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What is a professional? How do you act like a professional? My take on the subject…

This is a odd posting, but very important. Professionalism… What is it? Why are we so connected to feel professional in business? How does a person act like a professional?

Here is a definition of professionalism from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary; having or showing the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.

So, how do we act more professional? Having a career means being professional because you have a skill. By having a job in a career, you need to have the skills to perform that job well, but imperatively you need to show proper judgement when handling your work and other people around you.  Always be polite to your co-workers and clients (or in the medical professions ‘patients’) especially your boss.

I recently researched online for articles to teach people to be more professional then what they are, but I certainly could not find such a decent article on the subject. People generally write things without giving specific enough examples of the best way of being professional.

A lot of people notice the involuntary tics I have and think I am being unprofessional, but is this a good thing to poke fun about. Could there be an easier way to deal with this? Consider observing yourself in the mirror.

When thinking about what thoughts you may have to help yourself deal with a situation, consider thinking in your mind especially when around other people.  Many asperger/autistic people don’t think in their mind too often and should try to think in their mind rather than outloud.  Its important to do this especially if you are at work and being told you are being unprofessional.

Here are steps you can keep for yourself to be more professional in your life. This way you can keep a job or in many other cases find a good well paid job for your career.

1) Keep your thoughts to yourself when not be spoken to
2) Don’t make unusual noises and/or movements if in a meeting, sitting at your desk, or while waiting for a patient/with a patient
3) Speak stern and to the point (No Commercials!!!) Just make sure people acknowledge you are the one in charge when you speak especially if you are in the medical field. If you have to stare in a mirror at home for 1 hour each day to make you aware of what you actually do then do that.
4) Get your job done in the most efficient manner you can think of without taking short cuts!!
5) Observe how your coworkers talk to the boss, clients/patients, other coworkers, even to yourself
6) Acknowledge your mistakes to the boss and figure out ways to improve those mistakes
7) Listen to other people who tell you what you are doing is unprofessional, but most importantly listen to your inner higher self to help give yourself intuition. The more you listen to your inner higher self, the more you don’t have to seek others for help. Ask yourself: Am I being lazy when asking for other people’s opinions?
8) Organize your thoughts when speaking, and most importantly organize your material things in your life (throw away unnecessary things which are meaningless to you)
9) Don’t let any one speak down at you! Know your rights and let others know you are Human too, hence, be your own advocate!
10) Keep on learning in the field you chose, its just that important. If you are not learning, you are dying.
11) Be polite and courteous to every one you talk to, in return, you gain more dignity.
12)Remember to dress appropriately for your job in your career and maintain proper hygiene!!
13) Last, but not least, keep growing up (not down like an onion), set boundaries, respect others’ boundaries, and direct yourself toward your goal of being a leader in your field of choice!!
14) Keep fit and exercise!!
15) Meditate every day, I just can’t seem to stress this enough to many people.

Hope I didn’t miss anything, if I did, please add your comments…Thank you and remember to be yourself and act like an Adult on the job!! Always remember to be positive with yourself and things will turn out just fine…

Posting soon enough,


Life is an unexpected journey

Sometimes we don’t realize how our life really is until we stop and think about it for a few minutes. We sit down and think about the feelings we have wondering if it is another way for us to ponder how we actually live. We dream about someday doing something good we always wanted to do. Someday my Buena Salud Ultrasound School will begin and I will start teaching those adults on the Autism Spectrum who want to learn Ultrasound technology. From then on, I have much more things which need to get done in my life to achieve greater. Sometimes I still think about having my Ph.D. to be able to formally state my interest and research in my area. Then again, the school I will start, Buena Salud, will be better for me to do. It will support a teaching method which applies specifically to the needs of Adults with ASD. It is very important for Adults on the Autism Spectrum to have a secure career and a job. I am part of living proof Adults with ASD can take an intense interest to start a career and continue it. There are many living Adults with ASD who have done similar things as well as many people with ASD who have died in the past who before they died, used their intense interests to succeed.

