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Beginning this week a Burst of Sunshine

The week is bursting with sunshine. Smile every one its your life. Change it or stay with it…

Flying away in to the distance
I carry out my dearest passion.
I step away from the plank
and fly far away.
My sunshine floating in the distance
obscures my vision for just a few.
I don’t know what more to do.
I see a cliff rising above the water
and sit there for a while.
I begin to think.

My joy in the world relaxes me every time a person positively becomes a good person. All the negativity in the world sufferers or at least they think they suffer are waiting for a hero. Nothing in life is more suffering than the next person standing next to you. If you ever feel you are suffering, think again! Be your own hero.

No one suffers unless they want to suffer. Life is about joy and love. Our feelings are all around us, but being human is on the outside. Our spirit lives on because Joy and Love live on.

Positivity day just ended, but our daily reminder for deeper connections to our joy within ourselves enriches us.

Thank you all who participated in Positivity Day! Spread your wings and find deep connections to joy and love.

Fill your week with a burst of sunshine today…

And next time you become your own hero!