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To be an Autistic Activist, we must Promote Change to Society for Better Community

I am an activist, more than a advocate, and certainly not a token Autistic. I do the things I do in order to promote Autistic community within the whole community. Many people need to understand that the organization, Autism Speaks promotes eugenics to erase Autistics from history when their have been many Autistics throughout history before they even existed. Many researchers have an agenda too, to eliminate Autistics. I am exhausted to try convincing researchers who basically don’t fully understand the implications some of their studies they perform, may hurt us. No one wants to be researched about who they are, and certainly no one can make groups of people the same as a certain majority group of people they want to make as the standard. Life is not an objectified thing that we can just buy, there is more to life than just money. Money we earn is an excellent material to use to buy the necessary things we need for the current world we live in. The current world we live is very expensive now. Independence is great to have, but we need to understand that Interdependence is more important since we all need the support too. By researching groups of people to make them the same as everyone else, we are not accepting diversity as it stands and not supporting people.

Many people do not understand Autistic culture, like many people did not understand other cultures in the past who they tried to eliminate. Evolution is happening now as we Autistics revolutionize the world. It’s time for society to change. It’s important to know that the golden rule to always remember, when you want change,
speak up, and change the perception of society you do not like. For example, this is why many Autistics are speaking up to change the perception many people in society have right now about how they feel about us. This is the reason why the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network which began in 2006 is continuing to strengthen the movement. This is why we need to strengthen the legacies of many Autistics who have died in the past too like the recent passing of Avonte Oquendo whose legacy to bring everyone as one community continues on.

Society is built up by all of us and we need to all understand why having Autistic community within the larger community is so important. Many Autistic people today are trying to create a more inclusive society which will be accepting and tolerating as a means of making a difference. We need to create a learning environment for everyone, instead of a lot of people trying to kill each other both figuratively and literally. I am tired of hearing about stories in the news of people doing bad things to others like that. Everyone matters!!! We need to bring emotions to a balance so their is acceptance and tolerance of each other. Part of what we do today is to remember that to have a peaceful world, we need to allow everyone’s voices to be heard and listened to without people needing to raise their voice louder. When is everyone going to understand this? We need change, that is so important to society right now. We need to see in the world now the lifting of the barriers that are blocking many people from achieving their dreams, allowing everyone to live their life the way they know they can with love and acceptance.


Time and Time again in a deep dark secret

It is a time when life is changing and things are going to happen.  We don’t know when and we don’t know how, it just will be.  We must accept and move on with our lives.

Think about the reasons why things happen.  Life is always filling up with many things, you just have to express them and your future.

Deaths happen rather quickly lately.  People say when you hear about one death, there will be 2 more coming soon. This year there have been lot’s of deaths in the summer.

The shell on our
backs is a genuine
factor of life.

Spin yourself around till you speed yourself up and go along the winds of the time continuum. Trouble is we become afraid, but we can’t be afraid.

Anyway, here is the time for us to show who we really are, HUMAN Beings! Human Beings should be there for each other because we are all striving to go to the same place in the end.

Gotta get going and posting later on,


Don’t be the character from this movie: (JUST BE WHO YOU ARE AND LET IT ALL FLOW)

looking in the mirror is better for oneself I am finding out…

there must be something I do, that makes people disgusted and run away from me. Either they just run away or have nothing to do with me anymore. May be its because I seem so desperate at times that I need a friend that they feel that I am a pest. May be its because they see I am desperate. This whole lingo in life is Get what you want from people and never look at that person again if that person is not worthwhile.

Being worthwhile is very important.

I am completely disgusted with myself and the 2 or 3 times a year I look myself in the mirror, now I will not look myself in the mirror at all. See, looking myself in the mirror is very hard so I don’t do it.

Most of the time I feel completely ashamed of what I look like that I don’t look myself in the mirror.

But, may be that is the problem. May be if I look myself in the mirror and try it out everyday, it will become natural and my ego will get better.

Ego is very important, but not to become an egomaniac like some people I know.

When someone like myself don’t like themselves, it shows to others, and then the other person(s) don’t like me to begin with.

There is still hope in this world as there is always hope as long as you are living on this planet.

So, before I enter into the next episode of Aspergia Greets, I land you one thing to tell you about:

We all need to look ourselves in the mirror and to see how we all love ourselves for who we are. Take for instance the notion of excercising and going to a gym. Excercising is very important for the mind, body, and the spirit. It clears up your head and also makes you feel very good about yourself while your body builds up with muscle energy and wind capacity. It also gives good spirit that is like a catalyst to other people that want to be around me or you.

I used to go to the gym and it didn’t work for me then, but may be things will change if I do go to a gym again.

Anyway, may be then and only then positive stuff will happen for me because only the negative has been occuring for the past couple of days.

anyway, posting later on,

out, J