Poem Called “365 New Days”

365 New Days,

by theamazinJ

Every year passes 365 days,
Another 365 days
every time a new year starts
depending on when you start
the year,
it could be now,
it could be then,
it could a month from now,
the new year starts
when you begin
a new 365 days to change,
when you exert 365 chances
to do something different,
a day when you decide
when you want to start fresh,
to focus on the positive
to lead a domino affect of change.
To really begin change,
to transition from feeling bad to feeling good,
to spread joy not sorrow,
to be a person not an inspiration,
to be the person you want to be not a martyr,
to think your own mind without copying anyone,
to build everyone up not make anyone seem crazy,
to not let anything bother you and letting everything go
from what anyone says to you,
regardless how close you are to them or far away,
the 365 day cycle begins when you want it to,
it begins when you say it will,
and moving forward a New Year’s Eve
is a stronger and more productive night
when you decide you want to grow,
that you have advanced to a higher level
to higher mindset, to a higher being,
where you sense the mind, and you embark your spirit,
everything changes when your thoughts change
when your body changes, when every interaction around you changes,
when situations change to your liking,
it is all a matter of what you want,
of what you do, and what you say,
you cannot change anyone else to change the outcomes,
in changing anything to happen,
if you want to change an outcome,
everything else has to change within your thoughts,
the idea is that a new year starts when you are ready
for the challenge, for the risks, and for the gains
that all will be done, that all will be accomplished.
I know it may be hard, difficult everyday,
difficult to wake up, not easy to block out criticism you don’t like,
but another 365 days starts everyday,
in every way, and when you want to change that way,
everyone says Ok, everyone says good day, and everyone says No, I won’t,
when we say we can, when we say it will happen, when we say Yes,
and when we say everything will be in our favor,
it does happen, it will happen, and it has happened to everyone
when we remember everyone loves us and no body hates us,
that everyone can put aside current leaders around the world
and start leading themselves.
No one can lead anyone, we can only lead each other to new chances,
to lead to new beginnings, to lead to better more supportive community,
to accept differences of all kinds of people,
and to experience a world where everyone diverges from each other
from the contrasted ways everyone is like,
whatever changes you seek, be grateful for your past that taught you lessons,
never regret anything you have said or done, and move forward growing and growing
to the higher spiritual level,
because in the end,
it is all about taking chances to build bridges connecting, not walls around each other
or around the world.
The world is great, everyone is great, and no one needs to be great again,
when we’ve always been a great species
making connections with the rest of the world,
helping to preserve the world to last longer
as we are crossing the bridge together
over fire and smoke,
some have fallen while many have risen.
Let’s cross together and rise up all at once.
Happy New Year.

A Poem Called “An Activist’s Tale”