Life is an unexpected journey and we don’t know what people will do a long a single person’s way. I have heard about some people’s jealous feelings toward someone else who is successful. For some reason jealousy goes a long way when the person becomes enraged to hurt the other person. Instead of being jealous, do something good for yourself. Being who I am and the accomplishments I have made to date, there are many more accomplishments I am going to succeed at. For starters, when my school finally starts and ends the first class, I will have successfully taught Adults with ASD who will have jobs in Ultrasound Technology. Moving forward I can ask other technologists I know to teach more Adults with ASD who have an interest in a good career.

It is important to have a secure career and a job for anybody. When you see other Adults with ASD not working in a career earning their own money it makes you wonder where the current school system has failed.
Adults on the Autism Spectrum is a growing people as the young grow older. We need to start with early intervention in toddler years so that when the young toddler with ASD becomes an Adult, they can succeed regularly in a career earning them a living. Whether this is in Ultrasound technology or some other career, it is still a living…

posting soon enough,


May we all keep working hard to keep to stay as a UNIT

It is very important for people in this world to stay as a strong forceful unit. If not, we are destined for failure.
There are way too many people out in the world, probably 90% of people who are too damn greedy and impatient with their lives. Please think of yourself, but also how this world can live as a single unit of faith.

Here is a my poem of faith:

A strong wistful wind coming forward
spreading from place to place.
It has nothing to do with anything
and most to do with pain and sorrow.
A breezier lighter wind whistles through
spreading from side to side, up and down.
Lighter winds fight the strong wistful winds.
Sink in to your chairs,
Sink in to your seats,
there is a ride coming forward
ready for this
and ready for that.
Help is on the way
to help ours as a unit form.
Some may resist
Some may even fight
fight so hard in the end which is left with nothing,
but at least we try.
Take it hard,
Take it sound,
Take it to the next level.
The next level may be
a windy breeze away,
though the windy breeze
is here, we should always let
our sorrows go.
Think of this and never let go.
My breeze is your breeze
as I sit by the ocean
and melt myself away.
Don’t fret, we melt
together as a U-N-I-T!
The faith we have
is the faith we got.

here is a song for the ages:

Capabilities for people to Work and get paid at a Job

The capablilities for people to work and get paid at a Job are very important for anybody to realize.  These capabalities include time management, organization, boundaries, quality work, asking questions when you need to, listening skills, learning, realizing imperfection exists, teaching others, and taking responsiblity for your actions.  These issues are very important to think about.  The school I create will not only teach every student the concepts to work in Ultrasound, but will also teach every student to be a good worker as well as social skills.  I think the current Ultrasound Schools all over the country lack teaching every student to be a good worker and social skills.  The name of my school will be called the Buena Salud Ultrasound School to respect people who taught me Ultrasound and also I needed a name which was better than using Patch Adams’ name he gave to his hospital.

It is very important and like somebody told me, it is probably good in the long term to do this type of school.  I first need to find an area I can build a school like this and research every statistic to get a really good school up there.

The Buena Salud Ultrasound School will help all those who are like me on the Autism Spectrum willing to learn and anybody else willing to learn Ultrasound, but have trouble learning due to a learning disability.  I hope everything happens for me in this school and I hope I can make a big difference in this world.  Buena Salud Ultrasound School will have a great reputation to allow students to work with the externship site they are given who will be able to work with the students.

It is a vision I have which can be done.  Think of all the ways in which Ultrasound can change people’s lives and have successors in life working for you.  We all need a successor in life. We need to show people how to be capable at a paid working job.  I am told though I need to realize not everyone is capable of working. I wish this was not true.

Buena Salud, Buena Salud Ultrasound School!!!!!

Let’s do it, anybody else in with me!!!!!!

The small details someone with an Autism Spectrum Disorder sees

Ultrasound is a perfect job for somebody on the Autism Spectrum to be able to see the details no body else can see.

I would like to start an Ultrasound school strictly for anybody on the Autism Spectrum to go to learn from me.

How would everyone love this? I and the rest of this school I will create will honor other Spectrumites to learn this trade to become a contributing member of society.

I think from all the people seeing the ABCnews.com site, no body would deny an externship to an Individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

I want to be able to help out the rest of the Autism Spectrum community do work which will be not only lifesaving to them, but rewarding to them as well since they can also save other lives.

Anybody can do anything they put their mind to, it just takes time and practice.  Ultrasound especially in Cardiac and Vascular is an art form which a person with an ASD can see small details no body else can see.

Take it easy,