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The American with Disabilities Act 20 year Celebration

Yesterday The American with Disabilities Act had its 20 year Celebration! 20 years of protecting people with Disabilities or should it be called 20 years of the push for Human Rights. The ADA may seem finished, but they have only just begun on the quest for Human Rights. President Obama signed a law yesterday revising and implementing Title II and Title III.

Today there is still a few people around even people I know who see a person with a disability as someone who can’t succeed because of the term ‘person with a disability’. The terminology does not seem to recognize the talents and abilities any one has. If the people who don’t understand had a chance to watch the ADA Celebration yesterday, they would understand the abilities every one has as well as the abilities people do not have. The way I see it is there is always something someone else can not seem do. A disability to me means a weakness any body has, but can strengthen if any one has the willpower to do it. Although people should focus on their abilities or strengths to succeed, it is important to also strengthen the weaknesses to be able to live a better life. On the other hand, some weaknesses need to be compensated due to circumstances.

We in the Autistic Community and the rest of the disability community need to build our confidence to succeed.

more about this topic coming soon…as well as other posts!