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Chloe the Maltese Dog on YouTube!!

This was my first video I recorded using my camera/video recorder my older brother bought me when I was in the hospital. I uploaded the video on my YouTube account to make it easier to place it on my blog. I hope all of you enjoy my first Video. It is about 19 seconds! It shows the simple qualities of animals.


Pictures of Chloe and I

What the Abby’s Star could be looking like now!!

The center star is Abby while the rest are widespread spirits lurking around

I found this on Google and thought immediately of the Abby the Maltese dog. The three pictures of Chloe resemble showing her becoming a star when we all go to sleep at night shining down on us. In the morning she becomes a lively dog. I dream a lot of this when I go to sleep at night.

I wonder what Abby is doing right now if she really is the big Star.