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A cool discovery about the noble Chloe…

Chloe is noble and helps anybody see the lighter side of the world. This is why…

She is the great individual who helps me and loves helping others by giving others support as well by cuddling. She wants so much in so little time. She is an amazing individual.

A dog for the ages! A dog so spiritual for this world how she becomes a star so bright for the world to see.



Chloe showing her yin and yang

The mysterious Chloe...

The mysterious Chloe...

This look of Chloe shows her mysterious sides to her personality. She is the one who brings balance to the force, hehehehehe, LOL! She has her sides just like anybody else does. She loves people more than her own kind. Why is this? I don’t know may be she really is a person deep down inside who was reincarnated as a dog. Who knows? We will never know.

Posting soon regular content…


Apple Picking at the oldest farm in New York State and Pictures of Chloe in Autumn

These are pictures from the apple orchards down the road my brother’s girlfriend Rachel took.

PLUS, Pictures of CHLOE!!!!!!!

I know who will be HAPPY!