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A poem called “A letter from Heaven from Thou”


A letter from Heaven from Thou,

by theamazinj

Things are changing,
I see what you are doing,
Go get ’em and make those changes,
I support you,
I encourage you,
I want you to change those perceptions,
to change those pesky thinkers
striving to perfect the human genome,
I want you to change everything
to get everyone to believe in everyone
to get everyone thinking about my creation,
to the way I think about differences,
and to think about what true acceptance is,
I love you, now go get ’em my tigers,
go get ’em my activists,
and go get ’em my people to make peace
and to re-design a world
to thinking about universal design
to thinking about everyone,
not some who were
and are being a bigot
who designed societies in the past
both structurally and abstractly.
we need a world of differences
both varied and wide,
not bigots who do not think of differences,
we need a world to change things
from old to new,
and we need a world
to find my windmill
that changes everything,
that changes the way people perceive others,
the way disability is supposed to be in my human race,
the way the human race was created to be not perfect like I am,
it is you, it is yourself, and it is everyone around
who are activists who can stop this negative perspective
from thousands of years misperceiving me,
and creating the change toward accepting everyone,
to creating a world that does not hurt,
to creating a world of self-determination,
by creating a world of helping others with self-acceptance,
it is you to help others self-actualize,
Now, please send out this message
to finally GO GET ‘EM, MY SWEET ONES,
Go GET ‘EM, my tigers,
and GO GET ‘EM my activists,
but please do not be extreme,
please do change no matter what
others think is too radical to change,
and please just do it,
we need this,
we need diversity and differences
both varied and wind
in abilities
and in disabilities
and we need to show
what my world was created to be
like in the first place,
NOW, just GO and make that DIFFERENCE
no matter how stubborn and resistant
to change many of the others are!