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Accepting society and who we are

The weather is changing, February ends, the Ides of March is beginning to start. I can sense change. A feeling of sadness brings feelings of joy. When Purim begins I noticed the sun brightens each day. This year is still a transition, but with every transition we realize what a good life we live after all.

Since the day I was given a second chance, from the end of Summer, beginning of Fall, those times ago, I have sensed changes taking place. When my body went under while those faithful hands held on to a wand, the wizard performed his work. Then, I began to fly in to the skies for just a few moments.

Time and time again, I worked on the depths of my control, but realizing we need acceptance. I sensed the light,the skies, the passing Palace, but most of all I sensed I needed to correct my mistakes. Sometimes we don’t want to accept those mistakes continuously repeating the same scenario in our minds. However, if we can fulfill our hopes of living a more successful life, then we need more acceptance in all parts of our lives.

Sometimes its a matter of accepting what we have been brought here to do for this faithful planet. Most importantly we need to be able to give to society what talents we have, therefore not being someone we are not. Deep thoughts into our higher self, reveal one thing and nothing else further which inspires us to live.

Some of that might be to do something we are highly capable of while others may just be what we are not able to do, but motivated to try. Even though we try hard to do something, we explore all possibilities of what fits us best. Journeying in our life, we find the time to sit and breathe hard, the moments pass us by, and we encounter the realness we need in our life.

Sometimes we try something because we think we know what we want. Notwithstanding we need to feel empowered to lift the forces of nature to wake up to smell the flowers. I have been sleeping for quite some time, not accepting who I am, and I didn’t realize my purpose.

Fortunately, I feel the evolution of my life bringing forth greater acceptance of self and society around me slowly. Distinctively, I am returning closer to the enlightenment I have listened to in my mind as I fall asleep after each sunny day: to be able to accept things I repressed since I was a child and accept many other aspects of life. Acceptance truly inspires a powerful positive force to feel and be successful. My diction of my life says, to just be myself and life will go smoothly. However, my determination to be myself is not well accepted in my every day life. I start to appear in society as who I am, looking forward to more successes in my future.

There are many things I want to do to be successful in my life, but the most important thing to me is to help others in any way I can in my most creative way.  

Ability Caring Coping Excellence Performance Teaching, Allowing New Catchy Explorations (ACCEPTANCE) to

 Dream, Intellectualize, Create, Empower, and Succeed!!

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What is going on now?!?!

Today is a special day! Why? Today is the day of the most Positive energy the world will ever see and hear about.  Angels will be all around today, but aren’t they always.  We just don’t know it at the moment when an Angel is with us at every waking moment, but they are there.  If you are a bad person, they will want you to explain why you are a bad person.  If you have done something wrong, they’ll want to know why you’ve done something wrong.

I know people want to encourage different things, but you can’t control what is inside a person which comes out. You can only try and help that person.

You have one shot to do something with your life good and if you blow it, you blow it. We are in the midst of the holiday season this year where Chanukah just ended. Christians are ’bout to celebrate the major holiday. While other people are celebrating their holidays as well. Altogether we all celebrate faith!

Next year, 2010 can either be similar to 2009 or better than the ever. It can be a start to change everything. Think about it! If you lift yourself up from the ground, brush yourself off trying to earn your merit eventually, you could give something the world always wanted.

The world has always wanted the people who strive for success to work smarter and harder to earn their rights of honor. Unfortunately, there is a long dusty road of hardship along the way and not every one makes it for many different reasons. Sometimes people give up or sometimes a really jealous person stops them in their tracks leaving anyone stunned.

Anyway, things are going to be fine…

Have a great day!

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No return back (what’s done is done)

I need to make this clear: No returning back to what you do in the past, what’s done is done. Your actions show anybody or anything about what you do whether you do a very good deed or hurt. Things are the way they are right now in the world and there is no turning back, no return to order. We just have to fight through it and establish a new set of order once again.

CHANGES are happening everywhere in the world now. People are coming to realize its not money which buys stuff, its love. Money is just an object which gives us unlimited power to buy. You need to find the power in ourselves to be stronger inside.

I observe and listen to many people in the world who feel very angry about not having money. First, you need to feel a passion of love inside for what you like to do to be able to earn rewards.

A patient and positive person gets anything they want. When you feel angry inside, you get nowhere, but feeling other people’s pain from making them suffer. No body or thing needs to suffer because you don’t want to feel your own passion and instead be greedy.

There is no returning back now to the greed and disgusting actions from the past. Now we have all have to wait to see what happens next.

In my life I have met many people who were/are greedy. They decide to take it all, fearing they will lose it if they can’t keep it now. I sense these people need to understand the respect for any body or thing in the world because respect is important. When you give respect, you get respect because you have earned the respect.

I hope someone I know who just earned a promotion a work stays true to himself and respects his work mates continuously, but if he doesn’t he steps in to an EGO. It is good to have an ego for your own, but you should not let the ego fill you up completely. I agree we need to stay strong, but at the same time we need to stay true to our own self passions and respect for others. By all means this friend needs to give back to his community.

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Hurting still

Leaving behind my many wheels of fate
I sit in my room with the windows closed
I wonder as I look in the the mirror
watching my reflection shine back at me.
I see the hurt coming from my skin
as it seeps out of my veins.
Hurting still I just don’t understand.
May people help me or should I
listen for my own understanding.
An understanding to the way
life ought to be or should be or
just plain can be. I need to
live a certain journey to my attempt
to be myself.
It is the only way to my sense of
understanding the hurting still.

[this is something for anybody to think about how they can understand.]