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Being a hero can transform your life and the life of another

Spirits in the distance come to us and we just do our thing we need to do in this world. Some people listen, some people don’t and to those who do hear what needs to be heard, they acknowledge. A hero is a leader we all need to hear. Heroes have spirit which we all need to feel. Every one can have the potential to be a hero. All you have to do is be a leader, stick your neck out and yell, “Listen to me! I am your leader. I am your hero.” People will listen, people will LISTEN. As soon as you get people’s attention of how you can help, maintain ground. People are on this planet to either be a leader or a follower. In some ways we are both.

For example, I can tell you a fictional story which may seem real of a young woman caught in the middle of a deadly weapon. Two men on either side of the weapon, one good, and one bad. The one who is good is trying to save her from the bad one and his deadly weapon. Some people become evil and turn all evil, but is there a way to transform all evil to a good Jedi. I would suspect it would take a lot of someone trying to help an All Evil person to become good. In any case leave it to God.

There comes a time in your life when you sense a direction toward being a leader and hero. No more can you follow any one, not even President Obama. Many people feel President Obama is a hero or any case want him to be a hero since they know how he says the right words. He can be, but most importantly so can you.

Indeed how can we get closer to God if all of us are not fulfilling ourselves. Instead we are all arguing and disputing what is right and what is wrong. For instance, AutismSpeaks and any organization striving for a cure for Autism thinks they are right for disassociating Autism from the world. Yet, Autism really is just another way of experiencing the world with different struggles than the Neurotypical. The Courts in the United States has decided once and for all vaccines did not and do not cause Autism.

People always want to put blame on something that they feel is wrong in their life, and it does not matter what the issue is. Think of your life as journey through a wilderness where there are booby traps and scary creatures to see. Now think of it as you are about to climb a Volcano just before it is about to erupt with lava. The question is do you climb it and put an end to the lava or do you run away scared. If you run away scared, you still have to pass by the booby traps and strange creatures when you went through the wilderness going toward the Volcano.

Anything we do, we do it for ourselves, our dignity, and to be a hero. When parents find about their child or children with Autism, parents need to stop to think about what is best for the child or children. By working with the person with Autism to help them through their struggles, only helps their well being to be happy.

Happiness is a life journey to be aware of what makes us excel or what makes us become interesting. It may take a person a long time to find happiness or the person may be happy from the day he reaches his first days in school which is rare. To be happy with yourself, you must think back to the days when you were an infant. Lying with your toys in the crib and remember what it was like to have no fears.

As we grow up, we develop in to men or women with emotions. Some emotions become stronger than others. It all depends on how our relationships in our life affect us with regards to others or even animals.
In our life, we all struggle and a person with Autism like myself struggles a lot. Yes, I know people are different and other people with Autism may be struggling more. We all grow up and grow old even people with Autism, so we all need to give a little help to those who need it. I have struggled a lot with my Autism, but I still have struggles. For each struggle I have been helped with, I can help someone else with Autism face the struggle too.

All you need is oomph!