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this one is for eg and br

Alright eg and br this is the review of what happened last night at the party.  It was quite interesting night though I couldn’t stay till the end so eg has to fill in with  a comment or two.   so, this is what I saw and overheard.  CR was a mess last night because he was all over the young women and couldn’t keep up his words nor high five anytime during the night.

To get to more important news, SG was there and yes after having a stroke he looked pretty good and had his act together.  He brought his girlfriend and for a while me, sg, sg’s girlfriend, and eg were sitting together having some laughs about dmc.

I have to tell you that CR couldn’t lead one head into the next head.   there was a couple of people that were pretty silent but that ‘s okay they were enjoying their drinks.

drazin from drazin.org was not there last night, awwwwwww, I heard he was taking care of his honey.

my other bro ER, brought his girlfriend Rachel who saw my mom and dad for the first time. So, that was a big step of the night.

I met BR’s work friend Andrew finally who is a recent commentor on DMC.   He seems like a cool guy.

SG looks like an archealogist or a professor from a college, but CR smelled like a fossil that SG just excavated.

check out the poll because its from SG. The creator of dankster.org was there.

this is good for now right because I have to go somewhere today and I will inform later on.

To the new orleans girls that like to party  and the londoners I promise I will inform more later on.

Anyway,  take a load off and soak it all in more to come,

Out, J