An Activist’s Tale,

by theamazinJ

An Activist’s Tale is unique and adventurous,
it’s a tale everyone goes through
every point in their life.
Being an Activist means:
doing things the ethical way,
doing things the hard way,
doing things with a vengeance,
doing things to serve things the right way,
not getting caught up with anyone influencing another,
blocking the negative while attributing the positive,
knowing who is supporting and supportive,
and who is brainwashing and not caring and unappreciative.
Being an Activist is building strength
to what is real activism and what is lying to yourself,
being an activist is furthering the goals of yourself
while furthering the goals of the whole world toward
justice for all:
for disability justice,
for beating down racial discrimination for equal rights of all races,
for fighting for what a belief system individual citizens believe in
and accepting everyone,
for expatiating the inequality of gender to preserve justice
for anyone,
preserving human rights to incorporate civil rights for everyone,
allowing everyone to choose what is right for them,
so everyone understands what kinds of supports they need
to live in the community they want to live in
regardless of what kind of home they will be in,
and giving the opportunity to anyone
who knows they have the ability to direct their own life,
whether the citizen decides to live in a group home or by themselves in their own home,
without anyone telling the person what supports they need or do not need,
because everyone needs support,
support from their family,
support from people in the community who the individual identifies as a supporter,
giving everyone the chance to make mistakes.
An Activist’s Tale is adventurous and wide,
the activist is an individual like you and me,
the activist is a person like you and me,
the activist wants the supports they need,
the activist wants the community to support their supporters they have,
the activist makes mistakes and learns from them.
the activist is a teacher too teaching about support and who is a supporter,
the activist does not need:
a community that hates,
a community that brainwashes,
a single person who brainwashes,
any person who pushes away support or supports they have
cause the idea of independence lies in interdependence.
Its about getting the education the individual citizen needs and wants
to further their career,
its about changing from false perceptions everyone believes from the past to reality,
and its about not objectifying anyone or martyring,
because its all about respecting the citizen as an individual.
it is all about fighting for our individual rights,
it’s about believing in the ethical way and fighting for that,
it’s going into a direction that is positive and fulfilling
to serve justice for all.
Because An Activist’s tale can be misleading
when an activist calls out the negative too much,
when an Activist delivers speeches and written work
denouncing supporters and supports, not letting others live with self-determination,
lying to yourself and gas-lighting whoever to make people seem crazy,
and burning bridges everywhere without teaching others and building them,
that is not true activism.
True self-determination is growing into the person
the community has always wanted who:
embraces love, understanding, supports, supporters,
and acceptance of an individual’s right to choose
and acceptance of the diversity of whoever lives in the world,
since without diversity we have nothing,
because ‘every brain is wired differently’
that grows and learns unique to the citizen
and every person regardless of race, religion, gender, or sexuality
meets each other everyday in the community.
A True Activist’s Tale is being true to yourself,
and sticking with justice for all,
cause in the end,
it’s all about building the bridge our whole life
until one day when it is complete
and we finally settle down and rest peacefully,
then An Activist’s Tale is done.
Until then, speak up, believe, make mistakes, learn from everyone,
choose what fits for you, be yourself, teach what is activism, and direct your own life
to completing the bridge to its fullness and immensity.

A Poem Called “The Difficult Life”

The Difficult Life,

by theamazinJ

A difficult life,
too many our fighting the results of:
too many people being impoverished,
too many not having a home of their own,
lacking funds everyday to have what is needed,
having very little or nothing to eat,
not having any water to drink,
not having enough sunlight,
being isolated, ostracized, and segregated from the world,
being enslaved or being paid sub-minimum wages,
being bullied to the eventual death,
fighting the addictions everyone gets
when trying to fight the difficult life
from the past or present,
not being accepted by the status quo,
fighting everyday for many lives
living the difficult life.
Living a difficult life can be also:
be exhausting,
fighting for what we believe in everyday
for the sake of a better ethical world,
fighting for civil rights for everyone,
fighting for every voice to be heard,
fighting for free appropriate public education for children no matter what
so that these children can grow up to be adults learning
and taking responsibility in college or whatever they choose later on
regardless of the impairments they may have,
fighting for everyone to obtain a high school diploma,
fighting for access to the same information, buildings, and opportunities,
fighting for reasonable accountable pay for jobs well done,
fighting for benefits to support our needs,
fighting for whatever relationships we desire,
fighting to protect privacy and trust,
fighting to not be afraid,
fighting for the right to choose with the support we can get
to make that decision on our own,
fighting not to be considered a martyr or an inspiration,
fighting to be a hero in our own hearts and self-esteem
without medals, without monuments, and without being an idol,
and just serving thou,
fighting for reasonable accommodations with whatever impairments we have,
fighting for equal protection under the law,
fighting for different cultures to exist simultaneously,
fighting for the protection of thou above the stars,
fighting our thoughts to be positive under the laws of attraction,
Life is difficult in the difficult life for everyone,
sometimes we need to organize together
as we listen to each other
for justice and equality for all,
because in the end,
we are all in this together
so that we don’t repeat history,
so we don’t look back,
and so we just move forward
to the plenty of justices served
and judgements being passed
of who done wrong and who done right,
preserving humanity,
preserving a world of peaceful communications,
and starting a trend of acceptance, trust, and love
rising up for a better life
than the difficult life of something we are fearing
we are about to enter into in 2017.