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A poem called “Don’t Limit me, but Accepting my Limits”


Don’t Limit me, but Accepting my limits,

by theamazinJ

Limits exist,
no matter what you may say,
when one person walks another may crawl,
we all have limits
as do numbers, energy, and the universe beyond,
no one or thing is immune to being limitless
even when the limit may still be going
it can reach an all time low
to even reaching the highest matter it can reach,
limits exist, plain and simple.
I have limits
even though it may seem
like I choose to think I don’t sometimes,
but choosing that is choosing to fool oneself.
Choosing to know your limits
is like choosing the wisest energy
you can possibly think for yourself.
I know what I can do,
though I need to also know
what my limitations are too.
I know I can only focus:
one task a time or my energy suffers greatly,
though, my energy suffers on the one task
no matter what in being able to do another task
the same day depending on how much I focused
to do the most perfect job on the previous task.
Yet, what is a perfect job?
What is perfect?
I need to remember:
I am imperfect because I am Human.
I have limits because I am Human.
I have to use my energy wisely
because I am Human.
I know I cannot do it all,
I know I cannot do it all in one day,
I know I have to focus on the right things
to do the best job on the most important.
Which means this:
If I clean my living space,
I know it does not have to be perfect.
If I cook or bake,
I know it just have to keep me fed.
If I do my laundry,
I know at the end of the laundry,
It just has to be folded yet not perfect,
If I break something, it is not the end of the world
especially when I am known to break something I use,
If I communicate with another person,
I know that I can make or break a relationship
depending on how much I speak,
If I use my money too much,
I know I will run out and be broke,
If I run out of gas in my car,
I know I won’t be able to move myself
from point A to point B fast enough
because I will have to walk or run or rest in between,
I know if I climb up on indoor rocks,
that if I run out of energy,
I need use the ropes to jump down.
I know if I use one muscle group too much
when working out,
I won’t be able to use my body or mind
until I am rested up enough.
I know if I work too many hours in one day at a job,
I will be too exhausted and need to rest up
for the next day,
I know I need to focus on things that will help me
both with my career and activism, and everything else in between.
I know if I use other people to communicate with too much,
I will either want to end the relationship myself
Other people will want to end the relationship with me
regardless of having relationships,
then I will be lonely for awhile,
until I find new relationships.
I know I may sometimes want more in a relationship
than someone else may want or what I am capable of
in pursuing the relationships,
and that is OK.
I have limits because I am Human.
I have limits because I am IMPERFECT.
I cannot do everything all at once.
I have limits because my energy goes up and down
depending on how I use my energy in a single day.
I have limits with my speech in talking with other people
especially when I begin to start raising my voice and yelling,
and need to know my limits with speech.
I know I can type to speak when I know my limits with speech are
nearing to the limit, and others need to respect that.
I know I can tell others that I need a break from communicating
with speech or typing to conserve my energy
for other more important things
and that I do not need approval,
just acceptance of this limit.
I know I have limits with what I can control,
and need to accept this,
but also others need to accept that
they cannot control me either.
I just need support
and support is:
listening to my limits,
accepting what I tell people are my limits,
communicating with everyone what I need support with,
and letting everyone know when I need support,
I need to know I am perfect with just who I am,
with the mind and body that I was born with,
with the things I can do with my body,
and the many things I can do with my mind
to enhance my spirit of my soul,
I am being who I am regardless of what others think,
I am Autistic because I am different than
what many people in the status quo think they can do,
I know my limits even though many
may say “you can do anything all the time”
which is true,
but, as a community as a human culture,
we all are imperfect
have limits in everything we do,
with everything we say through speech,
with everything we type,
with everything we work on
and, with every activity we want to do
for period of time before we know
we need to do it another time
or put off to the next day.
This does not mean:
We cannot do anything, cannot control our life, and cannot speak for ourselves,
It just means:
Know thy self,
Know the people around you,
know your limits,
know when you need to rest up to do it again,
and, know what talents you want to work on
at the moment you want to work on them
to use the energy for that talent, activity, or use of speech.
we are human
we rest because we are human
we can do many things with our mind and body
because we are human,
and, we need sleep every day
for at least 8 hours a day,
because we are human,
We are thou and we are human.